Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmets – (2021) Top Picks

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

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Riding in the summer is great. The days are longer and the weather is better. That said, summer riding can be tough in hot temperatures.

One of the best things you can do to combat the heat is to get the right bike helmet for hot weather riding.

Comparison of the Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmet

  • Shell is made from a lightweight and durable Thermoplastic alloy
  • Padding is removable and washable
  • Very safe helmet with DOT approved features
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  • Dual shield system for more shielding option
  • Helmet comes with Bluetooth ready system included
  • Easy flow-through ventilation system included
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  • Best for the Money
  • 3-piece inner liner made form expanded Polystyrene for better fit
  • Outer shell made from lightweight but strong ABS materials
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  • Uses the ESP echo noise-cancelling feature to keep the helmet quiet
  • Fitted with a handsfree Bluetooth system
  • Up to 8 hours talk time with fully charged battery
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  • Heavy-duty high density vented EPS liner is included
  • Outer and inner sun visor included for improved shielding option
  • Easy remove and fitting option with quick-release button
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What Makes a Helmet Great for Hot Weather?

There are a few features to look for when choosing the appropriate hot weather motorcycle gear, especially a bike helmet. Some features include:


Ventilation might be the most important feature of a hot weather motorcycle helmet. Having adequate airflow through a vented helmet is one of the best ways to keep cool. A good ventilation system with maximum airflow lets the cooler outside air in and the hot air out.


Padding is essential to comfort and safety. But, some types of padding are better suited to riding in hot weather. Look for padding that’s moisture-wicking to help control sweat. Padding that’s removable and washable is good, too. At the end of a long, sweaty ride, being able to remove and wash the padding will help you feel fresh for the next one.

UV Protection

If the helmet’s outer shell has UV protection, it is less likely to degrade from exposure to harsh sunlight. Look for UV protection on any integrated sun visors, too. This will make sure that your eyes are protected and improve the view on sunny days.

Can Any Helmet Be Used in Hot Weather?

You can wear any helmet in hot weather, but they’re not all going to be comfortable. For example, you may find a heavy helmet with poor ventilation makes it too hard to enjoy yourself. You also have to be very careful on hot days to stay as cool as possible and hydrated. A motorcycle helmet suited for hot weather makes it easier to stay safe and cool.

Review of the Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Helmets

There are so many motorcycle helmets to choose from, it can be hard to find one to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a helmet that’s appropriate for hot weather, here are a few of the best options available.

Best Overall:
1Storm HB89

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Flip up Dual Visor Sun Shield: HB89 Carbon Fiber Black


  • UV protective finish
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • Effective ventilation system
  • Cushioned and comfortable lining
  • Dual visor design with an inner smoked visor and an outer clear shield


  • Visor is not waterproof
  • Noisy at moderate speeds

Type of Helmet: Street

Materials Used: Thermoplastic alloy outer shell

Brand: 1Storm

Type: Modular

Certifications: DOT

Clasp type: Ratchet

Weight: 4 lbs

What Types of Activities is the 1Storm HB89 Best For?

The HB89 is a good helmet for casual street riding and commuting. If you frequently end up sitting in stop-and-go traffic or like to take rides around the town, this is a great choice. The UV protective finish tolerates sun exposure. And, the dual visor helps cope with bright sunlight.

Safety Features of 1Storm HB89

The lightweight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell has UV protection. This protects the helmet so it won’t degrade in the hot sun.

A dual-lens design helps the rider maintain a clear view of the road in any kind of weather.

What Are the Components of the 1Storm HB89?

Padding. The comfortable padding helps maintain a snug fit. Plus, it’s removable and washable so you can stay fresh after long hot rides.

Ventilation system. This helmet has four front vents and two rear exhausts. This maintains effective airflow and keeps you cool.

Dual visors. The outer clear shield and inner smoked visor adjust between day and night riding.

LS2 Helmets Rebellion

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet (Gloss Black - X-Large)


  • Laser-cut foam precision protection
  • Micrometric, quick release chin-strap
  • Flow-through ported ventilation system
  • Twin shield system with drop-down sun shield
  • Designed for an easy and seamless installation of the Sena LS2 LinkIn Bluetooth communication system


  • Noisy at high speeds
  • Integrated sun visor may not fit over glasses

Type of Helmet: Street, Cruiser, Touring

Materials Used: Kinetic polymer alloy (KPA) shell

Brand: LS2

Type: Half

Certifications: DOT

Clasp type: Micrometric quick release

Weight: 2.79 lbs

What Types of Activities is the LS2 Helmets Rebellion Best For?

The Rebellion is a good choice for street riding in hot weather. It’s lightweight, which makes it a good option for cruising and touring, too. If you have the Sena Bluetooth communication system, it’s a great way to stay in touch with other riders.

Safety Features of LS2 Helmets Rebellion

Dual visor systems ensure that you get a clear view of the road in any kind of light.

The laser-cut and multi-density EPS foam lining provide comfortable and effective head protection.

The micrometric quick release chin strap can be released quickly in an emergency.

What Are the Components of the LS2 Helmets Rebellion?

Dual-shield system. This helmet has a clear outer shield to protect the eyes from wind, dust, and debris. The drop-down internal sun visor resists scratches and is UV-resistant.

Liner. The technical fabric liner is moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic. It's also removable and washable, so you can keep it fresh after long sweaty rides.

Ventilation system. The flow-through ventilation system is exceptional for a half helmet.

Best for the Money:
Biltwell Lane Splitter

Biltwell Lane Splitter Solid Full-face Motorcycle Helmet - Gloss Black / X-Large


  • Hand-painted finish
  • Generous ventilation system
  • Cheek pads and BioFoam chin bar cushion
  • Shock-absorbing EPS liner with hand-stitched interior padding
  • Audio pockets in ear recesses for aftermarket communication devices


  • Visor difficult to open with gloves
  • Water can get in through the shield

Type of Helmet: Street, Cruising, Touring

Materials Used: Injection-molded ABS outer shell

Brand: Biltwell

Type: Full-Face

Certifications: DOT, ECE

Clasp type: D-rings

Weight: 3.45 lbs

What Types of Activities is the Biltwell Lane Splitter Best For?

The Biltwell Lane Splitter is ideal for any kind of street riding. Wear this one while commuting to work or taking a long ride on the weekend. You can add an aftermarket communication system to keep in touch with your fellow riders. It’s a comfortable helmet with a unique style.

Safety Features of Biltwell Lane Splitter

The ABS outer shell and shock-absorbing EPS liner provide DOT-approved head protection.

You can add an aftermarket communication device for easy communication. This is particularly useful in an emergency.

The polycarbonate shield provides a clear view of the road.

What Are the Components of the Biltwell Lane Splitter?

Padding and lining. This helmet features hand-sewn brushed Lycra liner with diamond-stitched quilted foam padding.

Ventilation system. Vents in the chin bar encourage airflow and the rear outlet lets hot air escape to keep you cool in hot weather.

Easy-open shield. The shield provides clear optics and is easy to open and secure closed. Plus, it’s designed for easy removal for cleaning or to swap out an aftermarket shield.

4. FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Voice Dial Hands-Free Call 500M 2-3 Riders FM DOT Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth 3.0 (Medium, Gloss Black)


  • Built-in internal sunshade
  • High-density EPS cushion layer
  • One-touch control to answer phone calls
  • 3D ventilation system for optimal airflow and cooling
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology with 1640 feet range for 2 riders talking or 3 riders pairing


  • Sizing runs small
  • Visor occasionally fogs

Type of Helmet: Sport, Touring, Cruising

Materials Used: ABS plastic injection molding outer shell

Brand: FreedConn

Type: Full-face

Certifications: DOT, ECE

Clasp type: Ratchet

Weight: 4.05 lbs

What Types of Activities is the FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet Best For?

If you’re looking for a good helmet for cruising or touring with friends, this BM2-S fits the bill. It’s safe and has an effective ventilation system to keep you cool and comfortable. Plus, the built-in communication system makes it easy to communicate while on the road.

Safety Features of FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet

The ABS outer shell is engineered to ensure good rigidity and high impact strength.

The high-density EPS cushion layer absorbs impact, effectively protecting your head.

The integrated Bluetooth technology makes it easy to communicate.

What Are the Components of the FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet?

Extensive Bluetooth capabilities. This system supports music playback, GPS instructions, and pairing for up to 3 riders.

Impressive battery life. A full battery lasts for 9 hours of intercom, 12 hours talking on the phone, and 120 hours standby.

Ventilation system and liner. The washable microfiber liner and 3D ventilation system help keep you cool.

5. AHR Run-F DOT

AHR Motorcycle Full Face Helmet Dual Visor Street Bike Lightweight DOT Approved Helmet Snowmobile Touring Sports for Adult RUN-F (Matte Black, Small)


  • Helmet storage bag included
  • Easy-to-use latch-release chin strap
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • Built-in double visor and a wide visual field
  • Streamlined design to reduce wind noise and drag


  • Sizing runs small
  • Visor tends to fog

Type of Helmet: Street, Touring, Cruising

Materials Used: Upgraded ABS shell

Brand: AHR

Type: Full-Face

Certifications: DOT

Clasp type: Latch release

Weight: 4 lbs

What Types of Activities is the AHR Run-FDOT Best For?

This helmet is a good fit for someone who wants basic protection at an affordable price. The ventilation system and double visor make it a great choice for street riding. It’s ideal for commuting, touring, or cruising.

Safety Features of AHR Run-F DOT

The ABS shell and high-density EPS liner provide comfortable head and face protection.

A quick-release chin strap lets you remove the helmet in a hurry.

The tough, flexible front visor is designed for impact resistance.

What Are the Components of the AHR Run-F DOT?

Padding. This helmet features removable and washable cheek pads for easy cleaning.

Ventilation. Multiple air vents create a continuous airflow for cool and comfortable riding.

Visors. The outer visor provides a wide visual field. When you need it, the inner sun visor drops down to maintain a clear view.

Best Types of Motorcycle Helmets For Hot Weather

If you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet for hot weather, here are some of the best types to consider.


Full-face helmets are the safest because they protect the head and face. If you’re planning to wear a full-face helmet on a hot day, make sure it has adequate ventilation. Full-face helmets tend to get hot because they cover the entire head.


Modular style helmets are a good choice for hot days. They provide face protection. But, since the chin bar and visor lift up, you can get some fresh air when you need it. Staying hydrated in the heat is so important. Modular helmets make it easy to stop and take a drink at a red light without having to remove the whole helmet.


Open-face helmets let you feel the wind on your face. This is important to stay cool on hot days. Taking quick drinks of water is easy, too. But keep in mind that open-face helmets offer less protection than those that cover the face. The key is balancing safety with comfort.

Black vs. White Motorcycle Helmet For Hot Weather- Comparison Overview

Does the color of a motorcycle helmet matter in the heat? Some people think that a white helmet is a better choice than a black one, but is this true?

White reflects light and black absorbs it. If you wear a black t-shirt in the summer, you feel hotter than you do wearing a white t-shirt. So, it is easy to think that white helmets are cooler than black ones. But this isn’t strictly true.

The outer shell of the helmet is affected by color. A black helmet will be much hotter to the touch in the hot sun than a white one will. This is something to consider because you don’t want to have to worry about touching a hot helmet.

But the inside of the helmet isn't affected by the color of the outside. There are many layers between your head and the outer shell. Whether it's black or white won’t contribute to the internal temperature that much.

When it comes to temperature, ventilation matters more than color. Color is more about preference and visibility than temperature.

How to Combat the Heat When Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

Here are some things you can do to stay cooler when riding in hot weather.

  1. Go slow and take breaks when needed, especially if you’re out on a long ride. In hot temperatures, stop every hour or so. Listen to your body. If you start to feel sick or like you’re overheating, pull over and get off the bike. Take off your helmet and rest.

  2. Ride with the vents open. Opening the vents all the way makes the ride louder, but it increases the airflow. Getting enough air circulating through the helmet is essential to staying cool.

  3. Use cool wraps. Keeping cool wraps close to the skin can help keep your body temperature from rising quickly. This can be especially useful if you’re out on long rides you’re trying to pace yourself in the heat.

  4. Stay hydrated. This is the most important thing to remember when riding in the heat. Every time you take a break, drink some water. Make sure you take enough with you to last the whole trip. If you can’t, check your route ahead of time to make sure there are enough places to stop where you can get fresh water.


Riding in the heat can be grueling. Staying cool is important not just for comfort, but for your health and safety. Finding a motorcycle helmet that’s suitable for hot weather is one of the best things you can do to enjoy the ride.

People Also Ask

If you’re looking for a helmet that’s suitable for riding in the heat, there are a lot of things to think about. To help you make the right choice, here are some of the most common things people ask.

Do Black Motorcycle Helmets Get Hot?

As we mentioned, black motorcycle helmets get hot to the touch. So, if you have a black helmet and it’s been out in the sun, it’s a good idea not to touch it with your bare hands. That said, a black helmet won’t affect the internal temperature if there’s a good ventilation system.

What to Wear Under a Motorcycle Helmet in the Summer?

You don’t necessarily have to wear anything under your helmet in the summer. Ideally, your helmet should have a moisture-wicking lining to help you stay cool and dry. That said, wearing a bandana around your head and under your helmet helps to absorb excess sweat. Bring along a few spare ones so you can swap out a dry one when needed.

What Type of Motorcycle Helmet Stays the Coolest?

Open-face helmets stay the coolest, but they’re also not as safe as full-face or modular helmets. If you prefer the face protection of a full-face or modular helmet, look for adequate venting to stay cool.

Do Lightweight Helmets Stay Cooler?

Not necessarily. Lightweight helmets are more comfortable because they put less stress on the rider. But that doesn’t mean they’re cooler. A heavy helmet with a superior ventilation system is cooler than a lightweight helmet with no ventilation.

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