Best Motorcycle Helmets For Glasses Wearers – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: October 19, 2022

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Wearing glasses while riding can be challenging. Glasses can feel uncomfortable underneath a motorcycle helmet, and riders who wear glasses have to worry about fogging and visibility.

You can find helmets with features that make wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses more comfortable. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best motorcycle helmets for glasses wearers and some product recommendations.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses

  • Comes with a dropdown sun shield included to protect against UV
  • A 5 years warranty included with this helmet
  • Shell is made from strong and durable materials to last longer
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  • 2-tone brushed interior for better and comfortable fit
  • Improved outer paint finish to provide scratch protection
  • Meets DOT specifications to make it quite safe to use
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  • Best for the Money
  • Comes wit DOT certification to make it a safe helmet
  • Will fit a wide range of head sizes
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  • Removable and washable liner and cheek pads
  • Made from a lightweight poly alloy to compact
  • Comes with a double D-ring chin strap for quick and easy fit
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  • Shell made from advanced polycarbonate composite to be durable
  • Single button face shield for easy fit
  • Chin bar can be easily released with one hand
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What Makes a Motorcycle Helmet Great for People Who Wear Glasses?

If you need prescription glasses, it’s crucial to find a helmet that accommodates your glasses.

Wearing Glasses While Riding Doesn’t Have To Be Uncomfortable

Glasses wearers often have to deal with helmets that feel too narrow and leave little room for the temples of their glasses. It can be difficult to keep your glasses straight, and you might feel pressure on the sides of your head.

Fogging is another common issue. All motorcycle riders have to deal with their visor fogging up once in a while, but glasses create an additional challenge since they can easily fog up inside of your helmet.

Wearing glasses while riding doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. There are helmets with features that leave enough room for your glasses while preventing fog.

Glasses Are a Must-Have On the Road

If you need prescription glasses to see, you should wear them while riding. You might think that it’s easier to take your glasses off when you wear a helmet, but wearing your glasses helps keep you safe while riding by addressing issues like blurry vision.

If you wear a half-helmet, glasses or goggles are an important accessory since they will protect your eyes from debris.

You Need a Helmet for Protection

A DOT-certified item is a must-have item for riding, preferably with full-face protection. A sturdy outer shell can absorb shocks and prevent injuries, while a visor will protect you from the elements and debris.

Another advantage of wearing a helmet is that it can protect your prescription glasses.

How to Size a Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses

Choosing the right size for your motorcycle helmet can make wearing glasses more comfortable.

How to Size a Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses

Use a tape measure to find the circumference of your head. The helmet manufacturer’s sizing chart should tell you what size to get based on this measurement.

Look for a helmet with a soft inner liner to prevent uncomfortable pressure points or special cutouts for glasses. Don’t size up to accommodate for your glasses since the helmet might be too loose.

How to Size an Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet for Glasses

It’s easier to find a comfortable fit if you shop for a helmet with an open-face design, but keep in mind that you will get less protection.

Look for a helmet with a low-profile and snug fit. Your glasses temples should fit underneath the helmet straps.

Review of the Best Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses

The following helmets deliver an ideal mix of comfort and protection for glasses wearers.

Best Overall:
Vega Helmets 7817-054

Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men & Women, Adjustable Size Dial DOT Half Face Skull Cap for Bike Cruiser Chopper Moped Scooter ATV (Patriotic Flag Graphic, Large)


  • Built-in sunshade protects your eyes
  • Available in six sizes and seven colors
  • Padded quick-release strap feels comfortable
  • Comfortable half-helmet that meets DOT standards
  • Dial system allows you to customize the fit of the helmet


  • Clear visor sold separately
  • Provides less protection than a full-face helmet

What Recent Buyers Report

Riders love this half-helmet, and a huge majority of buyers are happy with their purchase. Reviews often mention the lightweight feel of the helmet and how comfortable the fit is. Riders feel the helmet is an excellent buy because of the quality and value.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This half-helmet meets the DOT standards. It features a sturdy outer shell, but the helmet weighs only a little over two pounds.

The drop-down sun shield is an interesting feature. This shield protects your eyes and prevents distortion thanks to its optically correct design. There is plenty of room to wear your glasses behind this shield.

The helmet features an inner EPS liner with plenty of padding. This liner will keep you dry and comfortable. The quick-release strap features more padding and is easy to release while wearing gloves.

There is a dial system you can use to customize the fit and size of the helmet to reduce possible pressure points caused by your glasses.

Bottom Line

Even though a half-helmet offers less protection than a full-face model, this stylish and reliable half-helmet is a great buy with its drop-down sun shield and dial system.

Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

Core Vintage Open Face Helmet (Flat Black, Medium)


  • Helmet features plenty of padding
  • Bubble visor shields you from the sun
  • Customize this helmet by adding a flat shield
  • Outer shell uses scratch-resistant automotive paint
  • Traditional 3/4th helmet design with DOT certification


  • Design is bulky
  • Lack of ventilation features

What Recent Buyers Report

This 3/4 helmet is a favorite among riders who are looking for a retro 60s look. Buyers like the form-fitting liner and think the helmet feels very comfortable. They also like being able to customize the helmet with stickers or by swapping the visor.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The fun retro look of this helmet immediately stands out. If you’re looking for a retro biker look, this 3/4th helmet is an ideal choice.

It meets DOT safety standards and provides you with more protection than a traditional half-helmet since it covers the back of your head.

Padding is one of the standout features of this helmet. The inside of the helmet features a soft liner that makes the helmet comfortable and breathable. It’s a form-fitting liner than ensures a snug fit, but it’s soft enough to accommodate glasses. You will also find plenty of padding on the quick-release strap.

The helmet comes with a three-snap bubble visor that protects your eyes from the sun, but there is a total of five snaps. You can customize the helmet by adding a flat shield or bell shield if you want more protection.

Bottom Line

This retro motorcycle helmet is perfect for glasses wearers because of the large opening for your face and soft inner liner. It’s somewhat bulky compared to modern designs, but it’s a safe and comfortable option if you don’t mind the open face.

Best for the Money:
1Storm Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular/Flip up Dual Visor/Sun Shield Full Face Helmet (GlossyPink, XX-Large)


  • Choose from ten sizes and 17 colors
  • Lightweight, modern, and aerodynamic design
  • Flip-up design is convenient for glasses wearers
  • Plenty of padding that you can remove and wash
  • Features a dual visor system with clear and smoke lens


  • Heavier than other helmets at four pounds
  • Limited ventilation once you close the helmet

What Recent Buyers Report

This DOT-approved helmet has received excellent reviews from buyers. Riders love the color selection and the fit of the helmet. Some shoppers advise to size up when ordering.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A modular helmet is an excellent option for glasses wearers. You can get the same amount of protection as a full-face helmet once you close the visor, but the helmet is easier to put on while wearing glasses.

The flip-up visor is easy to operate thanks to the built-in switch. You can leave it open for optimal airflow, and there is plenty of room to wear your glasses comfortably once you close it.

The helmet features plenty of padding that you can remove and wash. There is a dual visor system with a clear outer visor that protects your face and an inner smoke visor that shields you from UV rays. You can flip-up or drop-down this inner visor with a switch.

The color selection is interesting, and there are ten different sizes so you can find the right fit for your glasses.

Bottom Line

Even though it’s heavier than other helmets, this modular motorcycle helmet delivers outstanding quality at an affordable price point. The thick padding and wide range of sizes available will help you stay comfortable while riding with your glasses on.

Editor's Pick:
GDM DK-120

GDM GHOST Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black, Medium (Clear & Tinted Shields)


  • Five points of ventilation
  • Modern and aerodynamic design
  • Full-face protection and DOT certification
  • Cheek pads and removable liner add comfort
  • Comes with interchangeable clear and tinted visors


  • Limited selection of sizes
  • Heavier than other helmets at four pounds

What Recent Buyers Report

Riders love the modern and sleek design of this helmet. They also like the fact that it comes with two visors. Some reviewers mention crashing while wearing the helmet and the helmet doing a fantastic job of protecting them.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The full-face design of this motorcycle helmet provides you with optimal protection. There are five vents in the chin, forehead, and rear of the helmet to provide airflow and prevent glasses from fogging up.

The helmet comes with two face shields, which is an excellent value. Both shields feature a curved design to reduce distortion, and they’re scratch-resistant and protect you from UV rays.

The helmet delivers a comfortable flush-fit with its removable liner, D-ring chin strap, and cheek padding. The inner liner is soft enough to reduce pressure when wearing glasses.

Bottom Line

We recommend this DOT-certified full-face helmet if you want more protection than the other helmets offer. We like the modern and aerodynamic design of this helmet, its sturdy composite shell, and comfortable fit.

Honorable Mention:
HJC 980-613 IS-MAX II


  • Nine sizes to choose from
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Face shield with UV protection
  • Dual-visor system with three positions
  • Adjustable chin bar for safety and comfort


  • Colors aren’t very original
  • Heavier than other helmets at around five pounds

What Recent Buyers Report

Riders love this helmet because it makes them feel safe. It’s a comfortable and protective modular helmet, and they report that the helmet does a good job of reducing noise when riding.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this DOT-certified helmet because of its modern modular design. It’s more convenient than a full-face helmet if you wear glasses, and it delivers the same amount of protection.

The chin bar is an interesting feature that protects the lower portion of your face. The dual-visor system includes a clear outer visor and a second inner visor with a tinted coating. There are three different ways of adjusting the inner visor.

There is a performing front-to-back ventilation system to keep you cool and prevent fog from forming on your glasses. The moisture-wicking liner is comfortable and easy to remove and wash, and the helmet features removable cheek pads you can replace for a better fit.

Bottom Line

This performing modular helmet is a great mix of comfort and quality. It’s heavier than other models, but the excellent ventilation system and dual-visor feature make this helmet worth considering.

Best Types of Motorcycle Helmets for Glasses Wearers

If you wear glasses, some types of motorcycle helmets will feel more comfortable than others.

Half Helmets

A half helmet protects the top of your head but leaves your face exposed. You won’t have to worry about pressure or fog when wearing glasses but keep in mind that a half-helmet doesn’t provide as much protection as other helmets.

Open Face

An open face or 3/4th helmet is another alternative to consider. These helmets protect the sides of your head with a rigid shell, but there is a large opening for your face.

Open face helmets are an excellent compromise because they provide a good amount of coverage, and you can wear glasses comfortably.

Full Face

A full-face helmet is best when riding in busy areas or at high speed because it provides you with more protection. While wearing glasses underneath a full-face helmet can be uncomfortable, you can find models with cutouts for the temples of your glasses.


A modular helmet offers an amount of protection similar to a full-face helmet. You can flip-up the face shield as needed and lock it in place on most models. This feature prevents your glasses from fogging up.

How Do I Choose a Motorcycle Helmet That Is Glasses Friendly?

Here are the top things to look for when choosing a motorcycle helmet you will wear with glasses.

Visor or Sun Shield

Pay attention to how close to your face the visor sits. It’s best to opt for a helmet with a wrap-around or bubble visor to leave plenty of room for your glasses.

We recommend wearing a helmet with a visor or at least a sun shield to avoid damaging your prescription glasses.


One of the main issues when wearing glasses underneath a helmet is fogging. You can prevent fogging by choosing a helmet with a good ventilation system.

Look for a helmet with large vents and make sure the vents are easy to open and close while wearing motorcycle gloves.


A helmet with too much padding can make wearing glasses feel uncomfortable. Padding is important because it protects you from shocks, but you can look for a helmet that uses a soft and form-fitting material or that features cutouts for glasses.

Size and Shape

A helmet with an oblong shape will leave more room for your glasses. The size of your helmet is another important consideration. You shouldn’t size up to have more room for your glasses, but finding a helmet with the right snug fit can reduce pressure from your glasses.

Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Wearing Glasses with a Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing glasses while riding is easier with these tips and tricks.

Choose Glasses with Thin and Flexible Arms

Avoid prescription glasses or sunglasses with oversized frames or arms that hook behind your ears. A pair of glasses with thin and flexible arms will feel a lot more comfortable. If possible, choose a frame with padding on the arms and nose bridge.

Adjust the Nose Pads

The nose pads prevent your glasses from sliding. Make sure the nose pads are tight and maintain your glasses in place because sliding glasses can be dangerous when riding a bike at high speeds. You can adjust the nose pads yourself if you’re careful, but your optometrist can get more precise results.

Avoid Cheap Helmets

Inexpensive starter helmets typically have a liner that isn’t as soft as what you can find if you spend a little more. Wearing a cheap helmet can make it difficult to put your glasses on once the helmet is on your head, and you might experience pressure on the sides of your head.


Wearing glasses with your motorcycle helmet doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You need to look for a helmet with a soft liner and plenty of ventilation. Getting a frame that is motorcycle helmet-friendly can go a long way in making you more comfortable too.

We recommend the Vega Helmets 7817-054 because it’s a comfortable half-helmet that will accommodate any glasses, regardless of the frame size or design.

People Also Ask

Here are a few additional considerations about glasses and motorcycle helmets.

Can You Wear Glasses While Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet?

The answer is yes. Glasses are generally safer than contacts when riding, and you can find helmets that allow you to wear your glasses comfortably.

Can You Wear Sunglasses Under a Motorcycle Helmet?

You can if you feel that you need additional protection from UV rays or want to reduce glare. You should consider a helmet with a sun shield as an alternative to wearing sunglasses.

Are Open Face Helmets Good for Glasses Wearers?

While open-face helmets provide less protection than other types of helmets, they’re a comfortable option since there is plenty of room for your glasses.

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