Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets – (2021) Complete Guide

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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Debates on the reliability of textile motorcycle jackets have gone on for years. Since they're relatively new on the scene, it can be tough to know which jackets are reliable and which are overhyped.

Below, you can find the best possible jackets that will keep you safe and looking great all year long. 

Comparison of the Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets

  • 600D Cordura weatherproof construction to last longer
  • CE approved armor on shoulders and elbows are removable
  • Made from breathable and durable materials
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  • Rock Tex and Hatina outer shell for improved waterproof feature
  • Spine armor is removable for better protection
  • Wind Tunnel cooling patent for better airflow
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  • Best for the Money
  • Adjustable straps for better fitting options
  • Ventilation panels included for better airflow
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  • Best Womens Textile Motorcycle Jacket
  • High intensity impact tested to be much safer
  • Safe zippered pockets included for valuables
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  • Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket With Armor
  • 600D Cordura weatherproof construction to last longer
  • CE approved armor on shoulders and elbows are removable
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What is a Textile Motorcycle Jacket?

Textile material, although nothing new, is, comparatively, a new component of the motorcycle gear world. The term "textile" is essentially used to collectively refer to any gear consisting of material that is not either denim or leather. 

It's a type of synthetic fiber that enhances the gear's breathability and allows a tremendous amount of flexibility to make room for armor. It can also be made waterproof. 

Speaking of waterproofing, the textile is perhaps the best performer in this category when compared to denim and leather, especially when combined with an impervious laminate coating. Add in a zip-in liner, and you can be 110% sure that you'll remain as dry as possible over the whole ride, no matter the weather. 

If it's not already included, most textile jackets should be worn with CE (Conformite Europeenne) -approved armor for the following areas to maximize safety:

  • Elbows

  • Shoulders

  • Back pad

Luckily, most textile jackets are designed with a built-in armor system or allow specific armor placement in addition to included padding. So, it is highly unlikely that you'll have any significant issues with getting your gear up to par. 

How to Choose a Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Choosing the right motorcycle jacket for you requires the consideration of a few different factors. Even within the single category of textile jackets, you'll discover that there is a wide array of variations that may make a jacket either suitable or a poor choice for your body and riding style. 

Some of the most important factors to consider about your potential jacket are described below.

Impact Protection

When you're shopping around for your next tactile jacket, take a look at the label. Here is where you'll find the impact resistance (specifically its resistance to sharp objects and burst strength) and abrasion resistance. 

As long as the jacket is CE-approved or has an AS mark (the Australian equivalent of CE approval), then you can be confident that it's safe to wear. 

Environmental Protection

Verify the water- and windproofing qualities of your jacket to ensure that it will defend you from the elements all year round. The textile jackets with the best liner systems for defense against the elements are mesh and full textile options. 


You may find yourself riding at night or in other low-light conditions from time to time. If so, you must choose a jacket with high visibility. 

Make sure your jacket is designed with high-visibility stripes or inserts, even if you're confident that your bike lights will get you seen. It never hurts to have another layer of protection by ensuring that your jacket is designed with maximum safety in mind.

Review of the Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets

If you're looking for jackets that can live up - or even exceed - these standards, look no further. The best textile moto jackets in the industry are listed below.

Best Overall:
HWK Adventure Motorcycle Jacket ADV 1

Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Jacket For Men Textile Motorbike CE Armored Waterproof Jackets ADV 4-Season (Light Grey, M)


  • Mesh design maximizes ventilation
  • Comes with a 5-year replacement warranty
  • The Reissa Membrane provides 100% waterproofing
  • You will not have to buy armor separately, as it is already included in the jacket
  • To ensure all-season use as it's designed, this jacket includes a removable thermal lining 


  • Needs additional ventilation panels to improve breathability
  • The pads are relatively thin, leading to concerns about armor dependability


  • Material: Polyester 600D Cordura

  • Waterproofing: 100%, Reissa Membrane

  • Design: Mesh, includes air ventilation system in front and back

  • Color: White, High-viz green, light grey

  • Armor: Removable CE armor in shoulders, elbows, with high-density back protector

What Recent Buyers Report

Bikers have been endlessly impressed by this jacket's protective qualities, comparable to alternatives that are more than twice the HWK Adventure model's price. Many have reported that it's protected them through a minor crash. 

Many have attested to the warmth and waterproof traits as well, which are great even when you're just wearing a light T-shirt underneath. Additionally, from light showers to monsoons, this jacket has held its own. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This jacket was clearly made to provide the utmost comfort, versatility, and protection. It's made with a neoprene neckline for both softness and support around the neck and features a removable thermal liner for use all year-round. 

The combination of the Reissa Membrane and mesh lining make this the ultimate solution to facing all sorts of environmental conditions head-on with little to no modifications. 

Best Used For

While mesh jackets shouldn't be used for high-speed rides, they are fantastic for summer use. This HWK jacket is particularly great all-year-round, thanks to the removable thermal liner, and it includes armor, so you don't have to limit your rides to short trips around town.

Joe Rocket 1651-5005

Joe Rocket 1651-5005 Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket (Black, X-Large)


  • Designed with wind tunnel cooling
  • Doesn't compromise ventilation for durability
  • Includes a pocket for optional CE-approved spine protector 
  • Rock Tex is incredibly protective, offers the utmost protection against abrasions
  • Added Hitena fabric is great for breathability, weather resistance, and maintaining cleanliness 


  • Fasteners can break relatively quickly 
  • Needs better stitching since the impact will cause the jacket to rip and armor to fall out


  • Material: Rock Tex and Hitena

  • Waterproofing: Outer shell and zippers both waterproof

  • Design: Full textile

  • Color: Black, Black & Silver, Black & Blue, Blue, Grey, High-viz yellow, Orange, Red

  • Armor: CE-approved on shoulders and elbows, removal spine armor 

What Recent Buyers Report

Many past users have attested to this jacket's incredible durability. It has protected bikers through many crashes, due also to the thick textile. Further, these jackets have consistently been amazing fits on all different types of body sizes, although some have noted that the sleeves can be quite loose. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This jacket features a remarkable combination of materials that is unmatched in terms of impact and abrasion protection. The Rock Tex and Hitena are an unbeatable duo and are supported even further by the shoulder and elbow armor. 

Yet, you still don't compromise comfort for strength, thanks to the neoprene cuffs and back expansion panels. There's also a removable insulated full sleeve liner so that you can adjust your jacket to your needs throughout the year. 

Best Used For

Joe Rocket recommends this jacket for sportbike riding and upright touring. It's designed to give bikers the maximum protection when out on the open road and when they're putting the pedal to the metal, all without compromising comfort, weather protection, and ventilation.

Best for the Money:
REV'IT! GT-R Air 2


  • Very sleek design, perfect for sport riding
  • Amazing breathability, perfect for riding in the summer heat
  • Great reflective design increases visibility in low-light conditions
  • Neoprene collar is great for hot weather riding; it won't chafe your skin, even when sweating
  • Surprisingly protective due to the polyester 600D and Seesmart Level 1 armor, despite the sleek cut


  • Not great for high-speed riding
  • Very limited use since it's only 2-season


  • Material: Polyester 600D, Polyester, 3D air mesh

  • Waterproofing: None reported

  • Design: Mesh

  • Color: Black, Black & White & Red

  • Armor: Seesmart CE-approved Level 1, pocket for option CE Level 2 back protector

What Recent Buyers Report

Most bikers are very happy with this jacket primarily because of the price value. It's a great option for those looking for the best bang for their buck, and it does not disappoint in terms of comfort. Ventilation is its strongest attribute, and it's become most bikers' go-to for summer use. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a surprisingly protective jacket despite the sleek design. You're still protected by the CE Level 1 armor (with the option of adding Level 2 back armor as well), yet you can still enjoy the lightweight sport cut. Plus, this jacket is great for breathability, thanks to the 3D mesh panels.

Best Used For

Although the jacket is marketed for sport riding and CE Level 1 armor is suitable for most tracks, you shouldn't exceed about 30 mph when wearing it. It's not the most protective jacket and should be used for casual, low-speed riding instead.

Best Womens Textile Motorcycle Jacket:
Viking Cycle Ironborn VC223

Viking Cycle Ironborn Armored Motorcycle Textile Riding Biker Jacket for Women (Pink, X-Small)


  • Specially designed for women
  • Rock Tex provides the ultimate abrasion protection
  • This jacket is all-season, making it a great value buy
  • 360° reflective lining offers the highest possible visibility
  • Enhanced protection from the elbow, spine, and shoulder padding


  • Only water-resistant, not waterproof
  • Thermal lining only provides insulation for the torso


  • Material: Rock Tex 600

  • Waterproofing: Waterproof-treated Rock Tex

  • Design: Full textile

  • Color: Black & Red, Black & Pink, Black & Grey, Black

  • Armor: CE-approved pads for elbows, spine, shoulders

What Recent Buyers Report

This jacket has held up to some high-speed crashes, so there's no doubting its protective capabilities. On a functional level, bikers are raving about the jacket's warmth and fit, as well as the abundance of pockets. Plus, the trim and fit are amazing for the fashion-conscious riders. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It's no secret that there are not enough moto jackets on the market for women, and Viking Cycle has come through for female riders in full force. This jacket is full of the highest-quality protective gear, from the padding to the Rock Tex outer shell. 

Yet, this does not sacrifice the jacket's comfort. It can be adjusted to any body type thanks to the adjustable waist and cuff velcro straps and even includes a removable liner for cooling down during summer rides.  

Best Used For

Although this jacket is advertised as all-season, make sure not to go out riding when there's a downpour since it's only water-resistant rather than waterproof. You can still depend on this for everything from casual to high-speed riding, thanks to the Rock Tex, armor, and breathable vents.

Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket With Armor:

Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket Breathable CE ARMORED WATERPROOF (Grey, L)


  • Removable thermal lining for multi-season use
  • Reissa Membrane provides 100% waterproofing
  • High-quality ventilation thanks to the mesh lining 
  • Enhanced impact resistance from CE-approved back, elbow, shoulder armor
  • Very strong jacket with optimal abrasion and impact resistance thanks to 600D Cordura fabric


  • Reissa Membrane is a hit-or-miss
  • Zipper on the lining is quite unreliable


  • Material: 600D Cordura

  • Waterproofing: 100% with Reissa membrane

  • Design: Full textile

  • Color: Black & White with either Grey, Blue, Red

  • Armor: CE-approved on the back, elbows, shoulders (removable)

What Recent Buyers Report

Bikers are very happy with the ventilation system, which has cooled people down even in the heat of the Deep South. Speaking to its versatility, it's also kept bikers warm during winter months, even in the Pacific Northwest's rains. 

All this functionality remains intact, even with the optimal comfort supplied by the neoprene collar and comfortable fit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Any jacket with Rock Tex is a knock out of the park! This jacket is an amazing value, providing the highest-quality protection at a fraction of the price. The addition of the Reissa Membrane and the ventilation system ensure that it retains its all-season title, and the added, removable armor ensures you'll remain safe and protected at all times. 

Best Used For

Whether you're riding around town or racing down the highway at high speeds, the HHR textile jacket is a great choice for you. No matter where you are, the Rock Tex will ensure you remain safe in the event of a crash and will keep you nice and comfortable with its breathable vents and mesh lining, as well as the removable thermal layer.

Benefits of Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Textile moto jackets are clearly just as high-quality, dependable, and functionally versatile as leather and denim jackets. Though they have some slight weak points, these are not nearly significant enough to write these jackets off. 

A few of the major benefits of choosing a textile motorcycle jacket are described below:


Textile jackets are often significantly more budget-friendly than leather alternatives. Yet, even at the lower price points, you do not sacrifice quality for the investment. 

Many different textile materials are significantly cheaper than the alternatives, and the multifunctionality of these jackets contributes to their monetary value. 


Textile jackets are generally much more comfortable than leather and denim. Firstly, they are typically far more flexible and will not be as tight or stiff in the arms and chest. 

Secondly, these jackets are often made with softer, more flexible materials such as neoprene and polyester. These materials contribute to both the jackets' comfort level and water- and windproof. 

Textile jackets can also be made to prioritize breathability above other features. They are often designed mesh ventilation panels to achieve this. Even porous leather cannot match the comfort this provides.


Expecting to get a little dirty on your next ride? If so, you may want to choose a textile jacket. These are far easier to clean since you can either hand-wash them or just toss them into a washer and be on your way. You don't have to worry about the material being compromised or damaged. Instead, it'll come out looking sharp and brand-new. 

Comparison Overview

There are several different types of moto jackets on the market, so you'll need to be able to discern why a textile jacket is the best choice, as opposed to other styles and materials. When pitting the different options against one another, the following differences are of key importance:

Textile vs Mesh

Mesh jackets are a type of textile jacket, as opposed to the other two kinds: riding shirts and full textiles. Mesh types are far more breathable than the other two while still offering extensive all-weather protection. 

Textile vs Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The biggest differences between these two are durability and breathability. Although just as safe as leather, textile jackets will need to be replaced after one crash, whereas leather ones can be used again after an accident. However, leather jackets are not nearly as well-ventilated as textiles.

Textile vs Denim Motorcycle Jackets

Textile and denim moto jackets are quite comparable in terms of how lightweight and soft they are, but once again, the textile pulls through in terms of breathability and all-weather resistance. Further, denim is normally more abrasion-resistant than textile alternatives. 


How to Measure for a Motorcycle Jacket

Once you've chosen your favorite textile jacket out of those listed above, you'll need to be sure that it'll fit you appropriately. 

By following the instructions listed here and referring to the instructional video below, you can ensure that your brand-new textile jacket will be snug and comfortable all year long. Make sure to grab a buddy to help you with your measurements. 

How Should a Textile Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

  1. Chest. Using a tape measure, have your buddy measure the widest part of your chest. While you take a deep breath and relax the body, your buddy will extend the tape measure around the front of the chest, under the armpits, and meet the end of the tape directly between the shoulder blades. This will give you your chest measurement. 

  2. Sleeve. To measure your sleeve length, have your buddy start the tape measure at the top of your shoulder and extend it down the elbow. Next, they'll measure from the elbow to the wrist.

  3. Waist. The tape measure should be wrapped around the back and meet at the belly button for an accurate measurement. Avoid using your jean size for this measurement; otherwise, you risk inaccurate numbers, and the jacket will not fit properly.

  4. Height and weight. Lastly, you'll need to consider your height and weight to ensure the jacket fits perfectly to your body type. 

You can refer to this video to get a better idea of how to size yourself: 

How to Clean a Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Part of textile jackets' appeal is that they are significantly easier to clean than leather and denim alternatives. Though they do take very little effort to maintain, there are a few care tricks to adhere to for keeping your textile jacket in top shape. 

Follow the instructions below and refer to the video at the end of the review for more details about the cleaning process. 

  1. Check your pockets and confirm that they're empty. Do this for both the inner and outer pockets. 

  2. Remove the armor. You may have to turn the jacket inside out for ease of removal. Do what's best for you. 

  3. Fill up a bathtub or washing basin with lukewarm water and add one cap-full of fabric softener and the appropriate amount of cleaning product. You can refer to the washing label for care instructions; however, it's safest to wash your textile jackets by hand.

  4. Fully submerge your jacket in the solution and let them soak for one hour. 

  5. While your jackets are soaking, wash the armor in a similar solution in a sink or separate basin. Use the soft side of a sponge. (The rough side will cause unnecessary wear.)

  6. Return to your jacket and gently scrub the outer material with the soft side of a sponge. Depending on how dirty your jackets are, you may want to leave them to soak for several hours. Come back every hour or so and scrub it.

  7. Once you're done cleaning, squeeze the jackets dry by pressing them against the wall of the bathtub or basin. You don't want to twist or scrunch them up. 

  8. To finish it off, air-dry your jackets by hanging them outside or in a safe, ventilated area.

Check out this video to learn how to clean your jacket:  


Textile jackets offer the absolute best bang for the buck while still providing the maximum quality, strength, and style as jackets two and three times the price point. If you're looking for multifaceted gear that will keep you safe year-round, a textile jacket is the best option for you. 

People Also Ask

Since textile jackets are relatively new on the scene, you may still have a few questions on the details of owning one. See the FAQs below for more information on this gear. 

Are Textile Motorcycle Jackets Safe?

Textile motorcycle jackets are just as safe as leather and denim jackets. Just keep in mind that you'll need to replace your textile jacket if you get into a collision. 

Why Are Motorcycle Jackets so Expensive?

Motorcycle jackets are expensive because of the materials used and the standards they must meet. If you were to opt for a cheap alternative to a high-quality jacket, you could very well be risking your life, as its materials are likely sub-par and not as protective. 

Do Motorcycle Jackets Protect You?

Motorcycle jackets provide protection against sudden impacts, abrasions, and weather conditions such as high winds and rain. 

How Long Do Motorcycle Jackets Last?

Your jacket's lifespan depends on the type of armor that has been integrated into the design. Foam pads should be replaced either after a crash or slightly more than 31,000 miles. Silicone, thermoplastic, and D3O armors last much longer, possibly up to 4 years. 

You should also consider the condition of the fasteners and zippers. If they're fraying, it's time to replace your jacket. Fading reflectivity (the fade will begin around 7 years) is another justification for jacket replacement. 

What to Wear With a Motorcycle Jacket?

You may need to wear armor in addition to your motorcycle jacket, depending on the design. 

What is a Textile Motorcycle Jacket Made of?

Textile motorcycle jackets are made of synthetic fibers, often polyester. They can also consist of Cordura and Kevlar, along with neoprene and other protective, water- and windproof materials. 

How to Soften up a Motorcycle Textile Jacket

You can soften your new textile jacket by either breaking it in normally with a few good rides or tossing it in the dryer with a few fabric softeners sheets on low heat.

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