Best Tents For Motorcycle Camping – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: January 16, 2022

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As a rider, adventure and thrill is food for your soul. You love the lure of the open road, the adrenaline spike as you maneuver sharp corners, and the breeze on your face. What better way to top up the adventure than with camping.

Whether you occasionally ride long distances and end up needing to camp for a night or two, or you are keen to camp often, then a motorcycle tent is a must-have.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the necessary information to help you find the most suitable motorcycle camping tent for you.

Comparison of the Best Tents for Motorcycle Camping

  • 4 mesh pockets included for better internal storage option
  • Tent has plenty of internal storage to keep items in convenient spots
  • Comes with a durable polyester flooring included
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  • Can fold into a very small package for easy storage option
  • Lightweight design of 1.2 kg will not add to overall weight
  • It comes with an overall length of 8.2 feet
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  • Best for the Money
  • Can be used for many different outdoor housing application
  • Entire wall is covered with mesh for improved airflow
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  • Best Small Tent for Motorcycle Camping
  • Sleeping space for up to 3 people
  • Strong aluminum stakes for improved security
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  • Best Lightweight Tent for Motorcycle Camping
  • Waterproof materials used to keep you dry
  • It is available in many different colors
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What Makes a Tent Great for Motorcycle Camping? 

When determining which motorcycle camping tent is best for you, there are some key qualities to look out for, as discussed below. While all tents may not have all the qualities listed below, go for the one that has most of these features.


You want a motorcycle camping tent that erects sturdily even on rocky terrains and withstands adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, rainfall, or snow.

Easy to Pack

Two of the key features to consider when selecting a motorcycle camping tent are the tent's volume and weight. While you will need the tent to be adequately sized, go for the one that packs up lightly without being too bulky. Generally, tents that weigh over 2.5kgs are considered heavy.

Easy to Set Up

This feature may seem obvious, but you should not compromise on it. The last thing you want is to spend close to an hour trying to set up your camping tent after riding all day long. With an easy to set up camping tent, you will be done in less than 20 minutes, and you can use the rest of the time to grab a beer, watch the sunset, or however else you like.

Adequate Space Inside

Keep in mind that you not only need space for yourself but also for your gear. Experts recommend that if you are using the tent alone, go for a two-person tent. If two people will be sleeping in a tent, then go for a three-person tent, and so on. This ensures that you have ample space to comfortably lie down and also put your gear.

Weather Resistance

If you are keen to camp throughout the year, go for a four-season motorcycle camping tent. Otherwise, if you only camp during the warmer seasons, a three-season tent will be adequate.

Review of the Best Tents for Motorcycle Camping

This section features our pick for the top motorcycle camping tents. You will find our recommendation for the best overall, best lightweight, and the best small tent, among others. 

For every tent, we provide an overview of why it stands out to us, its pros and cons, and what previous buyers say about it. Take a look

Best Overall:
Peregrine Radama Hub 1 Combo Tent


  • Sturdy aluminum poles
  • Durable PU coated fabrics
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Offers ample space for 1 person
  • Light mesh upper for easy flow of air


  • Suitable for use by 1 person only

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers like the tent for its durable design, ample space, and ease of set up. The Peregrine Radama Hub-1 Combo tent weighs about 4lbs, which makes it easy to pack and transport. It incorporates DAC Pressfit poles and a cross-pole configuration for an easy and sturdy set up.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This tent is designed to offer you comfort. It offers enough space for you to lie down and store your gear. Its fabric is DU coated to enhance weather resistance, therefore withstanding adverse weather conditions.

The upper cover has mesh for adequate ventilation, even in hot and humid conditions. Its dome shape offers enough headspace when you have to walk into the tent with your gear. The U-shaped doors offer easy access to the tent. Besides, the interior has pockets that provide storage space for essentials such as headlamps, glasses, speakers, etc.

Bottom Line

The Peregrine Radama Hub-1 Combo tent is a high-quality tent sold at an affordable price. It is designed to offer comfort, easy setup and take down, and durability. This tent is suitable for use by one person only.

camppal 1 Person Tent

camppal 1 Person Tent for Camping Hiking Mountain Hunting Backpacking Tents 4 Season Resistance to Windproof Rainproof and Waterproof


  • Easy to set up
  • 4-seasons tent
  • Offers enough space
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Windproof, waterproof, and rainproof


  • Suitable for use by one person only

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers like how easy it is to set up this tent. The tent has weather-resistant and waterproof fabric to keep you protected even in thunderstorms. It comes with a bag where you can easily stuff it in for easy transportation. The majority of buyers say that this Campaal tent is worth every penny.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Campaal 1-person tent is designed to be durable, weather-resistant, and easy to set up. The I-person tent weighs about 1.55kg making it light enough for easy packing and transportation.

Its outer cover is made with anti-tearing fabric and reinforced with zippers, Velcro wrap, and seam tapping to withstand heavy hails and rain. Furthermore, the aluminum poles hold the tent sturdy.

The tent has an extended length of 8.2ft, enough for taller people to sleep comfortably. The extended length also provides extra space for personal belongings and your gear. The tent can be set up easily in 3 minutes.

Bottom Line

The Campaal 1-person tent is ideal for use throughout the year, even in adverse winter weather conditions. It is versatile and can be used for a wide range of camping adventures. It is easy to pack, transport, set up, and takedown.

Best for the Money:
Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent


  • Easy two-pole setup
  • Offers optimal storage space
  • Mesh upper for adequate ventilation


  • Storage vestibules are not large enough for most motorcycles
  • Sleeping area is a bit squeezed, especially if you are taller than 6ft

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers report that while this tent will offer you protection against light rain, hail, and bugs, its price does not match its functionality and features. The tent is rather simplistic. It is not waterproof and offers limited space for comfortable sleep, especially if you are taller than 6ft.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is easy to set up with two poles. Half of the upper cover is meshed to promote ventilation. Its rain cover offers protection against the elements while providing privacy.  The rain cover has a zippered opening that you can open to let more light into the tent. The polyester rain cover offers protection in light rain and hail but is not adequate for adverse weather conditions.

The tent’s interior is fitted with pouches and guy ropes for additional storage. It has a bathtub floor to prevent water from sipping into the tent. Its upper cover is made of mesh throughout for adequate ventilation.

Bottom Line

The Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 1-person tent is a simple yet functional motorcycle tent. It is a 3-season tent that offers basic protection but not ideal for adverse conditions. Its price is a bit on the higher side for the features it offers.

Best Small Tent for Motorcycle Camping:
Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 3-Person Tent


  • Mesh upper for airflow
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Easy to pack in the vestibule
  • Easy to set up two freestanding pole design


  • Not ideal for adverse weather conditions
  • Sleeping space is too squeezed for 3 people

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers say that the Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 3-person tent is a basic 3-person tent most ideal for beginners or people who do not camp too often. It is preferred for its lightweight and ease of setup.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 3-person tent is a 3-season tent designed for easy portability, set up, and takedown. It has a freestanding design with two aluminum poles that hold the tent sturdy.

The two-pole freestanding design, together with easy-to-install pole clips, allows for a quick tent set up. Its fly and floor seams are factory sealed to prevent water from entering the tent. It has additional storage pockets and a gear loft. The tent comes with a vestibule for tent storage and protection.

Bottom Line

This 3-season tent is the smallest on the market in the category of 3-person tents. It is suitable for motorcycle camping as it is super lightweight. However, many previous buyers say that it was a bit too pricey for its basic features

Best Lightweight Tent for Motorcycle Camping:
Forceatt Backpacking Tent

Forceatt Tent 3 and 2 Person Camping Tent, Waterproof and Windproof 3 to 4 Seasons Ultralight Backpack Tent, can be Set up Immediately, Suitable for Hiking, Camping, Outdoor


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to set up
  • Adequate ventilation
  • High quality and durable
  • Ample space for 2 people


  • Low quality of the tent case
  • Does not come with a ground cloth

What Recent Buyers Report

This tent is popular for its light weight, ease of setup, and quality materials and build. Most buyers like that it has ample sleeping space for two people, their gears, and personal belongings. Buyers find its price fair for its good quality build and functionality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Forceatt tent is a high-quality, lightweight tent designed to fit 2-3 people. It is adequately roomy to fit two people, their air mattresses, personal belongings, and motorcycle gear. It is made of good quality materials, including quality stitching and sturdy aluminum poles.

The aluminum poles incorporate a magnetic interlocking effect for easy setup. It has a welded floor design to protect water sipping into the tent from the ground. It has two D-shaped doors for easy access from either side of the tent. Its mesh windows on the side and two ceiling vents on the upper part for adequate airflow.

Bottom Line

The Forceatt tent is a lightweight, easy to assemble 4 season tent that is most suitable for two people. It is quite affordable for its quality build. It is designed to offer you comfort, ample storage, and adequate protection.

Can You Really Find a Quality Tent That’s Affordable?

The cost of motorcycle camping tents ranges between $35 and $1000. With such a big variance, you may wonder at what price point do you get the best quality?

You can get a good tent throughout the different price ranges. However, the quality, size, durability, and range of features increase with the price.

If you are a seasoned motorcycle camper looking to invest in a tent that will serve you for many years while offering numerous functionalities, then you might want to go all out for the high-end tents.

On the other hand, if you are experimenting with motorcycle camping and you would like to try out different gears, then you can start with the cheaper but still functional tents.

Tent Types When Motorcycle Camping

When motorcycle camping, there are various options available for sleeping equipment, including bivy sacks and tarps. When it comes to tents, there are various sizes and shapes to choose from.

A common category of motorcycle camping tents is the 3 season vs 4 season tents. Below is a comparison between the various tent types when motorcycle camping.

Bivy vs Tent

While Bivy sacks are easy to pack up since they are low in volume and lightweight, they are not the most comfortable and functional option for your motorcycle camping. With the bivy sacks, you will not have ample space to spread out and store your gears. Furthermore, in the case of extreme weather conditions such as strong winds or rain, tents offer better protection.

Tarp vs Tent

A tarp is a piece of fabric that you mount over your sleeping area to protect you against rain or wind. Beneath, you would need to lay a sleeping bag or other sleeping equipment to lie on. While they offer you a good view of your surroundings, they do not provide adequate protection against bugs and heavy rains. They are lighter than tents.

3-Season vs 4-Season Tent

3-season tents are lighter than 4-season tents. They are built to withstand weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold, and light hail. On the other hand, 4-season tents are mainly designed for use during winters.

They have features for reinforced protection and sturdiness to withstand strong winds, heavy rains, and snow. For instance, they are made with heavier, weather-resistant fabrics and thicker frames. They can be used in the other seasons too.

Tent Camping Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Success

While outdoor camping is a cheaper accommodation option than hotels and motels, it can be a stressful experience if not well thought through. These tips, tricks, and hacks will help you have a successful motorcycle camping experience.

Carefully Choose Your Camping Site

You may either set up randomly in the woods or at a designated campsite. For designated campsites, check the facilities they have and book early. Otherwise, if you prefer setting up in an undesignated area, ensure that the spot you choose is safe.

Identify a Good Spot to Pitch

Ideally, you want to go for flat terrain with ample space for pitching. If you are camping alongside other people, avoid pitching too close to their tents. Clear the ground and pitch your tent properly. It is good to practice pitching your tent after buying it to know exactly what to do when you go camping.

Bring Along the Necessities

Think about all the things you will need in the course of your trip and camping, and bring them along. When it comes to food, you can either cook or bring packed food.

Dried foods are less perishable and lightweight. Cooking may be more cumbersome and increase your load as you will need to pack cooking tools, including a cooker, pots, and the ingredients. However, it can be fun, especially if you are camping with your friends.

Arrive at the Campsite Before Dusk

Whenever possible, it is best to arrive at the campsite while there is daylight. This way, you will have enough time to survey the camping ground, pitch, and settle down before dark.

How to Pack a Motorcycle for Camping 

When it comes to packing a motorcycle for camping, you need to think about the items to bring along, how you will pack them, and how you will load the luggage on the motorcycle. Below are some tips for packing your motorcycle for camping.

1. Only pack what you will need

The goal is to keep your load as light as possible while bringing along the essentials. At the bare minimum, you will need a tent and pitching tools, a sleeping bag or mattress pad, a source of light, food, and water.

2. Pack your essentials in luggage carriers

You can use both hard luggage cases and soft luggage bags as need be. The hard luggage case is waterproof. It is a good option for packing fragile items or items that need protection. On the other hand, soft luggage bags are great for items such as clothes.

3. Load your luggage on the bike

In most cases, the hard casing is mounted behind. You can mount soft luggage right behind the riders sitting position and two soft bags hanging on the side as saddlebags would.

4. Pay attention to load distribution on the bike

You want to keep the center of gravity low and maintain equal weight distribution across the two wheels to maintain the bike’s stability. Pack heavy items on the lower bags and lighter items higher.


The ideal motorcycle camping tent is durable, weather-resistance, lightweight, and easy to set up. When it comes to price, determine the must-have features you would like in your tent and shop around to identify one that is within your budget and has good reviews. Ensure to pack the essentials only and to load the bike for optimal stability.

People Also Ask

Below are concise answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding the best tents for motorcycle camping.

How to Pack a Tent on a Motorcycle

While some camping tents come with a bag or case, for others, you will need to find a bag to put it in. Whichever way, fasten the bag containing the tent and pitching tools and load it on top of the bags behind you.

How Much Should I Spend on a Tent?

There are different price points for tents ranging between less than $50 and $1000. The prices vary according to the brand, size, material, pitching method, and tools, among others. Determine your budget, the key features you want in a tent, and choose among the best-rated tents in that category.

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