Best Motorcycle Gloves of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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You’ve got the perfect helmet, jacket, and boots, but what about the best motorcycle gloves?

While they may seem like an afterthought, finding the ideal pair of motorcycle gloves can make or break your ride. 

If you are looking for that perfect pair of gloves to complete your motorcycle gear, we have all of the information you need. 

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Gloves

  • Rubber used for protection
  • Lightly padded for maximum comfort
  • Designed with versatility in mind
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  • Made from very good quality leather
  • Has a reinforced palm area
  • Breathable material between the fingers
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  • Best for the Money
  • Very durable and supple
  • Lightly padded for maximum comfort
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  • Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves
  • Made from a waterproof and breathable material
  • Features a built-in temperature controller
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  • Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves
  • Extremely supple and durable
  • Made from a good quality synthetic suede
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  • Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves
  • Features a hard-shell palm slider
  • Made from a waterproof and breathable material
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  • Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves
  • Made from a synthetic leather
  • Features a wrist fastener for a secure fit
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Why Wear Motorcycle Gloves?

Motorcycle gloves aren’t just a fashion statement. They are an integral part of your motorcycle gear.


When driving a car, you don’t always feel the effects of high wind speed because of the overall construction. However, a motorcycle exposes your whole body to the elements, even your fingers. 

When driving in colder weather or even warmer temperatures at high speeds, you can feel the wind driving right into your hands. Plus, if you drive in the snow or rain, you run the risk of your fingers going numb in those conditions. 

Since you manage the throttle and clutch with your hands, you need to make sure they are warm enough to let you drive the motorcycle effectively. With a good pair of gloves, your fingers will stay warm and flexible.


Just like your fingers are susceptible to the cold and elements, they are also vulnerable in a crash or slide. When you fall, you usually put your hands out first to protect the rest of your body.

If you break the fall or slide with your ungloved hands, you can get cuts, scrapes, or even severe burns on your fingers and hands. 

Motorcycle gloves give you excellent protection in the case of an accident with multiple layers of padding. 


Finally, motorcycle gloves make sure you don’t lose your grip on the handlebars from sweat. The grips and pads on the palms and fingers strengthen your grip and ensure a safer ride. 

What Makes a Great Pair of Motorcycle Gloves?

The perfect pair of motorcycle gloves depends on the user. If you are an urban rider, the ideal glove may be a more attractive one, while adventurous riders need more extensive protection. 


Even if you may get away with using a larger size of winter or working gloves, you need to ensure you have the exact fit for your motorcycle gloves. 

If the gloves are too tight, you will be distracted the whole ride by the uncomfortable feeling. Similarly, loose gloves can affect your grip and cause you to struggle while handling the throttle and clutch. 


Your hands do a lot of the work during a ride, so you must ensure that your gloves are comfortable for you. Consider the tightness of the material when you grip the handlebar and how it will feel on your hands for hours at a time. 


Motorcycle gloves include numerous safety elements, from knuckle protection to palm pads. Even the most experienced rider needs to prepare for a fall or slide, and quality gloves give you the protective layers you need for the vulnerable skin on your hands.


The glove material affects all of the above elements. If protection is more important to you, consider a material like Kevlar with metal or rubber knuckle plates. 

If fit and comfort are your priority, leather gloves might be more appropriate. 

Review of the Best Motorcycle Gloves

Finding the perfect motorcycle glove can take a lot of time and research. Lucky for you, we’ve done the heavy work and come up with some of the top options for you to choose from. 

Best Overall:
Seibertron Dirtpaw


  • Silicone grippers
  • Touchscreen function
  • 30 money-back guarantee
  • Great for downhill, mountain, and extreme riding
  • Rubber logos and graphics for backhand protection


  • Sizes run large
  • Sticks to other velcro equipment


  • Type of Glove: Racing, Motocross

  • Material: Synthetic leather, polyamide, neoprene, polyvinyl, polyurethane

  • Brand: Seibertron

  • Sizes Available: Adult XS to XXL

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Unisex

  • Length of Gloves: short cuff, middle finger 3 inches

What Types of Activities are the Seibertron Dirtpaws Best For?

With the extra gripping pads, these gloves are perfect for more extreme biking, like downhill and mountain riding or BMX sports. 

The protection and grip design is for riders who will experience multiple falls in the extreme sport they practice.

Special Features of the Seibertron Dirtpaw Gloves

The main feature of the Seibertron gloves is their versatility. While they are specifically for sports, the style and protection are great for a wide selection of riders.

The rubber inserts protect various areas of your hand from injury, while the grip gives you a comfortable hold on your handlebar.

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been very pleased with these Seibertron gloves. For a relatively low price, they get a glove with a superior fit and exceptional gripping power. 

Most of the complaints stemmed from the sizing, as the gloves tend to run large. 

Protect the King SWIFT

Motorcycle Biker Gloves Black Premium Leather | Padded All Weather Feature for Men and Women | Breathable Moisture Wick Air Flow Technology Between Fingers | SWIFT (Blue-Sm)


  • Pre-curved fingers
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Excellent touchscreen capabilities
  • Knuckle guard with a leather overlay
  • Technology to allow airflow between fingers


  • Fingertip pad could wear off
  • Might not last as long as other options


  • Type of Glove: Biker glove, short cuff

  • Material: Premium leather

  • Brand: Protect the King

  • Sizes Available: small and 3X-large

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Unisex

What Types of Activities are the Protect the Kings Best For?

These Protect the King gloves are ideal for general motorcycle riding. You should not use them for sporting events or extreme riding, but they are a decent option for beginner to intermediate riders.

Special Features of the Protect the King SWIFT Gloves

Our favorite part of these SWIFT gloves is the all-weather design. Not only can you wear them as an extra layer of warmth in the chilly winter months, but they also have PTK airflow technology between the fingers that dry your hands when you are riding under the hot sun. 

The premium leather also adds another level of breathability so that you can use these gloves all year long. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers have raved about the long-lasting, breathable material of these gloves. Customers have praised them as an excellent option for beginners with a comfortable fit and reasonable price. 

However, some dissatisfied buyers complained that the material did not last them as long as the other users. 

Best for the Money:
Cortech 8336-0140-09

Cortech Men's Duster Leather Motorcycle Gloves (Brown, XXX-Large)


  • Goatskin leather
  • Stylish, padded knuckles
  • Added padding the palm
  • Perforations in the fingers
  • Stylish retro cafe racer design


  • May run small
  • The leather dye can stain other things when wet


  • Type of Glove: short cuff, street touring, street sport, street cruiser

  • Material: rustic leather

  • Brand: Cortech

  • Sizes Available: 3X-large

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Men’s

  • Length of Gloves: 10 inches total

What Types of Activities are the Cortechs Best For?

With these Cortech gloves, style is the name of the game. With only light padding and several stylish features, these gloves are great for urban cruising and a more relaxed motorcycle ride. 

Special Features of the Cortech Gloves

Cortech gloves combine extreme comfort and wearability. The goatskin leather offers a soft fit, and the padding along the knuckles and palm make your grip comfortable as you ride. 

While these gloves have an extreme retro feel, the manufacturers thought about wearability in addition to style. The perforations along the fingers allow an impressive amount of airflow and ventilation, so you can use them from spring to fall.

What Recent Buyers Report

Even though many people raved about these gloves’ comfort and style, there was a common consensus between them that the sizing runs small. 

Another common downfall of these gloves is the bleeding dye that can come off when the gloves get wet since they are not a waterproof style. 

Nevertheless, most people seemed to enjoy these comfy, stylish gloves. 

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves:
Hotwired 12V Heated Glove


  • Two-year warranty
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Heat controller with three levels
  • The heat automatically cuts off at a specific temperature


  • Awkward cuffs
  • The heating feature may wear out quickly


  • Type of Glove: heated glove

  • Material: Combination leather, textile fabric

  • Brand: Hotwired

  • Sizes Available: Small to 3XL

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Men’s

What Types of Activities are the Hotwired 12V Gloves Best For?

These Hotwired gloves are perfect for cold weather rides. Whether you want to take a leisurely ride through a winter wonderland or do some sports in the cold, these gloves are your steady companion.

The innovative heating features make these a cold-weather only motorcycle glove, which can be great since many other models do not include the needed insulation and protection against the chilly winds.

Special Features of the Hotwired 12V Heated Gloves

The main attraction of the Hotwired gloves is the heating feature. Instead of buying additional heating liners to put under your gloves, this product comes with the added heat feature added to it.

You can use the heated gloves separately or with a heated jacket from the same brand. Also, you get access to an easy-to-use temperature controller with just three buttons. You get to choose the temperature of the gloves!

What Recent Buyers Report

While most users enjoy the glove’s innovative heating technology, some complained about how quickly the heating system wore out over time. The general opinion was that it was a great idea while it lasted, but the gloves could improve.

Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves:
Alpinestars SP Air Gloves


  • Touchscreen finger pad
  • TPU knuckle protection
  • Innovative TPR air intakes
  • EVA foam around glove for padding
  • Perforations on backhand and palm for ventilation


  • May be stiff
  • Palm slider may be uncomfortable


  • Type of Glove: sport rider

  • Material: full-grain leather and mesh

  • Brand: Alpinestars

  • Sizes Available: Small to 3XL

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Men’s

What Types of Activities are the Alpinestars SP Airs Best For?

The combination of excellent protection and air ventilation make this Alpinestars glove model ideal for summer sports activities. 

As you ride in the summer and participate in some more extreme riding, your hands are likely to get very sweaty. Most of the glove’s features work to eliminate the sweat and let you focus on your riding. 

Even if you don’t do sports with your motorcycle, you can still get the most out of these gloves by using them in hot weather. 

Special Features of the Alpinestars SP Air Gloves

Most of the Alpinestars’ features focus on airflow and ventilation. Between the fingers, you’ll find TPR air intakes that eliminate an accumulation of sweat while you ride. The perforations around the glove also give you airflow to cool down your hands. 

In addition to the airflow features, the overall design is very ergonomic, giving you a comfortable and protected fit. 

What Recent Buyers Report

In terms of air ventilation, buyers were delighted with the glove’s performance. Many people commented on the extreme temperatures that they like to ride in and how these gloves gave them an extraordinarily comfortable feel.

However, the biggest complaints focused on the stiff feel of the gloves when you first purchase them. The palm slider was also a problem for some, as it was painful for specific riders. 

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves:
REV’IT! Summit 3H2O Gloves


  • Lightweight
  • Temper foam finger knuckles
  • Waterproof touchscreen finger pad
  • Extra palm protection with a TPU hard slider
  • Waterproofing technology with Hydratex Z-liner


  • No thermal insulation
  • The gauntlet may be tight


Type of Glove: warm weather, waterproof glove, tour fit

Material: goatskin leather, PU fabric

Brand: REV’IT

Sizes Available: Small to 4X-large

Men’s or Women’s?: Unisex

What Types of Activities are the REV’IT Summits Best For?

The Summit glove model is ideal for moderate temperature riding that might be interrupted by rain. Without insulation or airflow features, these gloves might not be great for very hot or cold temperatures. 

Special Features of the REV’IT Summit Gloves

The design of this glove gives you a comfortable, waterproof fit. With the Hydratex Z-liner, your hands have protection from a sudden rain shower. 

The outer shell has multiple materials to give you plenty of protection. It includes flock PU, PWR shell 500D, twill stretch, and PU coated fabric. 

As an added touch, the fingers have leather tips. One has a touchscreen compatible pad that is also waterproof. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have been singing praises about this REV’IT glove. They enjoy the lightweight feel and waterproofing features. They especially enjoy them for beginner and intermediate riders.

One common complaint is that the gauntlet is a bit tight on most wrists. However, people are generally satisfied with this glove. 

Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves:
Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves


  • Pre-curved fingers
  • Touchscreen fingertip
  • Hard knuckle protection
  • Drystar waterproof membrane
  • 100 grams of thermal insulation


  • May feel bulky
  • Inside of glove not as durable as outside


  • Type of Glove: cold weather glove

  • Material: polyamide material and goatskin leather

  • Brand: Alpinestars

  • Sizes Available: Small to 3X-large

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Men’s

  • Length of Gloves: gauntlet sleeve

What Types of Activities are the Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves Best For?

This Alpinestars is a next-level glove option for cold weather. The thermal additions and superior protective features allow you to enjoy a motorcycle ride even in the coldest temperatures. 

Special Features of the Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves Gloves

This Alpinestars glove has numerous extra features that make it a favorite for cold-weather riding. This model offers everything you could imagine, from 100 grams of thermal insulation on the back of the glove to a Drystar membrane that protects your skin from the cold and snow,  

Additionally, the glove has synthetic leather reinforcements, foam padding, finger bridge, and knuckle protectors to keep your hands safe in a fall. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers had vastly different opinions of this motorcycle glove. While some people enjoyed the thermal insulation, others complained that the waterproofing did not do its job. 

Best Leather Motorcycle Gloves:
Blok-IT Full Leather Motorcycle Gloves

BLOK-IT Leather Motorcycle Gloves. Motorbike Gloves. Windproof & Waterproof Biker Gloves, Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves for Men & Women. Ultra Durable Thinsulate Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves (Small)


  • Long-lasting
  • Thermal comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality leather
  • Dexterity and flexibility


  • Need to break them in
  • Waterproofing may not be effective


  • Type of Glove: thermal waterproof gloves

  • Material: full leather

  • Brand: Blok-IT

  • Sizes Available: Small to 2X-large

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Unisex

  • Length of Gloves: gauntlet sleeve

What Types of Activities are the Blok-IT Leather Gloves Best For?

Blok-IT advertises these gloves as an excellent option for both male and female riders looking to keep warm and stay dry during their motorcycle rides. 

Thanks to the breathable material, you can also use these gloves in the summertime. 

Special Features of the Blok-IT Leather Gloves

The gloves’ main feature is the Thinsulate material that acts as a protective barrier, thermal layer, and an addition to your comfort. 

Speaking of comfort, the lining and moldable fit make long bike rides enjoyable and pain-free. 

What Recent Buyers Report

While many people complained that the waterproofing feature was not genuinely useful, most customers were thrilled with the quality, affordable price, and warmth. 

Best Women’s Motorcycle Gloves:
Dainese Blackjack Glove


  • Goatskin leather 
  • Palm reinforcements
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist attachment
  • Elastic and soft inserts throughout the glove


  • May fade over time
  • No touchscreen accommodations


  • Type of Glove: hot weather glove

  • Material: Goatskin leather

  • Brand: Dainese

  • Sizes Available: 3X-Small to 3X-large

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Unisex

  • Length of Gloves: short cuff

What Types of Activities are the Dainese Blackjacks Best For?

These stylish gloves are ideal for going out on your motorcycle in the warmer months. They do not offer much protection from the cold, and they have an opening at the wrist for more airflow. 

If you go out in the sun with these, be aware of possible sunburn where the glove has an opening. Other than that, these gloves are a fantastic, breathable option for both men and women in the summer months. 

Special Features of the Dainese Blackjack Gloves

Apart from the retro style, these gloves offer plenty of extra padding. There are inserts on the knuckles and backhand to protect you from a fall. The palm also has an extra leather layer in case you slide. 

Plus, the elastic inserts, adjustable closure, and pre-curved fingers ensure you have the most comfortable ride. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have been extremely happy with these gloves, raving about the comfortable fit and long-lasting materials. 

There were only a few complaints about more trivial aspects like the missing touchscreen finger pad and the color fading possibility. 

Best Cruiser Motorcycle Gloves:
Jackets 4 Bikes G56-black-I

Men's Motorcycle Gloves Premium Leather Perforated Protective Armor Knuckle for Cruiser Street Powersports Moto Racing Riding Driving ATV Dirt Bike Gel Padded Biker Glove Black L


  • Palm liner
  • Adjustable fit
  • Wrist gel pad
  • Flexible stretch panels
  • Durable and soft Aniline goat leather


  • The dye could stain you
  • May have a large thumb


  • Type of Glove: Cruiser

  • Material: Goatskin leather

  • Brand: Jackets 4 Bikes

  • Sizes Available: Small to 2X-large

  • Men’s or Women’s?: Men’s

  • Length of Gloves: short cuff

What Types of Activities are the Jackets 4 Bikes Gloves Best For?

These gloves are great for cruising in a wide range of temperatures. While the design isn’t specifically for hot or cold weather, they provide both enough insulation and breathability for changing seasons. 

Special Features of the Jackets 4 Bikes Gloves

The priority of this glove is style and comfort. Not only does it look nice, but the Aniline goat leather and adjustable parts of the glove give you a soft, snug fit. 

There are also leather stretch panels that give you even more flexibility as you move your hand. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the customers were delighted with the comfortable style and added protection. However, one of the common complaints was that the leather dye would come off if you get stuck in the rain. 

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

There are numerous types of motorcycle gloves, each one designed for a specific riding style. Here are just a couple of different styles of motorcycle gloves. 

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

In terms of size, there are two main styles: short cuff and gauntlet. The gauntlet gloves are often a favorite among bikers because of the easy way you can put them on and pull the long write part up over your jacket sleeve.

The longer style also adds additional protection to your wrist and hand, and the knuckles often have added layers to keep you safe in all circumstances.

Blok-IT Full Leather Motorcycle Glove

Moto-Cross Motorcycle Gloves

In contrast to the gauntlet style, the moto-cross glove has a short cuff, which gives it a very stylish look. With heaving knuckle padding, you get a tough glove when you buy a moto-cross pair of gloves. 

Of course, with a short cuff glove, you can run into the problem of potentially exposing your wrist and lower arm to the street during a fall. 

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Fingerless gloves, of course, have no finger coverings. This type of glove is perfect for riders who like to have extra mobility, feel the bike handle, and manipulate their phone while on the road. Plus, they offer more breathability during the summer months.

However, leaving your fingers exposed can be potentially dangerous in the event of a fall. Protecting your palm is lovely, but without anything covering your fingers, they could receive severe damage.

Adventure Motorcycle Gloves

If you love taking your bike out to explore the world, you need a heavy-duty glove that can survive all situations. 

These adventure gloves usually come with thick padding to protect you from potential accidents and keep your hands warm in cold climates. Because of the extra protection and styling, the gloves often cost more than other options. 

Motorcycle Gloves Gauntlet vs. Short - Comparison Overview

The two primary types of motorcycle gloves are gauntlet and short cuff. As the names imply, the gauntlet glove has a much longer wrist covering that goes up over your jacket sleeve while the short cuff glove ends right at your wrist. 

While both gloves offer plenty of protection in the palm and fingers, the most significant difference comes down to the wrist protection style. 

The gauntlet glove adds much more protection for your lower arm and wrist, while the short cuff option is easy to put on and use. 

In general, the right style for you depends on what you value more: extra wrist protection or ease of use.

How to Wash Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Caring for your leather motorcycle gloves is relatively simple. First, soak the gloves in water to loosen up the material and any dirt particles. Then, gently wash the inside of the glove with diluted soap and water. 

You can wash the gloves as many times as you need to get them clean, but remember to be gentle as you work and not use materials other than your own two hands. 

To wash the fingers correctly, massage them starting at the tip then slowly moving down the finger. 

Once you have thoroughly washed the gloves, carefully expel the water. Slowly press the water out of each area, being careful not to wring the gloves. Twisting and wringing the material will change the glove’s shape, and it will no longer fit your hand the same.  

Lay the gloves out to dry in a place outside of direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can treat your gloves harshly and stiffen the leather. Instead, place them in a dry place with a fan. 

Washing leather can make the material stiff and uncomfortable, so you can put the flexibility back into your gloves by applying a leather conditioner once they are completely dry.


There are numerous styles of motorcycle gloves available, so take some time to figure out what style and fit you prefer. Don’t be afraid to buy more than one pair for different activities!

People Also Ask

Motorcycle gloves aren’t like any other glove type. Since you’ll be wearing them a lot as your ride, you need a pair of gloves that are long-lasting, protective, and comfortable. As you try and pick the perfect pair, you’ll probably have plenty of questions.

Here are some of the most common inquiries we receive about buying motorcycle gloves. 

Why Do Motorcycle Riders Wear Gloves?

Motorcycle riders wear gloves for numerous reasons. First, they offer outstanding protection in case of a fall or accident. Since people instinctively put their hands out as they fall, the glove protects the palm, fingers, wrist, and knuckles from any injury. 

Motorcycle gloves also keep your hands warm. Whether you’re riding in the middle of winter or summer, your hands feel high wind speeds, which can numb them, cause dryness, or make it difficult to move them. Gloves you warmth and increased mobility even in colder temperatures.

Additionally, gloves give you a better grip on your bike. Instead of your hands accidentally slipping from sweat, the gloves let you hold on tight in all circumstances.

Why Do Motorcycle Gloves Have Hard Knuckles?

There are three main styles of gloves with hard knuckles. You can choose between an extra layer of kevlar material, rubber, or metal. 

Each of these materials gives an extra layer of protection to your knucklebone. In the case of an accident, slide, or being hit by flying stones, you’ll be thankful for the extra hand protection.

Are Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves Safe?

Yes, fingerless motorcycle gloves are safe! Not only do they let your fingers breathe in warmer weather, but they also have extra padding in the wrist and palm.

Your grip does not become looser because of the open fingers. In fact, the opposite may be true. The added padding in the rest of the glove can actually offer a stronger hold and more comfortability.

Can You Ride a Motorcycle Without Gloves?

Yes, you can technically ride a motorcycle without gloves, although it is not advisable. Even if you like the feel of riding a motorcycle without gloves, you always have a fall risk.

When you fall or slide, your first reaction is to put your hands out to protect the rest of your body. Without gloves, you can receive second and third-degree burns during the fall or severe cuts.

Why Are Leather Gloves Good?

Leather gloves are great for people looking for a combination of style, safety, and comfort. 

Not only does the leather material look stylish, but it provides excellent protection in case of a fall. Plus, the softness offers an incredible fit. 

The only potential downside is that leather is not as stretchy as other possible motorcycle glove material. 

Do Leather Gloves Shrink When Wet?

Yes, leather gloves can shrink when they get wet, but you need to do a couple more steps. It’s not as simple as using them in the rain.

First, heat some water to the boiling point, then let it sit for five minutes. Put the gloves all the way under the warm water, then lay them out on the counter. Turn on a hairdryer and use the hottest setting until the gloves are completely dry.

Once they are dry, add some leather conditioner to soften the material. 

How to Make Motorcycle Gloves Touch Screen

You can make your gloves compatible with a touch screen by adding pads like Farkle Fingers or Glovetracts. Nevertheless, many motorcycle gloves already have an inserted pad on the index finger. 

How to Dry Motorcycle Wet Weather Gloves

The best way to dry things is by putting them in the sun, right?

Wrong! Putting your motorcycle gloves in direct sunlight will make them very stiff and uncomfortable. Instead, pat them as dry as possible with a cloth, turn them inside out, and set them in a dry place.

How Long Do Motorcycle Gloves Last?

Every pair of motorcycle gloves is unique, so the durability depends on the kind of gloves you buy. 

If you get gloves with high-quality material, they could last up to 10,000 miles. If you ride regularly, that could mean that the gloves last about a year or two. However, if you have multiple pairs of gloves or ride less frequently, they can last several years. 

Why Are the Fingers Connected on Motorcycle Gloves?

Some motorcycle gloves have a finger bridge that connects the pinky and ring finger. This feature helps reduce the risk of injury if you fall or slide. The smaller fingers have a higher risk of bending backward, and this bridge helps prevent that. 

How to Break in Leather Motorcycle Gloves

We already talked about how to shrink leather gloves with hot water and heat. To break in the gloves, follow the first couple of steps and put them in hot water. Instead of drying them with a hairdryer, wear them wet and let them dry on your hand. 

This process will let the gloves stretch and conform to your hand.

How to Freshen the Smell of Sweaty Motorcycle Gloves

The easiest way to get rid of the sweat smell is to add some baby powder to the inside of the motorcycle gloves. You can also hand wash them with a tech-wash detergent, turn them inside out, and let them dry. 

What is Donning on Motorcycle Gloves?

Donning is just another word for “putting on” gloves. If you want gloves that are easy to put on, you can get some accessible donning features, like comfortable material, short cuff style, and an easy-to-use style.

What Are Vegan Motorcycle Gloves Made of?

Vegan gloves can use any material that is not leather. For example, vegan gloves can include faux leather, Kevlar, Superfacbric, nylon, and even fleece. 

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