Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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The goal of riding a cruiser motorcycle is to enjoy yourself. You’re not looking for a race - just looking to ride for the fun of it. 

Long rides often come with the territory of getting the most out of your cruiser bike. One of the most essential parts of a long ride in comfort. 

Today we’re going to discuss the importance of footwear and how to find the best cruiser motorcycle boots of 2020. 

Comparison of the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

  • Upper made with full-grain leather for durability
  • A waterproof lining is included for better comfort
  • Zipper and Velcro band for quick closure
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  • Anti-slip rubber sole attached for better footing
  • Made from high-quality cowhide
  • Ankle guard made from molded nylon for improved comfort
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  • Best for the Money
  • Anti-slip rubber lug sole attached for improved footing
  • Very strong and durable materials used for upper
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  • External air vent zipper included for improved ventilation
  • Optimum traction with durable rubber sole
  • Impact protect provided with ankle protection included
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  • Ratchet strap is replaceable for easy fitting option
  • A Gore-Tex lining for all weather types included
  • Improved grip with compound rubber sole included
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How to Measure and Size Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Generally speaking, you can expect the sizing of your cruiser boots to be about the same as any other shoe that you’ve purchased. To ensure you’re getting the best fit, just pay close attention to any manufacturer’s guidelines or even a sizing chart that exists. Also, consider what kind of socks you like to wear while riding and if they will affect your fit. 

What Are Cruiser Boots Best For?

There are various styles of motorcycle boots on the market today, so it can be tricky to know which boot is best for what kind of riding. Cruiser boots serve a number of purposes to their wearers. 

Long Distance Comfort

The first and most obvious reason for wearing cruiser boots is for comfort over long-distance rides. Many cruiser bikes feature a seating position that places the rider comfortably seated, either straight up or slightly leaning back, with high handlebars and footrests. 

So, riders who are cruising do not need super-protective, high-tech sports boots. They simply need to feel comfortable on your feet for long periods of time.


Although you may not need as much hardcore protection for cruising as you would with racing, your boots still serve the general purpose of keeping your feet safe. It’s the same reason why you don’t wear flip-flops on any kind of motorcycle.

Cruiser boots protect your feet from the heat of the bike, any debris you encounter on the road, and can even offer ankle support over long distances. 


Cruiser boots ensure your feet are comfortable so that you can focus on your performance. You should avoid as many distractions as possible, and your shoes can actually play a significant role in how you operate your vehicle. 

Review of the Best Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Learning about cruiser boots is an excellent first step in finding the right pair for you, but reviewing some top products certainly adds to the experience. Below are a few of the best cruiser motorcycle boots we could find. 

Best Overall:
TCX Fuel WP Boots


  • Sole tread has a top-notch grip on all-terrain
  • Includes a waterproof lining for rain protection
  • Zipper, Velcro, and steel buckles offer excellent, secure fit
  • Full-grain leather is classic, timeless, and vintage for style appeal
  • CFS Comfort Fit System has a padded rear, toe, and heel counter and reinforced leather shift pads


  • Low breathability
  • Foot shape is a bit narrow

The TCX Fuel WP Boots have a classic like with functional features to make cruising a joy for years to come.

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers agree that these boots not only look great on, but they feel great. The shoes offer generous support straight out of the box with no break-in period. They are heavy-duty with impressive construction built to last. Users just don’t recommend these as a breathable shoe. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

You can’t be the classic design of these boots. Any dedicated rider will love how they look wearing these shoes while knowing they’re going to hold up well in various riding conditions. 

The comfort system as a whole is quite impressive to us. It seems this product left no stone unturned, addressing the insole, heel, and toes at once. 

We also love that these boots are waterproof. The extra lining ensures that your feet stay dry, which is critical for cruisers. Plus, the whole closure system is extra secure, containing a zipper, Velcro, and buckles. 

Bottom Line

This cruiser boot is an all-in-one kind of deal. With excellent grip, durable construction, and comfort, you get the whole package, making it worth the purchase undoubtedly. 

Tourmaster Coaster WP Men’s Road Boot

Tourmaster Coaster WP Mens Road Boots - 9


  • Zipper and lace-up closure system provides a snug fit
  • Molded nylon ankle guard provides support and protection
  • Genuine, full-grain, cowhide leather for a great look and feel
  • Reliable, vulcanized rubber sole is oil-resistant and slip-proof
  • Reinforced toe, heel, and ankles with a waterproof membrane


  • Stiff out of the box requires a break-in period
  • Top stitching is not double-stitch and frays easily

The Tourmaster Coaster Road Boot comes in second only to the excellent selection above, and its design and features are enough to back up its ranking. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Although buyers note the boot is stiff straight out of the box, a quick break-in period mitigates this issue. Beyond that, most owners of these boots report that they are comfortable and functional - perfect for riding long distances and even getting caught in the rain. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Some waterproof boots genuinely look like they are waterproof, and that’s not a compliment. However, these Tourmaster boots look fantastic - and they are waterproof. 

The classic design can’t be missed, with an easy in-and-out side zipper to complement the laces up the front. You can easily adjust and tighten the fit as needed, or you can pull them on in a hurry. 

The sole of this boot is also super solid. It’s vulcanized rubber that’s treated to be oil- and slip-resistant, giving you an excellent grip during rainstorms or other hazardous environments. 

Bottom Line

An excellent runner-up to our top choice, these Tourmaster boots will ensure you have a smooth and comfortable ride on your cruiser. With waterproofing, great fitting, and a classic look, they certainly deliver. 

Best for the Money:
Sidi Arcadia Boots


  • Anti-vibration system adds to the comfort
  • Reinforcement in the heels, toes, and arches
  • Non-slip rubber soles offer additional control and safety
  • Vented lining lets your feet breathe during warm, long rides
  • Combination leather, suede, and Cordura panels offer a cool and rugged aesthetic


  • Comes with shoelaces that are too long
  • Large toe area can make it difficult to change gears

Sidi is a well-trusted name in the motorcycle industry, and these boots offer an alternative style to the classic motorcycle boot look.

What Recent Buyers Report

This Sidi boot has its buyers raving about its excellent bottom traction along with superb ankle and toe protection. Buyers can all recognize this as a medium-duty boot with a casual appearance for both quick errands and longer rides. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The first thing we notice about these boots is double-stitched leather, embossed suede, and Cordura design. These cruiser boots offer a more rugged alternative look to the classic riding boot, making it a great choice for younger riders.

With the look comes all the same comfort and safety features we love, like the non-slip rubber sole and the reinforced internal support and padding.

Plus, this boot offers a unique anti-vibration system that adds to the overall comfort. That’s not a trait you get with just any old riding boot.

Bottom Line

Simultaneously rugged and functional, the Sidi Arcadia boot lets riders choose from a significantly different style to go along with their personality. Rather than choosing a typical tall, leather boot, cruisers can rock this cool combination of materials with excellent support, grip, and durability. 

4. Harley-Davidson Riddick D98308

Harley-Davidson Men's Riddick 8-Inch Lace-UP Black Motorcycle Boots D98308


  • Comfortable, flexible, and lightweight design
  • YKK locking inside zipper plus external venting zipper
  • Poron ankle protection absorbs impact and protects wearers
  • Tech Tuff overlays protect boots from abrasions, oils, and stains
  • Goodyear Welt construction delivers high-traction outer sole and durable insole and upper


  • Fit in the forefoot is wide
  • May not be ventilated enough for summer

No great motorcycle review is complete without a Harley Davidson component, and this is one of our top choices.

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are generally most impressed with the excellent construction and durability of these boots, with some reporting that they’ve owned a pair for years with little to no issues. The fit is also described as unique, with comfort in support and weight. They also collectively love the look, along with the bonus of the venting zipper. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Durability is critical when it comes to good motorcycle boots that are going to last you a long time. This model includes several details that ensure your boots not only last a long time but are going to continue to look good doing it. 

For starters, the abrasion-resistant overlays do an excellent job of resisting scratches and tears, as well as protecting against oils and stains. 

Safety is also a selling point on this boot, as the ankle protection is designed for extreme impact. It’s comfortable and flexible, but it works to absorb over 90% of energy at significant strain levels. 

Bottom Line

All we can say here is that durability and protection do not have to be separate from a good-looking product. These Harley boots offer a classic design that can take a hit, all while maintaining its outer appearance due to its Tech Tuff overlays.

5. Alpinestars Supertouring Gore-Tex Boots


  • Full-grain leather is stylish 
  • Gore-Tex liner offers fully waterproof protection
  • Velcro closure shin plate provides top-notch protection
  • Microfiber flex zones offer comfort in the instep and Achilles 
  • Dual-density TPU material and buckle closure help with a comfortable and personalized fit


  • Too narrow for wide feet
  • Boots age quickly over frequent use

Another trusted brand in the motorcycle industry; these Alpinestars take on a more sporty look while delivering ultimate water protection. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers have some issues with the fit, with many stating that it’s a more narrow design. However, many states that these boots offer a great value for the price - especially given its excellent weatherproofing. They also praise the forgiving break-in period. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love a good waterproof boot, and the fact that these Alpinestars implement Gore-Tex technology is a big win for us. The lining holds out well under all weather types, leaving you dry and comfortable for a fun ride. 

This boot also stands out from the others with its additional protection and safety features. The shin plate helps with more extreme settings, and the double density ankle protector certainly adds confidence to wearers. 

Finally, the exclusively designed rubber compound on the sole offers unmatched grip, so you can easily maneuver your bike. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a more athletic, sporty look and a boot that can handle just a little bit more than cruising, then look no further than this one. While there are some issues here with durability, moderate use seems to be the idea here. The cool look is matched by the waterproofing, comfort, and secure fit. 

What to Look For When Buying Cruiser Motorcycle Boots

Like with any other product, there are definitely some key features you should keep in mind when purchasing a pair of cruiser motorcycle boots. 


When you’re speeding around a racetrack, your primary concern is speed and safety. However, when you’re cruising for hours at a time, comfort is at the top of the list. In this scenario, your boots must fit right, and they provide a good level of cushioning. Protection is obviously nice, but not when it comes to pain from hard casings and thin insoles. 


The soles of your motorcycle boots are actually really important when it comes to cruising. Cruiser boots need to have a good grip, so your feet don’t slide around when riding. While the grip needs to be good, you also have to have enough movement to quickly switch gears during your ride. Essentially, cruiser boots should have harder soles for more durability and grip. 


Extended cruising means you will inevitably come across all kinds of weather, including unexpected rainfall. Weatherproofing can mean a variety of things, like insulation for warmth or waterproofing for rain. Consider the seasons you like to cruise during and apply weatherproofing features as needed. 

Comparison Overview

Many riders in the motorcycle community prefer various kinds of boots, regardless of their style of riding. A quick comparison can give you a better idea of which is the better choice. 

Cruiser vs. MX Boots For Motorcycle

Motorcross boots and cruiser boots have some extreme differences to them, though they both lie in the motorcycle boot family. While MX boots are designed for more intensive racing and even dirt biking, cruiser boots are geared towards casual riding and long-distance touring. 

The biggest difference you will see between the two is the physical appearance and the padding. MX boots are high and include significant hard outer padding to protect your feet and your lower leg from things like rocks, branches, and crashes. 

While a cruiser boot can include padding and other protective features, they’re made more for comfort than anything else. You can find a cruiser boot in both tall and short styles, but they’re more likely to come in a leather material than impact-ready plastics, steel, and other padding. 

Off-Road vs. Cruiser Boots

Off-road boots are similar to motocross boots in that they’re tough, durable, and designed for protection. Since off-roading usually implies less distance and more speed and tricks, they may not necessarily be as comfortable as MX boots. 

The same goes for cruiser boots, which are also designed for distance but at a less intense rate as motocross. 

An off-road boot is built for speed and has more protective functions for safety in a more dangerous environment. After all, you’re more likely to encounter a crash when attempting jumps and tricks than you are when you’re cruising through town. 

Cruiser boots are also often designed to look more like regular shoes so you can ride your bike to work without looking out of place. 


When you consider comfort, durability, and even weatherproofing, you might find that your selection narrows down with every feature. Some features, like the ones we’ve talked about today, are critical to ensuring your overall safety and experience. The products listed above include everything you need to enjoy your cruiser motorcycle. 

People Also Ask

In addition to all of the information we’ve discussed already, people also have common FAQs about cruiser motorcycle boots. Please reference the ones we’ve gathered below for more details. 

What to Do With Extra Length of Laces on Motorcycle Boots? 

The most common way to deal with this problem is to wrap the extra length of the laces around your boot as many times as necessary. Then, finish off with a knot per usual. 

How to Dry Out Alpinestar Motorcycle Boots 

If your Alpinestars boots have inserts, the first thing you should do is remove them. Dry them by either placing them out in the sunlight or tossing them in the dryer, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

You can dry the rest of the insides out by using a boot dryer, hanging them in front of a sturdy fan, or stuffing them with newspaper. 

Why Do I Need Motorcycle Boots? 

Unlike standard boots or even work boots, motorcycle boots are manufactured specifically for safety, protection, and performance on a motorcycle. Other kinds of boots may work temporarily, but they cannot consistently and reliably handle tasks such as switching gears, supporting the weight of a bike or taking on impacts or skids. 

Why Do Motorcycle Boots Have Buckles? 

Motorcycle boots often include a buckle of some sort in addition to things like zippers and laces. Buckles offer additional support and security to ensure that your boot stays put and snug against your foot, ankle, or calf, depending on its placement. Buckles at the top of the boot can also help with weatherproofing. 

Are Long or Short Boots Better For Cruising? 

The height of your cruiser boot is mostly based on preference. Riders who like to cruise on back roads may prefer a taller boot, as it can offer more protection. However, cruising on a city street or through town is perfectly fine for shorter boots. 

What Socks to Wear With Motorcycle Boots? 

Any kind of comfortable, mid-calf sock is acceptable for motorcycle boots. Some prefer more cushioning than others. Also, consider the season you’re riding in. If it’s cold outside, a thicker, warmer sock is a great option. During the summer, riders prefer thinner socks.

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