Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: January 17, 2022

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Most riders don’t think of getting a wheel chock when they first acquire a motorcycle until they are at the grocery loading or transporting the bike in a truck over a long distance. 

The distress worsens when you have to park in a sloppy area or a garage for long hours.

To curb the menace, getting an appropriate chock for your bike is as essential as having a good battery. Don’t wait to take action after your bike develops dents from rolling in that icy or sloppy parking.

Follow through as we review the best motorcycle chocks that’ll keep your bike safe and secure at the parking until you’re ready to ride on it again.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

  • Highlighted by a beginner friendly bolt-on assembly
  • Featuring a strong boot and cross bar for stability
  • With an attractive powder coated finish
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  • Best for the Money
  • Featuring a corrosion and rust resistant coating
  • Highlighted by adjustable holes for simple installation
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  • Best Condor Wheel Chock
  • Easy to store with a fold down design
  • With a transporting capacity of up to 3,000lbs
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  • Best Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock
  • Featuring reliable anchor points for more stability
  • Highlighted by a self locking wheel cradle
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  • Best Dirt Bike Wheel Chock
  • Comes with a beginner friendly pit stop
  • Offers a reliable locking system for enhanced security
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  • Best Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock
  • Can be mounted on wood and metal surfaces
  • Requires only one person for the installation process
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  • Best E-Track Motorcycle Wheel Chock
  • Offers superb strength with innovative side straps
  • For motorcycles with 5.5 inch wheels
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How Do I Choose a Motorcycle Wheel Chock?

Motorcycle wheel chocks come in various designs, and not all of them will secure your bike the same. Using the wrong chock can be more detrimental than staying without one or opting to use the bike stand.

Below are factors you must keep in mind if you want to keep the bike in a secure and safe position wherever it is parked, irrespective of the duration.


All bikes come with their stands. Most of these stands tend to angle the bike when parked, making it easy to fall off at a slight impact. Using a suitable wheel chock for your motorcycle keeps it firmly erect and grounded on whichever surface.

Whether you're transporting the motorcycle in a truck or carrying repairs, getting a suitable chock to keep it stable will make your work much easier while keeping the bike safe.

For enhanced stability, you may consider chocks with long crossbars and bolts to mount them on hard surfaces if you're going to store your bike for long.

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Build Material

Chocks are mostly built from stainless steel frames and supported with base plates weighing about 35 pounds or below. Manufacturers prefer stainless steel due to its durability, and it's also less expensive.

However, to be sure you're getting a durable chock from stainless steel, the frames should be zinc or powder-coated to keep them corrosion-free when exposed to damp climates.

Aluminum also makes suitable chocks, although they tend to be a little expensive. They are lighter and make sturdy chocks compared to stainless steel.

Other cheap options for chocks are rubber and wood. They'll serve the same purpose but are somewhat bulky.


At some point, you'll need to upgrade your bike tires. You don't need to purchase a new chock every time you upgrade. To stay on the safe side, select a universal v-design that will accommodate all tire sizes or get a chock with adjustable cradles.

Adjustable cradles allow you to switch to several positions from three to an infinite number depending on the model.

For easy locking, consider units with pivoting brackets. Such units use the motorcycles' weight in locking the wheels without the need to adjust the chock. 

All you need is to roll the front wheel above the bracket; the bracket will then pivot on the opposite side to lock the wheel in place.   

Size and Capacity

An ideal motorcycle chock should perfectly fit the wheel and prevent the bike from moving side to side once it's locked.

Chock models with wider bases are the best for heavy bikes, whereas lightweight racing motorcycles will fit nicely in narrow base plates.

Most heavy-duty wheel chocks for motorcycles are about 2,000 pounds. That capacity will hold any heavy bike comfortably in place.

However, heavy chocks are less portable and might require permanent installation unless you choose to use them in your vehicle then you can always move around with them.

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A secure motorcycle wheel chock automatically locks the wheel once you roll the wheel over the bracket. Such units have pivoting brackets that pivot on the opposite side to lock the wheel once moved.

Also, keep in mind that some chocks lock tighter than others. Pay attention to features that offer tight-locking mechanisms.

Review of the Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Now that you know what to look out for in an ideal motorcycle wheel chock, let’s now review some of the best ones available on the market today.

Best Overall:
Extreme Max 5001.5010

Extreme Max 5001.5010 Motorcycle Wheel Chock


  • Suits 17-21 inch wheels
  • Adjustable and easy to assemble
  • Automatically locks the front wheel
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction
  • Solid front-wheel crossbar and boot for added stability


  • Might not suit motorcycles with low fenders
  • Difficult to pull out of the chock for some people


Brand: Extreme Max

Weight: 21 pounds

Dimensions: 10.7 x 23 x 1.8 inches


Extreme Max 5001.5010 is an easy to assemble sleek wheel chock design that comes in a black matte finish. The chock automatically locks your front wheel once you drive into it and does not require you to adjust.

The chock also features a front-wheel crossbar and a boot for added stability. Extreme Max 5001.5010 is very flexible and will hold various tire sizes between 3-5/32 – 7-3/32 inches wide. Thanks to its unique V-shaped cradle.

The design is also compact and will not take much of your garage space. You may consider a deluxe kit that includes straps for transporting a motorcycle in a trailer.

Bottom Line

An ideal motorcycle wheel chock will accommodate various wheel sizes. You won’t need a new one in case of an upgrade. 

Coupled with the compact size, stainless steel build, and its front wheel crossbar and boot, this chock will keep your bike stable for as long as you want it.

It also features an adjustable rear wheel cradle that will comfortably hold wheels up to 21 inches wide.

Best for the Money:
MaxxHaul 70075

MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock


  • Easy to install and includes mounting hardware
  • 3-position bracket to handle a variety of tire sizes
  • Locks automatically once the front wheel is rolled in
  • Pivoting cradle for easy loading and unloading of the bike
  • Corrosion-free stainless steel construction with a powder coat finish


  • Rotating tire lock doesn’t work for some tire models
  • Some customers find it challenging to pull the bike from the chock


Brand: MaxxHaul

Weight: 13.86 pounds

Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 11 inches


MaxxHaul 70075 features a universal adjustable design and a 3-position bracket to cater to various standard wheel sizes. The chock will lock your tire wheels automatically when you roll in the wheel.

The pivoting cradle allows for effortless loading and unloading using the motorcycle’s weight. The chock also comes with mounting hardware to fix the plate and is also easy to install by just one person.

The chock uses heavy-duty steel with anti-corrosion powder coating making it a heavy-duty wheel chock.

Bottom Line

MaxxHaul 70075 features most of the qualities you’d expect from a good motorcycle chock. These include:

  • Corrosion-free heavy-duty stainless steel construction

  • Ability to handle a variety of tire sizes

  • Included hardware and easy installation

  • Automatic wheel locking

  • Effortless loading and unloading of a motorcycle

Best Condor Wheel Chock:
Condor SC-2000 

CONDOR SC-2000 Trailer-Only Chock


  • Fold-down design for easy storage
  • One-person loading and unloading
  • High capacity of up to 3,000 pounds
  • Features patented locking mechanism
  • Includes tie-down straps for use during bike transportation


  • Designed specifically for use in trailers


Brand: Condor

Weight: 34.8 pounds

Dimensions: 24.5 x 12.5 x 9.8 inches


Condor SC-200 features a fully adjustable locking system that will accommodate both rear and front bike tires. It is a heavy-duty chock that will lock bikes that weigh up to 3,000 pounds.

The unit is an ideal trailer chock that will hold your bike upright on any surface, courtesy of its patented locking mechanism.

Its adjustable cradle makes it compatible with various bikes, including sports bikes, cruisers, heavy touring bikes, dirt bikes, and more.

The chock will accommodate rear wheel sizes of between 14-25 inches.

Also included are two tie-down straps that don't need over-tightening, so you don’t need to worry about damaging sensitive suspension parts.

Bottom Line

Condor SC-200  chock comes with two tie-down straps and will not require two people to install. It is a heavy-duty unit that accommodates bikes of up to 3,000 pounds.

It features a patented locking mechanism that keeps your bike upright on any platform. The chock also accommodates different bike types. It’s also very economical on storage space, thanks to its fold-down design.

Best Motorcycle Front Wheel Chock:
MaxxHaul 70271

MaxxHaul 70271 Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Heavy Duty 1800lb Weight Capacity


  • Anchor points for enhanced stability
  • Has a six-cradle setting for versatility
  • Self-locking mechanism makes it easy to use
  • Versatile design befitting tire of 3-5 inches wide
  • Stainless heavy-duty build with a capacity of 1,800 pounds


  • Some users report weak grip


Brand: MaxxHaul

Weight: 36.9 pounds

Dimensions: 36 x 35 x 16 inches


MaxxHaul 70271 has a pivoting cradle that makes loading and unloading super easy. The chock uses heavy-duty steel coated with a black powder to prevent corrosion.

MaxxHaul 70271 will lock motorcycles weighing up to 1,800 pounds. The self-locking mechanism makes this unit easy to use and will not require more than one person to install. 

The cradle offers up to six adjustment positions that make the unit very versatile. MaxxHaul 70271 will fit any wheel ranging between 15’ to 22’ in size and 3’-5’ in width. The chock has anchor points for enhanced security and can be installed on any flat surface. 

Bottom Line

Apart from occasionally slipping reported by a few users, MaxxHaul 70271 has some excellent features that will interest any rider. These features include:

  • Heavy-duty build that supports up to 1,800 pounds motorcycles

  • Anchor point for enhancing stability

  • Six cradle setting that makes it very versatile

  • Easy loading and unloading, thanks to its pivoting cradle

  • Easy installation

  • Self-locking mechanism

Best Dirt Bike Wheel Chock:
Goplus Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Goplus® Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock Stand Heavy Duty 1800lb Weight Capacity


  • Patented locking mechanism
  • Crossbar with two bolts for added stability
  • Powder-coated heavy-duty construction material
  • High capacity of 1,800 pounds making it a heavy-duty unit
  • Adjustable settings that accommodate wheel between 15 and 22 inches wide


  • Some users report unclear instructions
  • You may need to mount it on a surface to enhance stability


Brand: Goplus

Weight: 34 pounds

Dimensions: 16 ⅛ x 36 ⅗ x 35 ⅖ inches


The Goplus features a wide front bar making it very stable and reliable. This sturdy unit will keep your motorcycle in a stable position during transportation or at storage. 

It’s all-powder coated to prevent it from corrosion hence offering a long duration of service.

Other key features include a V-shape pivoting bracket, high capacity of up to 1,800 pounds, 2-bolt crossbar for enhanced stability, and a patented locking mechanism.

Bottom Line

The crossbar allows you to park anyway with ease, including some angled surfaces. 

The unit is heavy-duty and supports up to a 1,800-pound load. It’s powder-coated to guarantee you many years of service.

Goplus is also versatile and will accommodate various wheel sizes of between 15-22 inches. The patented locking mechanism secures the motorcycle in place during transportation in a garage for repairs or storage.

Best Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock:
ABN Removable Trailer Wheel Chock

ABN Removable Trailer Wheel Chock – Universal Stopper Cradle Holder for Standard Motorcycle Bike Front Wheels


  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Covered with a 1-year warranty
  • Easy installation by just one person
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction
  • Heavy-duty and will accommodate bulky motorcycles


  • Low-quality washers, nuts, and bolts


Brand: ABN

Weight: 6.89 pounds

Dimensions: 21.13 x 11.3 x 13.5 inches


Designed for one-person installation, ABN Removable Trailer Wheel Chock is a self-locking unit that requires you to drive in unless you’re transporting the bike simply, then you’ll need straps for added security. 

Loading and unloading activities are easy and will barely last seconds.

The chock features a 7-gauge steel plate, thermoplastic end caps, and carbon hardware for enhanced strength.

Also included are four bolts, nuts, flat washers, lock washers, and spacers that will allow you to mount the unit on any surface.

Bottom Line

ABN Removable Trailer Wheel Chock is suitable for mounting on metal or wood. The chock comes with several nuts and a washer to hold the unit in position on the top and bottom of the mounting surface. You’ll not need to drill your garage floor to mount this chock.

Built from tough carbon steel and featuring a 7-gauge steel plate, this unit is stable and will accommodate bulky models of motorcycles.

It’s a one-person installation and includes all the necessary hardware. The unit will accommodate a variety of bike types and comes with a one-year warranty.

Best E-Track Motorcycle Wheel Chock:
Marson International T200-ETRACK - HDB

Marson USA 5.5' Motorcycle Wheel Chocks T200-ETRACK - HDB


  • Easy installation on any surface
  • The package includes installation hardware
  • Features an e track base for enhanced stability
  • Simple design suitable for low profile wheel locking
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with black powder coating for elongated lifespan


  • E track sold separately
  • Rigid with no adjustable features


Brand: Marson International

Weight: 7 pounds

Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.5 x 9.25 inches


Marson International T200-ETRACK - HDB lightweight wheel chock is ideal for low profile applications such as securing light sports bikes with about 120mm tires.

It’s a simple design, easy to install, and includes bolts in its hardware. However, you’ll need to buy the E track separately since it’s not included in the package.

The unit is highly portable and quick to install on a trailer or any wood surface by just one person. Its compact size will not eat into your storage space. The black coating gives it an elegant look while still protecting it from corrosion. 

Bottom Line

Marson International is designed for low-profile applications and those with limited storage space. The unit makes a good transportation chock due to its easy installation on any surface, including wood.

It's a simple and portable design that works well with light sports bikes. 

Best Lock 'N Load Wheel Chock:
Lock N Load BK1000

Lock N Load BK1000 Deluxe Motorcycle Wheel Chock with Quick-Release Ratchet & D-Ring System (Orange/Black)


  • One-person installation
  • Self-locking by simply driving in
  • High-strength construction for many service years
  • Highly versatile capable of serving different wheel sizes
  • Easy mounting and unmounting suitable for those who move frequently


  • Some users report a lack of clarity on instructions provided


Brand: Lock N Load

Weight: 11.5 pounds

Dimensions: 19 x 11.5 x 15.4 inches


Lock N Load BK1000 is yet another excellent option for transporting your bike across locations. The chock features rear tie-downs and front tire straps that will secure your bike in place over long distances.

It is effortless to use by simply riding your bike into the unit, and the wheel locks automatically, courtesy of the wheel bracket.

Also included to enhance securities are two quick-release strap clips and two quick-release D-rings.

The plate is easy to mount and unmount, making it suitable for trailer transportation.

Bottom Line

If you move your motorcycle more often, the Lock N Load wheel chock is what you need to secure your bike. The chock comes with both front and rear straps and has a very easy to mount and unmount plate.

It also features a self-locking wheel bracket for hassle-free loading and unloading of the motorcycle. Lock N Load BK1000 is a versatile heavy-duty unit that works with all OEM applications.

9. Black Widow BW-PRO-CHOCK

Black Widow BW-PRO-CHOCK Adjustable Motorcycle Wheel Chock


  • Requires no drilling or bolts to install
  • Wide adjustable arms for improved stability
  • Ideal for transporting a motorcycle in a truck bed or trailer
  • Easy one-person installation procedure thus saves you time
  • Heavy-duty construction from lightweight aluminum and epoxy rubber


  • Prone to sliding when transporting in a trailer or truck bed, may need a heavy stopper to secure


Brand: Black Widow

Weight: 31 pounds

Dimensions: 32 x 108 x 21.5 inches


Whether you’re looking to store your ride permanently in a garage, take it with you on a multi-state trip, or a quick trip, the Black Widow is designed to facilitate just that.

Securing a motorcycle either on a truck bed or a trailer is a one-person job when you use Black Widow chock. The unit has adjustable arms between 43 to 108 inches wide and fits 15 to 22 inches diameter wheels. 

The chock features removable tire cradles and center posts for low-profile storage. Black Widow is a heavy-duty aluminum construction chock that comes with end caps fitted with epoxy rubber.

The wheel cradle adjusts between 28.75 and 32 inches, whereas the front top adjusts between 14.5 and 18.5 inches. 

Bottom Line

Black Widow is a heavy-duty aluminum-built chock that will not require drilling or bolts to install.

Its wide adjustable arms of up to 108 inches give stability when transporting a bike on a trailer. The unit requires just one person to install and is very easy to load and unload.

Best Harley Wheel Chock:
Venom Universal Self Locking Wheel Chock

Venom Universal Motorcycle Wheel Tire Chock Self-locking Bike Stand Cradle Chocks Compatible with Harley Davidson Yamaha Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati BMW - Sport Street Bike Cruiser Bike Touring Bikes


  • Durable high-grade steel construction
  • Four concrete anchors for added stability
  • Rubber end caps to prevent scratches on the surface
  • Effortless unloading by simply pulling back the motorcycle
  • Three adjustment settings to accommodate various wheel sizes


  • Comes with no instructions
  • Takes up larger storage space


Brand: Venom

Weight: 19 pounds

Dimensions: 23.62 x 8.66 x 5.12 inches


If you own a Harley Davidson Street Glide motorcycle, then this is probably the right wheel chock for you. This unit accommodates all wheel sizes between the range of 17 and 22 inches. 

The rubber caps at the legs ensure that the chock does not slip and leave unnecessary marks on the surface. 

The quick-release mechanism makes it easy to unload your bike. Just pull back the motorcycle, and the wheels will unlock instantly.

Venom Universal is also a lightweight chock that can be used as a standalone unit, or you may choose to mount it on a surface.

Bottom Line

Venom universal gives your bike an upright posture for easy repairs and transportation. The unit accommodates a variety of wheel sizes between 17 and 22 inches.

Rubber caps at the feet protect against scratches when the chock slides. The chock features effortless unloading by pulling back the bike. The unit can be installed on a surface or operated as a standalone unit.

What is Wheel Chock and the Importance of Using One? 

A wheel chock is a simple device made from a sturdy material, usually placed against the wheels of a motorcycle or a vehicle to prevent accidental movement wherever it is parked.

Using a wheel chock on your motorcycle offers various benefits such as:


Your bike remains firmly grounded and stable when parked on any surface. The surface may be icy, sloppy, slippery, or wet. Get an appropriate chock to keep it anchored for as long as you’ll be away.

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Efficient Parking

Utilizes space by keeping the bike within its parking slot. The motorcycle will not obstruct other adjacent bikes in the same parking.


Apart from the brakes, the wheel chock acts as a precaution to prevent the bike from sliding upon the impact of an unintended force. Your motorcycle is safe whether you’re changing oil, servicing, or in a garage for repairs.

How Do You Size a Wheel Chock?

Wheel chocks come in a variety of sizes and designs. Choosing what’s best for your motorcycle can be challenging, especially for those who’ve not used them before.

The first step to determining what type of chock you’ll need is to measure the motorcycle wheel size. Note down the height of the motorcycle wheel when on a flat surface. Ideally, the correct chock is about a quarter of the wheels’ height.

So, if the motorcycle has a 24-inch wheel, the chock height should be about six inches. That will allow the chock to fit nicely under the wheel.                                                                           

Top Brands in the Motorcycle Wheel Chock Space

The importance of keeping your motorcycle safe when parked has seen companies produce different wheel chock types.

Here are some top brands that have kept the tempo high in producing reliable motorcycle wheel chocks.


MaxxHaul has its headquarters in Shanghai, China. However, its major operations are centered in the U.S.

The company deals with a wide array of motorsport and other automotive accessories such as bike racks, towing products, ramps, mounts, and a collection of wheel chocks.

MaxxHaul is famous for its user-friendly and affordable products and of high quality.

Lock N Load

Based in the U.S. with its headquarters in Grant Pass, Oregon, Lock N Load specializes in the manufacture of motorcycle parts, including chocks and stands.  The company enjoys a global market and is renowned for quality and reliability.

Apart from the reliable motorcycle transportation and parking solutions, the company is also known well for bike repairs. 

Extreme Max

Extreme Max is a US company with its headquarters in Lino Lakes, Minnesota. The company manufactures a variety of automotive and marine parts that are sold across the globe.

Extreme Max manufactures quality outdoor gear that will withstand high speed, harsh weather conditions, and all sorts of terrain. Other replacement parts also manufactured by Extreme Max include dolly wheels, cables, and j-hooks.

The Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chock is among the company’s top-rated products.

Price Points of Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Although all chocks are intended for the same purpose, not all of them offer the same value. Some perform better than others, and the price of the wheel chock to some degree will determine how well it will perform.

Below are two categories of motorcycle wheel chocks with varying levels of performance based on their prices.

Under $100 

Wheel chocks in this price point come with simpler rubber designs but are also durable and will keep your bike safely grounded. However, the security features of these wheel chocks are limited and might only serve to stop the wheels.

Such wheel chocks may not be the best for parking on extremely sloppy or icy surfaces as they will not prevent your motorcycle from tipping over.


These are premium chocks that will mount firmly on any surface and hold your motorcycle wheels steady. Wheel chocks in this price range are made from tough materials such as stainless steel, alloy, or aluminum.

They are heavy-duty chocks made to handle bikes weighing 3,000 pounds or more. These wheel chocks are easy to assemble and include additional tie-down straps to enhance stability.

The chocks are also very elegant and adjustable hence suitable for chocking different wheel sizes.

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Motorcycle Wheel Chock Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Success

Motorcycle wheel chocks are different but follow almost the same installation procedure to accomplish the intended purpose-secure the motorcycle in a stable position.  

Here are a few hacks to help you get the best out of your wheel chock.

Find the Right Chock for Your Motorcycle

Most motorcycle wheel chocks are universal, but that does not mean all chocks will work on your bike. There are a variety of motorcycle wheel chocks, which can be confusing. Consult your dealer if you’re unsure about the right type of chock to buy.

Also, consider a versatile chock that will still serve you when you upgrade the bike tire in the future.

Position the Chock Appropriately

The proper position of the chock is vital for the maximum stability of a motorcycle. As much as most motorcycles use the front chocks, you may need to consult your manual on when you might need a rear chock and how to operate the adjustment settings.

Enhance Stability With Straps During Transportation

Some motorcycle wheel chocks include straps, while others come with none. To enhance stability when transporting a bike in a trailer, consider an aftermarket strap for more security.

Remember, some chocks cannot be mounted on a surface; hence they are prone to sliding, putting the bike at risk if straps are not used. You may also place a heavy barrier in front and at the back when using a chock with no mounting bolts.

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From this lengthy review, it's now evident why you should acquire a wheel chock if you lack one. The market is generous enough with plenty of options both in terms of design and price ranges.

Be sure to pick your favorite from our list to take your riding experience to the next level with one of these best motorcycle wheel chocks available on the market today. 

People Also Ask

Many questions surround the usage of wheel chocks, especially from new riders who’ve never used them before. Below are answers to common questions about motorcycle wheel chocks.

How Many Wheel Chocks Should I Use on My Motorcycle?

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178 advocates for the use of at least two wheel chocks on vehicles and trailers placed under the rear wheels. For a motorcycle, one chock on the front wheel will serve the purpose just fine.

However, in some circumstances, like transporting a motorcycle in a truck bed or a trailer over a long distance, you’ll need two chocks to hold the bike firm.

Can a Rusty Wheel Chock Damage My Treads?

You want a wheel chock that will serve you for a long time before replacement, making acquiring a rust-free wheel chock essential.

While a rusty wheel chock may not damage your tire treads, rust on a wheel chock may prevent the unit from performing as intended, especially at the adjustable joints.  

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Do I Need a Motorcycle Wheel Chock?

Although all motorcycles come with stands from the manufacturers, such frames may not be reliable for some activities, such as parking the bike on an overly sloppy or slippery surface.

At one point, you may also need to transport the motorcycle from one place to the other. To keep your bike as safe as possible, owning a wheel chock is inevitable.

What Are Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Made Of?

Motorcycle wheel chocks are available in different types and build materials. It is even possible to devise a homemade wheel chock using pieces of wood. However, professionally designed chocks are mostly made from stainless steel, alloy, or aluminum.

Some cheap chocks are made from rubber.

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