Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts – 2021 Complete Guide

| Last Updated: January 16, 2022

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Any seasoned biker is always looking at ways to reduce extra luggage on the bike. A smartphone is an ingenious way to reduce gadgets on your bike without necessarily foregoing their benefits. The smartphone has a host of functions that can benefit the rider and is easily portable.

We shall be looking at ways to mount these phones on bikes, so they are also mobile.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

  • Everything needed for complete installation is included
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices
  • Made from rust-proof materials for better durability
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  • Cradle can be used for a wide range of phone models
  • Made from rust-proof materials for better durability
  • Made from stainless steel for better construction
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made from stainless steel for better construction
  • Cradle can be used for a wide range of phone models
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  • Best Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Mount
  • Provides up to 360 degrees viewing angle
  • Very easy to install on most handlebars
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  • Best Ram Motorcycle Phone Mount
  • Everything needed for complete installation is included
  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices
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  • Best Magnetic Phone Mount for Motorcycle
  • Made from very strong and durable aluminum
  • Provides up to 360 degrees viewing angle with swivel system
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What Should I Look For When Buying a Phone Mount?

Due to the many options available out there, it is good to have a plan so that you end up with the right mount for your needs. Below are some of the features that will help in making this decision.

Compatibility With Your Device(s)

Consider the size of the devices you will be mounting on your bike, their shapes, and where the function buttons are located. Some phone mounts are adjustable, so they can handle different sizes of devices with a few tweaks. These will enable you to use different devices on the same mount.

Compatibility With Your Motorcycle

The mount you purchase should be able to fit on your bike ergonomically, allowing you to access your device comfortably and get an optimal view without obscuring other motorcycle tools. Here you consider how it will be mounted, where on the bike it will be placed and how flexible the entire assembly is.

Strength and Durability

This is highly dependent on the composition of the phone mount. Aluminum and stainless steel are common materials in many phone mounts. Sometimes they are enhanced by oxidation or powder coating to make them stronger and more resistant to corrosion.

Review of the Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

We went ahead and selected a few motorcycle phone mounts that we felt best captured the most critical qualities of a decent mount.

Best Overall:
RAM Mounts Universal Cell Phone Holder Kit


  • Retention of access to all phone features while it is mounted
  • Universally applicable across different types and sizes of phones and tablets
  • Holds your device firm and stable using rubber grips reinforced with a tether
  • Ball and socket technology allows numerous adjustment angles for optimum view
  • Tough and durable; composed of marine-grade aluminum and composite stainless steel


  • The recommended tether is a tight fit for phones with large cases like some Otter Boxes

What Recent Buyers Report

There seems to be a consensus that this motorcycle phone mount is very stable and conveniently lets you access the phone features without dismounting.

Users are also thrilled by the many ways they can adjust their phones to fit their viewing preferences while still maintaining stability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The kit is versatile due to its unique design and will hold any type and size of a smartphone or tablet with various mounting options to cater to your specific needs.

It comes with four steel spring-loaded arms with rubber tips, which form the Universal X-Grip phone cradle. This holds your phone steadily while exposing it enough so that you have access to all ports and buttons. The screen and camera range are also not interfered with, so you will retain your access to maps, audio, and video recording.

The X-Grip is expandable and contractible to fit your smartphone or tablet's exact shape and size and gives the option of both landscape and portrait orientation. The rubber tips hold your device in place while protecting it from scratches. The kit includes a tether that reinforces the hold on the phone for rugged environments.

The cradle attaches to one side of a double-sided ball and socket arm. The ball and socket technology allow you to adjust the phone's angles for optimum viewing position and lock it in place using a conveniently accessible knob. The ball is made of rubber, which curtails slippage, acts as a shock absorber, and gives the entire assembly heightened tolerance.

This phone mount is easy to install; it comes with U-bolts for mounting that can be attached to your motorcycle’s handlebars on either the brake reservoir or the clutch reservoir, depending on your preference.

Bottom Line

The RAM Mounts cell phone holder kit provides countless mounting options and is designed to accommodate all phones' shapes and sizes.

You will not have to keep changing it every time you have a new device. It is stable on the road and allows easy access to all your device functions on the go.

RAM Mounts Universal X-Grip Cell/iPhone Cradle


  • Easy to install and operate without tools
  • Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable to snugly fit a variety of device types and sizes
  • Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel
  • Combination of rubber tethers and an X-Grip cradle ensures your phone is held firm and stable


  • Grip tends to make contact with the side buttons on newer iPhones, which may accidentally trigger shortcut features

What Recent Buyers Report

Biking enthusiasts claim this phone mount gives them peace of mind as they are never concerned about their phones falling off or being in danger.

There have been concerns about the rubber grips interfering with the phone buttons. This is easily addressed by adjusting the phone in the mount. They consider it a minor inconvenience in comparison to the benefits.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has the Universal X-Grip phone cradle, which can steadily hold most smartphones and tablets without obstructing their ports, screens, and cameras. It also comes with a tether to further secure your device.

This one is mounted using the RAM Tough-Claw base, which easily clamps to your motorcycle bars, whether round, square or uniquely shaped, with a claw-like grip. It requires no tools to install. The phone mount has a double socket arm that enables easy adjustment of the phone angle to accommodate your preference.

It is made of heavy-duty composite stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum, so it is durable. All this is backed by a lifetime warranty for added ease of mind.

Bottom Line

We consider this one of the best motorcycle phone mounts due to its all-round functionality across different phones and tablets. It is easy to use as it fastens easily on various handle types without requiring tools and is easy to adjust.

The lifetime warranty is also a great bonus considering the mount is already very durable.

Best for the Money:
RAM Mounts Universal X-Grip Large Cradle


  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty
  • Allows access to all the device functionalities on the go
  • Gives great returns on your investment due to size as it fits most gadgets
  • Can be attached to various RAM mounts as per preference and availability


  • Tether is a somewhat tight fit for phablets

What Recent Buyers Report

Their first reaction was that it delivered an impressive bang for their buck as it immediately becomes one of the most useful accessories on the bike for a fair price. The knowledge that all their gadgets can now be mounted opens up many conveniences, not limited to navigation, tracking, timing, video recording, and transmission.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It was specially designed to hold large phones, phablets, and tablets. The spring-loaded X-Grip cradle can secure devices with a maximum width of 4.5” and a maximum height of 5.5” in your preferred orientation. It can still be adjusted to fit smaller devices and has an optional tether to further secure your devices.

It also clicks with an array of RAM mounting options that are interchangeable according to your preference or prevailing conditions; you can use a brake and clutch base that is adaptable to most clutch and brake brackets, a Claw ball or U-clamp base if you prefer to mount it on the handlebar.

Bottom Line

This large phone mount that is adaptable to various mounting methods provides extensive possibilities unlimited by the size of the gadget and bike type. It can also be placed anywhere on the bike for efficiency or according to preference.

You will get back value for your money.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Mount:
USA Gear Motorcycle Phone Mount

USA Gear Motorcycle GPS Bike Phone Mount with Handlebar Waterproof Touch Case with 360 Degree Viewing - Compatible with Garmin , Zumo , Magellan , Tomtom , Trail Tech and GPS Units up to 6.75 Inch


  • Easy to mount and detach
  • Holds steady for long distances
  • Protects your device against the rain, enabling continuous use
  • Universal case can also be used for other devices like GPS units
  • Rotating ball head allows 360˚ adjustment to get your perfect viewing angle


  • Transparent window is not anti-glare and can be difficult to view in the sun

What Recent Buyers Report

The main attraction has been that it enables you to get information at a glance even when it is raining. You don’t have to remove the device from the case, and it can be ergonomically manipulated through the touch screen.

It eliminates the need for weather breaks every time it rains.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The universal case accommodates cellphones, GPS units, and other devices. It continues protecting them off the bike as it is easily detachable from the mount, and you don’t need to remove your phone first.

Its touch-sensitive transparent window allows access to your devise’s touch screen so you can keep selecting what you need. It has padded inserts that push your device against the window to facilitate this, hold it in place, and protect it against shock. The case is also waterproof and protects your device from debris and impact.

It is attached to a secure rubber clamp grip that is easy to install, adjustable, and can be mounted on any handlebar. The rubber ensures it holds steady without slippage. The clamp has a rotating ball head, which enables 360˚ turning of the device case to get the desired view.

Bottom Line

This is the ideal all-weather phone mount that doubles up as a protective phone case, enabling you to use it even when it’s raining. It adjusts easily to attain your optimal viewing angle and maintains this angle as you move. It is a worthy investment.

Best Ram Motorcycle Phone Mount:
RAM Mounts Universal Spring Loaded CP Holder


  • Easy to mount and remove
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty
  • Universal as it can cradle a wide range of sizes and device types
  • Adaptable to most bikes with many mounting options to choose from
  • Strength and durability as it is comprised of marine grade aluminum and stainless steel


  • Size limitations will not fit larger phones and phablets

What Recent Buyers Report

Users love the fact that the cradle holds their phones very tightly, yet they can remove them with ease when needed. It is so convenient that their only gripe was it could not fit their larger gadgets. RAM Mount has addressed this by introducing an XL version.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It will easily fit on your bike as it has various mounting options from RAM Mounts to choose from like the U-bolt, suction cup, drill downhole, Tough-Claw, and small or large rail and clamp bases. Combining these with RAM double socket arms gives you infinite adjustment ability to optimize your viewing angles.

It has adjustable side supports to tightly secure different sizes of gadgets. It has an XL version for larger gadgets that can accommodate up to 5.75” x 3.25.”

It provides easy access to your phone, and you can easily insert or remove it with a single hand.

Bottom Line

This is a versatile phone cradle that is adaptable to an array of mounting options and is designed to firmly secure different sizes of gadgets. Once mounted, it will hold most of your devices, and you can easily remove or switch them as the need arises.

Best Magnetic Phone Mount for Motorcycle:
Mob Armor Switch Magnetic Phone Mount


  • Strong and durable; made of a powder-coated aluminum alloy
  • Ability to accommodate various phone sizes because of an adjustable tab
  • Allows many mounting options because of its universal mounting bracket
  • Swivel system allows 360˚ rotation to ensure you attain optimum viewing angles
  • Option to choose between the small and large versions to get your ideal cradle


  • The screws tend to loosen with bumpy rides and need supervision

What Recent Buyers Report

The magnetic switch solution is loved because it does not restrict the mounting spot. It accommodates creativity and personal preference and attaches to any ferrous metal surface. It is a hit, especially for bikers whose bikes have unique bars.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It has a neodymium magnet that attaches to ferrous metal surfaces with a whopping 90-pound pull. A rubber boot is attached in case you feel this is too much pull that will significantly decrease the strength of the magnet. It comes with weatherproof Mob steel mounting discs and VHB adhesive, so it can be mounted on any flat surface.

The cradle contains high density closed cell EVA foam that absorbs shock and protects the device from scratches. It has an adjustable tab for different phone sizes and a twist lock to hold it in place.

Bottom Line

This is the best motorcycle phone mount for unique bikes and bikers with unique preferences as you don’t have to rely on the usual mounting positions like handlebars.

The universal attachment bracket also ensures you have various mounting options to choose from.

Are Phone Mounts Important While Riding?

Phone mounts are more important now to a rider than they have ever been. The phone is the modern-day encyclopedia that contains all the information a biker needs, from maps, GPS, reviews to time and distance estimations.

It is primarily a communication device which is important for staying in touch with other bikers, whether relaying information or asking for help.

The front and rear cameras enable real-time recording for future review if you want to check your speed, distance, or acceleration when tracking performance. They may also come in handy as dashboard cameras in case of disputes and altercations.

It is also an entertainment unit, and you can listen to your music, news, or podcasts on the go. The phone is also a popular navigation aid capable of getting you to destinations you have never been to.

However, a biker’s interaction with the phone is limited, as all the concentration has to be on the road ahead. They are also limited in terms of how much they can fidget while riding.

The phone mount not only allows you to have your device on the trip but supports it such that it is easy to view at a glance, can be touched ergonomically to access functions while keeping your eyes on the road.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Phone Mount


A decent phone mount is made of tough yet light material resistant to corrosion and adverse weather effects since the bike will often be exposed to these elements. It will give you a service for a long period.


The phone mount should maintain its preset position for optimal viewing despite numerous vibrations occasioned by rough terrain. Having to adjust the phone is an unwanted distraction that can be avoided by choosing a well-assembled phone mount.

Firm Grip of Your Device

The phone should fit perfectly in the cradle, which should have mechanisms to hold it in place as it will constantly be shaking while the motorcycle is on the road. Whether it is through bungee straps or adjustable arms, it should instill confidence that your device is safe.


There should be a convenient way to mount your phone cradle on your motorcycle that does not require extra modifications to your bike or the accessory. Fittings on the mount should match those on the bike for ease of assembly. Quality phone mounts list their dimensions openly to enable you to determine which one suits your needs.

Common Phone Mount Issues

With any product, there are some issues that may need to be addressed. Here are a few common issues with motorcycle phone mounts:

Screws Coming Loose During Bumpy Rides

The phone's position may shift after a period of going through bumpy terrain due to vibrations that loosen the screws. The joints connecting the cradle, the arm, and the base may also shift in the process, changing the set view.

You can reset the phone mount before taking off to restore it to the original position. Manufacturers are adopting rubber at the ball joints and the bases to act as shock absorbers and curtail shifting as they have more friction.

Grips Making Contact With Device Function Buttons

Many devices have buttons on the side that are usually programmed to perform certain functions. The phone cradles are also designed to hold the phones from the side, and these handles sometimes press the buttons by mistake, giving wrong instructions.

This can be simply corrected by adjusting the position of the device on the cradle. Alternatively, you can change the device's settings to disable the side buttons while it is on the phone mount.

Mounting Bases That Do Not Fit on Their Designated Mounting Spots

Some mounts will not clamp onto their bars even when fully extended, either because they are uniquely shaped or bigger than the clamp.

This can be handled by changing the base to a more adaptive version, like switching from a clamp base to a U-bolt or any other compatible base.


Motorcycle phone mounts are a necessity for all calibers of riders, and knowledge of the dynamics around them is critical. What is perfect for one bike may not be as good for another, and there are also varying rider preferences to be accounted for.

A good phone mount greatly improves the riding experience.

People Also Ask

When looking for the best motorcycle phone mount, lots of questions can pop into your head. If you still need answers, check out our FAQ below.

Are Phone Mounts Secure?

Security is a key consideration when you are considering taking out your bike. Phone mounts keep your device secure by steadily cradling them on your bike within your eyeshot. Your safety is also enhanced as distractions are minimized, and you rarely need to take your eyes off the road.

Are Phone Mounts Universal?

By default, phone mounts will be universal because they are motorcycle accessories not biased to specific phone manufacturers.

The degree of being universal will vary from one to another, depending on the different types and sizes of gadgets they can cradle and the mounting styles they allow. Knowing the right combination of parts helps in increasing their functionality.

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