Best Motorcycle Speedometers – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: January 16, 2022

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Sometimes, for whatever reason, the speedometer on your motorcycle just isn’t cutting it. Maybe it’s not accurate enough or you just don’t like the way it looks. If you’re looking for a new speedometer for your motorcycle, you’re in the right place.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know and some of the best options out there.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Speedometers

  • Many different colors backlight for a nice display
  • Comes with the anti-fogging protection feature included
  • Clear and easy to read display
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  • With analog and digital display option
  • Speedometer and rev counter in one package
  • Made with a strong and durable construction
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made with a strong and durable construction
  • It is quite easy to install in vehicle
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  • Best Digital Motorcycle Speedometer
  • Easy to read LCD and analog display
  • Very high-quality metal shell to last longer
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  • Best Universal Motorcycle Speedometer
  • Can be used with a wide range of transport options
  • Comes with the anti-fogging protection feature included
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  • Best GPS Motorcycle Speedometer
  • A GPS speedometer with very accurate speed selection
  • Will keep track of total driving time and milage
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Characteristics of Our Favorite Motorcycle Speedometers

Here are some of the main things to look for when choosing a speedometer for your motorcycle:


A backlit gauge is infinitely easier to read than one that is not backlit. Some of these gauges have multiple lighting options so you can choose the color. This might seem like a purely aesthetic feature, but it’s not. Some people see one color better than others. Having multiple options available is an easy way to make sure one of them will work well.


If you have a motorcycle, you know that you’re bound to get wet on the road. To make sure your new speedometer keeps working as long as possible, make sure you choose one that’s made to resist water.


Dust can be just as damaging as water. Whether your bike sits parked for long periods or you frequently ride in dry, dusty places, you should make sure your speedometer is made to keep dust out.

Easy Installation

Easy installation is a huge consideration. Some of these speedometers require wiring, and if you’re not comfortable doing that, you need to either do some research or get someone to help you. Note that some of these speedometers include unreliable instructions, and it may take a bit of work to get the setup right.

Review of the Best Motorcycle Speedometers

To help you find the best motorcycle speedometer for you, we put together this list of some of the best products out there.

Best Overall:
ELING GPS Speedometer

ELING Car Motorcycle Boat GPS Speedometer Odometer 0-80MPH 0-120KM/H ATV UTV with 8 Different Backlight 85mm


  • 1-year warranty
  • GPS speed sensor included
  • Multiple color display options
  • Waterproof and antifogging design
  • Hooks up easily with a 3-wire connection


  • Unclear instruction manual
  • Harness not always included

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a versatile speedometer that buyers use in multiple ways. Most love the vintage look, and the GPS seems to work well. The biggest issue that people had was with installation. The instructions aren’t very clear, but the design is simple so it’s easy to figure out with a bit of research.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Although the instructions aren’t clear, don’t let that discourage you. It uses a simple three-wire connection with power, ground, and lighting, which is easy enough to figure out. It has a wide voltage design, too, and operates between nine and 32V. 

The GPS signal comes directly from the included GPS speed sensor and provides quick location confirmation and speed. 

This speedometer is waterproof and antifogging. Plus, it’s covered by a one-year warranty. Since this speedometer is also used on boats and other watercraft, it’s safe to say it tolerates being around water. Rain shouldn’t be a problem.

Bottom Line

This speedometer is great for a wide range of applications, and the GPS capabilities make it a great choice for your motorcycle. Plus, it’s waterproof, fog-proof, and covered by a one year warranty. The instructions aren’t great, but the installation is pretty straightforward.

SAMDO Motorcycle Speedometer

SAMDO Motorcycle Speedometer 299 Kmh Mph 7 Color 14000RPM Tachometer ATV Quad Frenzy Universal Digital Speedometer


  • 7 color backlit screen
  • Switch from kilometers to miles
  • For single and 2-cylinder motors
  • Fits motorcycles with 12V, adjustable for 8 to 22-inch wheel
  • Multiple functions, including speedometer, odometer, tachometer, and fuel level display


  • Not universal fit
  • Difficult to install

What Recent Buyers Report

Most people agree that installation is a little tricky and the instructions are poorly translated. Installation is pretty straightforward if you’re familiar with the writing on your bike. Other than that, reviews are mixed. Some people say it’s a great buy for the money, while others weren’t impressed with its performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this speedometer is somewhat universal. It fits all motorcycles with DC 12V and adjusts to wheels between eight and 22 inches. You can use it with one, two, and four-cylinder engines. Note that you can use it with electric fuel injection engines, but the RPM function doesn’t work well. 

The all-in-one function includes a speedometer, odometer, fuel level display, tachometer, turn signals, and more. The seven color backlit screen looks awesome, and the speedometer comes in black and white so you can get the look you want. This kit includes the speed sensor, two magnets, and an instruction manual that includes a wiring diagram to help with installation.

Bottom Line

This one has some mixed reviews, but those who like it are extremely impressed. If you want something multifunctional that looks great, this speedometer is one to take a closer look at.

Best for the Money:
INNOGLOW Motorcycle Speed Gauge

INNOGLOW Motorcycle Speedometers Universal Backlit Dual Odometer Speed Gauge LED Backlight Neutral Headlight Turn Signal Indicator KMH


  • Sleek polished look
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Universal design fits most bikes
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • LED night light for a clear view at any time


  • Instructions not included
  • Only shows speed in Km/h

What Recent Buyers Report

Some people say it works as advertised. Since it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, though, installation can be tricky. Users reported surprised that it only displays the speed in kilometers per hour, but this is clearly spelled out on the product face. Despite that, most users agree that it looks great.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love the simple analog look of this one. The face is simple, clear, and easy to read. It features an internal small odometer with an illuminated gauge to easily see your speed. There’s also an internal LED so you can see the dial clearly at night. 

The stainless steel construction is durable but lightweight. Installation is pretty straightforward, but there are instructions included so you may have your work cut out for you if you aren’t experienced with this kind of thing. This speedometer has a universal fit that works with most motorcycles, but check the size before purchasing to make sure.

Bottom Line

This speedometer is a great buy, but reviews are a bit inconsistent. Some buyers loved it while others weren’t impressed. Installation can be tricky since there are no instructions, but with a little Googling, this is easy enough to get around.

Best Digital Motorcycle Speedometer:
WonVon 12V Universal Digital Speedometer

12V Universal Digital Motorbike Speedometer Tachometer Oil Level Meter LCD Gauge Tachometer Motorcycle Accessories Instruments Display Motorcycle Modification Refit Kit (Black Shell)


  • Easy installation
  • High-quality waterproof metal shield
  • Backlight and anti-glare for easy viewing
  • Universal fit for motorcycles with 12V power supply
  • Multifunctions including mileage, speed, and oil amount


  • Doesn’t last a long time
  • May need some adjusting

What Recent Buyers Report

Just about everyone is impressed with the quality of this speedometer, especially when you consider the price. Users report that installation is straightforward, and the gauge looks great. While most users had to do some adjusting to improve accuracy, they’re very happy with the results. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This gauge is well-built, especially considering the price. It uses adopted chip technology to ensure the performance of the electrical components. And, the high-quality metal shell is completely waterproof and can endure light collisions. Because it has a universal fit, it’s easy to install in all motorcycles with a 12V power supply. 

The backlight and anti-glare features ensure that you can see the gauge at all viewing angles whether it’s day or night. There are seven background light colors to choose from, too, including red, green, blue, and yellow. Choose the one that works best for you.

Bottom Line

This digital speedometer is a bargain for the money. It’s well-made, durable, and has a universal fit that works with most motorcycles. It may need some adjusting after installation for complete accuracy, but most people are very happy with how it performs.

Best Universal Motorcycle Speedometer:
SAMDO Universal GPS Speedometer

SAMDO Universal GPS Speedometer Boat Gauge with Odometer 85mm 160MPH , ATV Motorcycle Marine GPS Speedometer


  • Easy installation 
  • Water, rain, and dustproof
  • GPS speed sensor included
  • Universal GPS speedometer 
  • Displays current speed and total mileage


  • Can be unreliable
  • Technical assistance is lacking

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of recent buyers are very happy with this speedometer. They report that it’s easy to install and works better than they thought it would for the price. That said, some people have difficulty with installation. There are also some comments that this gauge doesn’t last very long.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this is a universal speedometer that works with everything from motorcycles to boats to off-road vehicles. The wide range of uses indicates that it’s able to stand up to a lot of wear. It’s durable, easy to install, and has low power consumption. This kit includes the speedometer, GPS speed sensor, multi-plug socket, and detailed instructions.

This speedometer is waterproof, rainproof, and dustproof. It also has an anti-fogging feature and a red backlight, making it reliable and easy to see. It measures speed from zero to 160 miles per hour. It’s also extremely accurate thanks to the GPS speed technology. 

Bottom Line

Most people are really happy with this speedometer. It’s easy to install and build well. Because it’s waterproof and dustproof, it should last a long time in a variety of conditions. The universal fit makes it a great choice for most motorcycles.

Best GPS Motorcycle Speedometer:
VJOYCAR C60s Digital Speedometer

VJOYCAR C60s Universal Digital GPS Speedometer Car Hud Head Up Display with MPH Speed Alert Fatigue Driving Alarm, 100% for All Cars Truck Motorcycle ATV SUV Pick-up Scooter Golf Cart


  • Over-speed alert option
  • USes GPS to track speed
  • Accurate to within 2 to 5 mph
  • Toggles between Km/hr and mph
  • Display shows driving time, mileage, and speed


  • Not completely accurate
  • Has problems monitoring speed in stop-and-start traffic

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are very happy with this speedometer. Many people use this as a replacement odometer in a car or truck and report that it’s easy to use and works well. It’s accurate to within two to five miles per hour, but some people felt that this wasn’t accurate enough for their needs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Because this speedometer monitors speed using GPS, it’s not connected to the engine at all. This is what makes it completely universal. The display shows driving speed, driving time, and single driving mileage. 

We like the over-speed alert, too. It’s automatically set at 120, but you can easily change it according to whether or not you want a warning and at what speed. As mentioned, this speedometer is accurate to within two to five miles per hour. We find this is great for normal use. That said, if you need a speedometer that’s extremely accurate for work purposes, keep this in mind.

Bottom Line

We like this GPS speedometer because it’s easy to set up and works with any motorcycle, boat, car, or truck. The display is bright and easy to read. There’s an over-speed warning, too, which comes in handy for avoiding speeding tickets.

How Does a Motorcycle Speedometer Work? 

Motorcycle speedometers work in different ways, depending on the type. Some connect to the driveshaft with cable. The cable spins a magnet, which rotates and creates currents in the speed cup. As the speed cup turns, it moves the point on the gauge, which indicates your speed.

GPS speedometers work in a completely different way. They use GPS satellites to track movement and figure out your speed.

How Accurate is a Motorcycle Speedometer? 

Accuracy varies depending on the quality of the product. Some are extremely accurate while others get within five miles per hour of the actual speed.

Are Motorcycle Speedometers Universal?

It depends on the speedometer. Some are, some are not.

Most GPS speedometers are universal and cannot only be used with motorcycles but boats, cars, trucks, and ATVs as well. 

With hard wired speedometers, whether or not they are universal depends on the product. Some work with any 12V motorcycle. Others may partially work with electric fuel injection engines, meaning that some of the features will work, but not all. 

The best way to make sure a speedometer works with your motorcycle is to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to find out what it will and will not work with.

Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Speedometers 

If you’re wondering whether a new motorcycle speedometer is for you, here are some of the good and bad things to consider: 


Aftermarket speedometers are the best way to take care of a broken or inaccurate one on your bike. If the speedometer that came with your motorcycle is unreliable, this is a perfect solution. A lot of people also find they come in handy when restoring classic bikes.

There are so many speedometers available, you can find one in a style that suits your bike. Whether you want something sleek and modern or a little bit retro, there’s a speedometer out there for you. 

For the most part, aftermarket speedometers are easy to install. Even if instructions aren’t included, the wiring is pretty straightforward and it isn’t hard to find help. 


Some aftermarket speedometers aren’t reliable. Some of them admit to being off by about two to five miles per hour. How much does this matter to you? For some people, a ballpark number is fine. Others want precision, which you won’t always get from these products.

Though rare, installation can be difficult. If the speedometer isn’t of great quality, it might not work properly.

How to Install a Universal Motorcycle Speedometer

Installation varies from one product to the next, but here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when installing:

Most of these speedometers require 12V of power, so make sure your bike is compatible before you begin. 

When making wire connections, soldering is always a better option than twist connections.

Make sure you have a good battery negative and ground to engine terminal.

Neatly secure and tie down any wire installations to prevent tugging and fraying.

Keep the wires and gauge away from hot surfaces to avoid any problems.

SAMDO Motorcycle Speedometer

How to Adjust a Motorcycle Speedometer

Here’s a quick overview of how to adjust a speedometer. Note that this is a pretty complicated process, and you’ll need paper, a pencil, and a calculator. For a more detailed overview, check out the video below.

  1. Count the number of teeth on the front sprocket. 

  2. Count the number of teeth on the rear sprocket.

  3. Figure out the circumference of the rear tire. Do this by wrapping a thin wire around the outside of the wheel, cutting or marking it to size, and then measuring the length of the wire. This tells you the distance the wheel travels with every revolution.

  4. Use this information to figure out reductions, gear ratio, and more to figure out the number of revolutions per distance traveled. For a detailed explanation of this, see the video below.

  5. Choose a test RPM. Divide this by the number of revolutions per distance traveled to get the rear wheel RPM.

  6. Multiply rear wheel RPM by the circumference of the rear wheel. 

  7. The result is the speed the motorcycle is traveling at the chosen test RPM in inches per minute. Multiply this answer by 60 to get the number in inches per hour.

  8. Divide the inches per hour by 63,360 (number of inches in a mile) to get the speed in miles per hour.

  9. Now, it’s time to test. Get on the motorcycle and get the RPMs up to the pre-selected test. Read the speedometer at this point. It should match the number you got in step eight. If it doesn’t, adjustments are necessary. 

  10. Remove the needle and face of the speedometer and adjust.

Again, this is a very complicated process, so check out the video below for more details. 

Motorcycle Speedometer Troubleshooting

Some common problems come up with motorcycle speedometers, but they’re generally easy to fix. Here are some common troubleshooting suggestions:

How Do I Fix My Motorcycle Speedometer Cable?

First, stabilize the bike. Locate the lower end of the cable where it attaches to the front wheel. Loosen the fitting, and remove the cable. Inspect it. If the edges are rounded or broken, it needs to be replaced. If not, repair it by detaching it from the speedometer and examine the gears inside. If you see any rust, you need a new speedometer. If not, add lubricant and reattach the cable.

Why Is My Speedometer Not Working On My Motorcycle?

There are a lot of reasons why a speedometer might not be working. A damaged cable is one of the easiest to fix. There may also be rust and corrosion inside the gauge, in which case the speedometer needs to be replaced.

How Do I Recalibrate My Speedometer?

We addressed this above in detail, so check out the video for a full explanation. Adjusting and recalibrating a speedometer takes a bit of math and you have to learn how to do it properly.

How to Fix a Sluggish Motorcycle Speedometer Needle

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to fix a sluggish needle. If you can open the gauge, try adding some lubricant to get the needle moving smoothly. If not, a replacement is in order.


Now that you know a little more about speedometers, we hope you’re able to find one that’s perfect for you. Check out the products above for some great options, and keep in mind all the tips we gave you when shopping. 

People Also Ask

We know that getting new gear for your motorcycle isn’t always an easy decision. Here are some of the most common questions people have when looking for a new speedometer.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Speedometer?

It depends on the speedometer and what’s wrong with it. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $150.

How Do You Read a Motorcycle Speedometer?

If your gauge has a needle, your speed is the number that the needle is pointing to. If it’s digital, it’s even more straightforward. The speed is the number on the LCD display.

Is a Speedometer on a Motorcycle Required By Law?

Yes. You have to obey speed laws and there’s no way to do that if you don’t know how fast you’re traveling. 

How to Remove Speedometer Cable on a Motorcycle

As we mentioned above, locate the spot where the cable connects to the front wheel. Remove it from the hub. The other end of the cable is attached to the back of the speedometer itself. Remove the speedometer to access the other end.

What is a Good Speedometer App For Motorcycles?

There are a lot out there, but Speedometer One Speed Tracker is a good one. It uses GPS to track your speed and also works with bikes, boats, and cars.

Will a Bicycle Speedometer Work on a Motorcycle?

It can, but not without a little tinkering. The spokes on a motorcycle wheel are larger than those on a bicycle, so you have to make some alterations. You may also need to bolt some things in place. Ultimately, if you want something accurate, it’s better to get a speedometer that’s meant for a motorcycle.

How to Switch Motorcycle Analog Speedometer To Digital

You’d do this just as you would switch out any other speedometer. Purchase a digital speedometer that’s compatible with your bike. Then, remove the analog one and replace it with the new one. 

When You Put a New Speedometer On a Motorcycle, Can You Put the Right Miles On It?

No, you have to start all over. There’s no way to transfer total mileage from an old speedometer to a new one. Keep track of this information in your records because you need to have an accurate count of how many miles are on your bike. But don’t count on your speedometer to do it for you. Some don’t even keep track of total miles and only give you a per-trip number.

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