Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets – 2021 Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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Women traditionally haven't had much choice when it comes to shopping for motorcycle jackets. Designed with male riders in mind, manufacturers made motorcycle jackets that were often bulky and square.

As women bikers have continued to increase, manufacturers have begun designing jackets that fit the female body's unique contours while providing protection. 

Comparison of the Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

  • 600D PU construction for better durability and performance
  • Jacket is made with waterproof materials for better protection
  • Comes equipped with multi inner and outer pockets
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  • Torso is made with strong mesh to provide free airflow
  • Liner is removable to easily clean
  • Equipped with 9-point custom adjustment system for better fit
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  • Best for the Money
  • Makes use of Drystar waterproof and breathable construction
  • Large front pockets with waterproof feature included
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  • Best Womens Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  • Reflective details on jacket for better visibility
  • Zippered chest and back exhaust vents for better airflow
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  • Best Womens Motorcycle Jacket With Armor
  • A natural leather core is used with the construction
  • Increased breathability with mesh airflow lining included
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  • Best Womens Textile Motorcycle Jacket
  • Body armor pockets included at shoulders and elbows
  • Front cuffs adjustable with zipper closure included
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  • Best Womens Summer Motorcycle Jacket
  • Available in many different colors
  • Slide pockets and many inner pockets included for safe storage
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What Makes a Motorcycle Jacket Great for a Woman? 

Women's motorcycle jackets should have all the essential components you'd find in motorcycle jackets designed for men, in addition to being designed to fit a woman's body.


A great motorcycle jacket for women is made to fit the shape of a woman's body. The shoulder area is narrow, with the bottom of the jacket flaring to accommodate the female figure. The best motorcycle jackets for women fit snugly and come with adjustable cinching options to ensure a great fit. 

Waterproof and Windproof

A weather-resistant jacket that can withstand wind and rain is a must. Look for a waterproof lining or shell that will keep you comfortable, protected, and dry in changing weather. 

Strong Materials

Whatever material you choose, leather, textile, mesh, or a material blend, the jacket's outer shell should be rugged. Leather is an excellent option for abrasion resistance; synthetic fabric and imitation leather material are also excellent choices. 

Breathability and Ventilation

A breathable liner will keep you warm and comfy while effectively allowing moisture and sweat inside the jacket to escape. Look for perforated leather or textile mesh with a zip-out liner or leather jackets with zippered vents.


Women's motorcycle jackets should provide the same level of protection as men's jackets. Armor that protects vital body parts is paramount in motorcycle jackets for women. Choose a motorcycle jacket with padding, cushioning, and armor to protect you during minor and major impacts.

Are All Women's Motorcycle Jackets The Same?

No, they are not all the same. The women's motorcycle jackets we've reviewed include jackets made from leather and jackets made from synthetic materials. Some of these jackets come equipped with CE-approved armor, while others don't come equipped with armor. The jackets lacking armor have armor pockets, so you have the option of purchasing armor separately. 

Features available will vary from jacket to jacket. That's what separates the best motorcycle jackets for women from average and mediocre jackets. A word of caution, motorcycle jacket manufacturers often produce inferior quality products for women. Be sure the jacket you purchase offers the same protection and features found in male and unisex jackets. 

How Do I Size a Women’s Motorcycle Jacket? 

Sizing a woman's motorcycle jacket differs slightly from sizing a men's jacket because some jackets include a hip measurement. To get a precise measurement, use a tape measure to measure your chest, waist, and hips.

Keep in mind that the waist measurement for women and men is different. A women's natural waistline is the narrowest part of her torso between the chest and hips.  Sizes will vary based on the jacket's manufacturer, so be sure to check their sizing chart. One brand's medium-sized jacket could be the equivalent of a large jacket from another brand. 

How Should a Leather Jacket Fit a Woman?

A leather jacket should fit similarly to other women's motorcycle jackets. The sleeves should hit at the wrist when in riding position. They should fit comfortably at the bottom of the torso, allowing room for the hips. 

Review of the Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets 

The best women's motorcycle jackets offer reliable protection while being designed to fit the contours of a woman's body. The top jackets fit comfortably, have excellent ventilation while providing safety and security while riding.

Here we'll take a look at the best motorcycle jackets available for women riders. 

Best Overall:
Viking Cycle Warlock Mesh Jacket

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Jacket for Women


  • Adjustable waist to ensure a snug fit
  • Great protection with CE approved armor
  • Made from rugged material, very durable
  • Mesh panels on the torso for excellent ventilation
  • Lots of pockets for storing gadgets and other personal items


  • Not designed for cold weather
  • Stitching seems flimsy in some parts of the jacket 

What Recent Buyers Report

Reviewers say that this jacket performs well in hot temperatures thanks to its excellent ventilation system. They like that the jacket is adjustable, allowing them to get just the right fit. The jacket is stylish and flattering while also providing reliable protection. Users say it is well made and would provide sufficient protection in an accident. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The jacket comes equipped with CE-approved armor for vital areas, including elbows, shoulders, and spine. It also does a great job of protecting against abrasion. The mesh panels provide excellent ventilation with air circulating through the jacket to keep the rider cool, making it an ideal option for riding in the summer. 

This jacket will also keep the rider dry on rainy days thanks to its all-weather design. Having many pockets is a must for many motorcycle riders, and this jacket doesn't disappoint. There are two external pockets and several internal pockets to carry your items. The jacket also has reflective piping allowing you to maintain high-visibility while riding. 

Bottom Line

This jacket is stylish and offers excellent protection for the body's vital areas. The jacket is ideal for summer riding and keeps the rider cool even in sweltering temperatures. The jacket is rugged and has good abrasion protection. 

Joe Rocket 1250-0001 Cleo 2.2

Joe Rocket 1250-0001 Cleo 2.2 Women's Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket (Black/Black, X-Small)


  • Great airflow and ventilation
  • CE rated armor at  the shoulders and elbows 
  • Nine adjustment points to ensure a proper fit
  • Removable waterproof liner that also blocks the wind
  • Sizes from XS to XL plus two diva sizes for curvy women


  • Not an all-season jacket 
  • The shoulder armor is a bit uncomfortable

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers love the jacket's excellent airflow saying it keeps them cool even in sweltering weather. They also praise the jacket's feminine design and the corset adjustable back straps that allow for customization. Users say it's an excellent jacket for curvy women. It also provides excellent protection, a must for these buyers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This jacket offers excellent protection while providing a great fit to a wide range of women's bodies. The jacket comes in a range of sizes and even includes a diva size for curvy women. Wearing this jacket is almost like carrying a personal air conditioner with you on hot days. The ventilation is excellent, thanks to the jacket's FreeAir mesh torso. 

The jacket comes equipped with removable CE rated armor for the elbows and shoulders plus a removable spine pad with a pocket for an optional CE spine protector. The jacket has a removable waterproof liner to keep you dry on rainy days. You can adjust the jacket at nine points to ensure the best fit possible. 

Bottom Line

This is a jacket designed for women of all shapes and sizes. Its nine adjustment points allow for remarkable customization. The jacket offers excellent protection with CE rated armor while maintaining its feminine look. It performs admirably in scorching temperatures with excellent air circulation to keep you cool throughout your ride.

Best for the Money:
Alpinestars Women's Stella Andes v2

Alpinestars Women's Stella Andes v2 Drystar Motorcycle Jacket, Black, Large


  • Removable long-sleeve liner that provides full insulation
  • Four season riding jacket with a built-in waterproof membrane
  • CE-approved armor for shoulders and elbows and upgradable foam back pad
  • Mid-waist adjustment on a pull system eliminating the need for velcro, latches, or straps
  • Zippered direct ventilation system opens directly to the body with exhaust vents in back


  • May not be true to size
  • Velcro collar closure catches on helmet 

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers praise the jacket's performance in cold weather, saying it keeps them warm even in frigid temperatures. They love the removable liner and excellent ventilation that transforms it from a winter jacket to a spring jacket. Some reviewers wished there were more color options, while others complained about the collar opening and getting caught on their helmet 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is truly a four-season jacket. It comes with an insulated liner to keep you warm while riding in the fall and winter. You can open the vents and back exhausts in the spring and summer to create excellent air circulation throughout the jacket to keep cool. The front features a double zipper that can be opened from the top or bottom of the jacket. 

The jacket provides excellent protection with CE-rated armor for the shoulders and elbows and a foam back pad that can be upgraded for additional security. The jacket is durable, with the outer chassis providing outstanding protection against abrasion. The jacket is lightweight and easy to move around in. 

Bottom Line

This jacket will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The jacket comes packed with features, including a zippered direct ventilation system and multiple adjustment points to customize its fit. It also offers excellent protection with CE-rated armor and a foam back pad that can be upgraded for additional security. 

Best Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket:
Milwaukee Leather LC 2701 i

LC2701 Ladies Black Basic Classic Motorcycle Premium Leather Jacket with plain sides,X-Small


  • Adjustable belt at the waist for a snug fit
  • Premium milled cowhide leather that is soft to the touch
  • High-quality zippers and buttons for maximum durability
  • Plenty of pockets to store your belongings while you're riding
  • Crossover front lets you open the collar in warm weather and close it in cold weather


  • Doesn't come with armor or pads
  • Boxy when zipped, doesn't show off curves

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users report being satisfied with this leather women's motorcycle jacket. They say the leather is high quality and the jacket looks great. The jacket runs true to size, and the adjustable waist belt allows you to customize the fit. They say the jacket is heavy in a good way thanks to the high-quality leather. It is also very comfortable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a classic leather motorcycle jacket designed with female riders in mind. The jacket is durable, being made from high-quality cowhide leather. The jacket has three zippered vents that provide excellent air circulation. There is one front vent and two more vents on the back of the jacket. The jacket will keep you warm in cold weather. 

The jacket comes with a removable liner for added insulation and includes a cell phone pocket plus several other pockets for storing your items. The belted waist allows you to customize your jacket's fit. 

Bottom Line

This is a heavy-duty motorcycle jacket made of cowhide leather. The jacket comes with a removable liner to provide additional insulation in cold weather, although the hefty leather will keep you quite warm. There are plenty of pockets to hold your belonging and two holsters for a weapon. If you want a classic leather motorcycle jacket, it's worth a look. 

Best Women’s Motorcycle Jacket With Armor:
Street & Steel Athena


  • Removable thermal vest liner
  • CE rated armor for shoulders and elbows
  • Adjustable using waist expansion zippers
  • Reflective stripes to ensure vehicles can see you on the road
  • Variable air exchange system keeps jacket cool in hot weather


  • Collar is uncomfortable
  • Weak stitching in some parts of the jacket

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers rave about this jacket, saying it is made of high-quality leather and very stylish. They say the jacket's armor protects them in all the right places but lacks a CE-rated back protector. The jacket is comfortable, and most say it fits true to size, although some users say it runs large. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This motorcycle jacket is packed with features from a removable thermal liner to a mesh air-flow liner to ensure proper ventilation. The jacket comes equipped with CE rated elbow and shoulder armor. While it doesn't come with a back protector, it does have a back pocket that would fit CE rated back protection. 

The jacket is made from high-quality leather and looks very lovely with a classic silhouette. The jacket is adjustable so that you can customize the fit to your body. The jacket's heavy leather will keep you warm in the winter. You can carry your weapon in its concealed holster, and there's also a pocket for ammo. 

Bottom Line

This is a high-quality leather motorcycle jacket that will keep you warm in the winter. The jacket has torso panels to help regulate body temperature. The jacket's ventilation is excellent thanks to its variable air exchange system. It comes with great armor for your elbows and knees. You can purchase a back protector separately. 

Best Women’s Textile Motorcycle Jacket:
Harley-Davidson Callahan Mesh Jacker


  • Cool and comfortable in the summer heat
  • Detailed embroidery so it'll last for a long time
  • Adjustable Velcro tabs on sleeves and both hips
  • Double front zipper can be opened from both ends
  • Reflective piping for high visibility while you're out riding


  • The jacket lacks shape
  • Armor must be purchased separately

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers say this is an excellent jacket for summer riding, with some saying it's cooler than riding in only a t-shirt. They say the jacket is made of durable fabric that breathes well. The jacket fits great, looks good, and is classy, according to other reviewers. The jacket's comfortability also stands out to recent buyers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a stylish and modern jacket made by Harley-Davidson, a company synonymous with all things related to motorcycles. The jacket does not come with any armor shells, but it does have armor pockets on the shoulders and elbows if you decide to upgrade your protection. 

The jacket is made from textile mesh, so it stays cool when you're out riding. The breathability and ventilation of this jacket provides are outstanding. Its design is ideal for hot weather. The reflective piping ensures you'll be highly visible while on the road. The jacket is durable and features detailed embroidery, so it will last you for years to come. 

Bottom Line

This is a great fitting jacket from the emblematic Harly-Davidson brand. The jacket is stylish, made of durable fabric, and comes with reflective piping for excellent visibility. It has excellent ventilation and breathability, making it ideal for hot summer days. 

Best Women’s Summer Motorcycle Jacket:
REV'IT Eclipse


  • Adjustable in the hips and biceps areas of the jacket
  • CE rated ergonomic armor for the shoulders and elbows 
  • Jean loops to connect the jacket to your jeans and keep it in place
  • Laminated reflector on the back to increase rider visibility on the road 
  • Abrasion-resistant on the backside of the arm, including elbow and bicep


  • Back protector is sold separately 
  • Runs small, so you may need to order up a size

What Recent Buyers Report

Reports from recent buyers are overwhelmingly positive. Buyers like the jacket's attractive design and colors. They say it provides excellent protection, but some say the armor could use a bit more padding. Users praise the jacket's heavy-duty zippers and velcro adjustment straps on the waist. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is an attractive mesh jacket with a city-inspired style—this jacket gets the basics and the details right. The jacket is highly adjustable, so you can tailor it to fit your body, with adjustments to the wrists, neck, hips, and bicep areas. This is a warm-weather mesh jacket that will keep you cool while riding on hot sunny days. 

The jacket comes with CE rated armor to protect your shoulders and elbows. If you want back protection, you'll have to order that separately. The laminated back reflector increases your visibility while out riding. There are also jean loops so you can secure the jacket to your jeans so it doesn't ride up while you're on the road. 

Bottom Line

This is an excellent jacket for riding in warm weather. The jacket has ventilation panels that ensure air circulates throughout the jacket keeping you cool. It is a durable jacket made with high-quality materials. It comes with CE rated armor for your shoulders and elbows. 

Best Plus Size Women’s Motorcycle Jacket:
Milwaukee Leather MLL2575

Milwaukee Leather MLL2575 Women's Black Leather Vented MC Jacket with Removable Hoodie - X-Large


  • Zip-out full sleeve liner 
  • Made from high-quality goatskin leather
  • Two chest and back vents for excellent ventilation
  • Removable hoodie that can be worn without the jacket
  • Several pockets: hand warmer pocket, coin pocket, media pocket


  • Forearm and wrist areas fit tight
  • Doesn't come equipped with any type of armor 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers say the jacket fits great and is made of high-quality leather. They say the hoodie is perfect for when temperatures are warm during the day but cold at night. Some users say the jacket runs small and advise potential buyers to buy a size up. They say the jacket is heavy but not overwhelming. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Made with grade A leather, this jacket is heavy enough to keep you warm in winter has excellent ventilation, so you can wear it as the weather starts to warm. It has two chest vents and a back vent to ensure excellent air circulation. The jacket is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. 

The jacket comes in sizes up to triple-XL, so almost everybody will find a good fit. The jacket comes with a removable full-sleeve liner plus a hoodie to keep you warm on chilly days. You'll also find many pockets in this jacket for everything from your MP3 player to your ammo. It comes with two interior holsters for concealed carry.

Bottom Line

With a wide range of sizes, most women will find this motorcycle jacket a great fit. The jacket's leather is soft to the touch, and the jacket is stylish with a detachable hood and full sleeve liner. If you're looking for a leather jacket with plus women's sizes, this jacket is worth a look. 

Best Tall Women’s Motorcycle Jacket:
HWK Stella Motorcycle Jacket

Women's Motorcycle Jacket For Women Stunt Adventure Waterproof Rain Jackets CE Armored Stella (All-Black, M)


  • 100% waterproof and breathable membrane
  • HWK backs this jacket with a 5-year warranty
  • Removable CE rated armor plates that fit into various pouches on the jacket
  • Multiple pockets, including pockets for an MP3 player, sunglasses, and cell phone
  • Zipper along the bottom of the jacket allows you to connect it to motorcycle pants


  • Sizing charts aren't accurate
  • Difficult to cinch down the back of the jacket

What Recent Buyers Report

Users describe the jacket as a great fit made with high-quality materials. They praise the jacket's adjustability that lets them customize its fit. Buyers also like that the jacket comes with CE-rated full armor at a budget price. Some users said the jacket fit too big, while others said it fit too small. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

HWK's Stella motorcycle jacket is fully adjustable with adjustment points on the wrists, collar, and waist for a tailored fit. It is made of a highly durable and flexible textile fabric. The jacket has zippered ventilation panels that promote air circulation throughout the jacket keeping your cool on warm days.

 It has a reflective logo and paneling to ensure you maintain high visibility on the road. There's a removable insulated thermal liner for cold days with a breathable waterproof membrane. The jacket comes equipped with CE rated armor to protect the shoulders and elbow, plus a high-density spine protector. 

Bottom Line

This feature-packed jacket is a great value. It comes with CE rated armor to protect your vital body parts. It is 100% waterproof and includes an insulated thermal liner to keep you warm when it's cold outside. The jacket's multiple adjustment points allow a tailored fit.

Why Did These Women's Motorcycle Jackets Make Our List? 

A lot of work goes into making a great women's motorcycle jacket. All of the jackets on our list stand out for their high-quality and design. 


We chose jackets with adjustability points that allow you to tailor the jacket to fit your body's unique contours. Being able to adjust your jacket gives you control of how snugly it fits and some control over how protective armor position sits. 


Almost all of the jackets featured on our list come with CE-rated armor that protects the body's most vital areas. Most of the remaining jackets give you the option to purchase armor. Everyone wants a stylish motorcycle jacket, but your jacket's primary purpose is to protect you during collisions and falls.  


The jackets we chose are comfortable with ventilation panels to ensure you stay cool while out riding. They are made from high-quality materials that are flexible and naturally move with your body. 

Weather Resistant

Most of the jackets on our list feature some type of waterproof or water-resistant material to keep you dry in inclement weather. Some of the jackets include removable waterproof or thermal liners to ensure you stay dry and warm in wet weather. 

Perks of Getting a Quality Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

The design of a quality woman's motorcycle fits the shape of a woman's body while protecting you during accidents and from inclement weather. Here are a few perks of getting a quality women's motorcycle jacket. 

  1. Women's motorcycle jackets come in sizes designed to meet the unique needs of women. They have a lot of adjustment points to ensure a tailored fit. Some include options for curvy women.

  2. They are often designed with style in mind and constructed with high-quality leather or textile materials
  3. They offer the features a woman needs to be safe while riding, and they don't skimp in critical areas.

Men’s vs. Women’s Motorcycle Jacket - Comparison Overview

Men's and women's motorcycle jackets serve the same purpose—keeping the rider safe. From that standpoint, there shouldn't many differences in the primary features you find in a men's vs. women's motorcycle jacket. They both should be made from abrasion-resistant materials to protect the rider during a slide. Jackets for both genders should have armor to protect the rider.

The main difference between men's vs. women's jackets is found in the jackets' sizing and cut. Most women's jackets are cut to highlight women's curves, with feminine accents missing from jackets designed for men. There's more room in the bust area of women's jackets, and they fit more snugly through the hips than the typical boxy male jacket. 

How to Clean and Care For a Motorcycle Jacket

Follow these steps to clean your leather motorcycle jacket. 

  1. Remove the liner from your jacket. Most liners are anti-microbial, and airing them out is enough

  2. If your jacket is leather, wipe it down using leather cleaning wipes to remove any grime and bugs

  3. Clean your jacket with a leather cleaning agent using a microfiber cloth

  4. Condition your jacket using leather food or balsam after cleaning 

Jackets made from synthetic materials can be hand washed or machine washed. If they have a lot of grime, it's a good idea to pre-treat them before washing. 


More and more companies are making motorcycle jackets designed for women. When shopping for a women's motorcycle jacket, you want to ensure it provides you with reliable protection, weather-resistant materials, and adequate ventilation. The jacket should also be tailored to fit the contours of your body. 

People Also Ask

If we haven't answered all of your questions above, maybe you can find what you're looking for in this list of frequently asked questions.

Why Are Women's Motorcycle Jackets so Small?

Women's motorcycle jackets are made to fit a woman's body; thus, they come in women's sizes, which are smaller than men's sizes. The cut of a woman's jacket is also distinct, being shaped to the natural contours of a woman's body. 

How Much Does a Women’s Motorcycle Jacket Cost?

How much a women's motorcycle jacket costs will depend on the features, such as armor, waterproofing, and ventilation. Most high-quality women's motorcycle jackets will cost between $100 and $300. 

How to Make a Leather Jacket Smaller

When leather gets wet, it stretches. If your jacket is wet, let it air dry, and that will help make it smaller. Another option is applying heat either with hot water or by drying it with hot air. 

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