Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bags – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 17, 2022

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Whether you use your motorcycle as your main mode of transportation or use it for cruising around, you’re probably carrying stuff with you.

Since motorcycles don’t offer storage as traditional vehicles do, you’ve got to work with what you can.

A quality motorcycle handlebar bag will keep your belongings safe without making your ride bulky.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bags

  • Very strong PVC leather materials used
  • Adjustable mounting straps for easy installation
  • Can be used on a variety of motorcycles
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  • Strong and durable zippers included for security
  • Comes with quite a large internal storage capacity
  • Interior mesh to keep things dry
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  • Best for the Money
  • Water-resistant to keep your valuables dry
  • Comes with up to 4 interior storage pockets
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  • Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bags Waterproof
  • Can be used on a variety of motorcycles
  • Very easy to install on your motorcycle
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  • Best Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Bags
  • Comes with zip ties for easy mounting
  • Very strong synthetic leather materials used
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Why Did These Motorcycle Handlebar Bags Make Our List?

A motorcycle handlebar bag has to be sturdy, and it has to stay in place when you’re riding. Besides those basics, you’ll want to consider other important features before choosing your bag.


Before you purchase a motorcycle handlebar bag, you want to consider the size you need. What will you be carrying around? Will this bag double as your work bag? Do you need to carry tools or paperwork? Do you want separate compartments or a large interior?


There’s a base level of security you’ll want for your motorcycle handlebar bag regardless of what you plan to store in it. Bag closures include snaps, buckles, and zippers, so you’ll want to pick what keeps your items safest. You’ll also want a bag that secures tightly to your handlebars, usually by using buckles and straps.


Once you narrow your choices down to set sizes and security options, you’ll choose your bag’s material. Most motorcycle handlebar bags are made of leather or a sturdy fabric, like canvas. Leather can be either genuine, which is high quality, or synthetic, which is more affordable.

Review of the Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bags

There are many motorcycle handlebar bags on the market, but this list is the top five best of the best, and you’ll see why.

Best Overall:
The Nekid Cow TNC-1014-QR-700

The Nekid Cow | Motorcycle Storage Bag Premium Synthetic Black Plain PVC Leather 2 Strap Closer Tool Bag Pouch for Saddle Bag Sissy Bars, Fork Handlebars or Windshield


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Classic yet stylish design
  • Quick-release buckle system
  • Structurally sound, with PVC center
  • Can be installed in a variety of places


  • Buckles can wear out with too much usage
  • Some reviewers say straps break relatively easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have installed this bag on various parts of their motorcycle and are amazed at how sturdy it is. Due to the flap closure, reviewers say the bag isn’t waterproof, but it’s hard to find something that will prevent all water damage. They say it holds a lot more than it looks like it would, which is always a benefit! 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Nekid Cow motorcycle handlebar bag is an attractive, high-quality bag with classic style while being built to last. This is one of the largest handlebar bags on the list, so you don’t have to pick and choose what you bring with you. 

The quick-release system is a major benefit because you can easily get into your bag without fumbling with the buckles. The structured shape is enough to carry all the essentials you need for daily transportation or longer road trips while being streamlined, so you still get the best from your bike.

Bottom Line

The Nekid Cow’s handlebar bag combines classic good looks with plenty of storage space and offers benefits like waterproofing without inflating the price. It has several anchor straps, along with nylon straps and D rings to secure it into place.

Giant Loop Zigzag Handlebar Bag


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Lightweight and streamlined
  • Secure, zippered interior pocket
  • Weather-resistant, heavy-duty material
  • Velcro straps attach it to a variety of handlebar types


  • Can tear if it’s overloaded
  • Not large enough to carry much

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that this is an excellent standard bag to hold necessities on a ride. Whether you attach the bag facing outwards or facing yourself, reviewers note that it’s easy to get into even while it’s attached to the handlebars. They advise that you can also loosen the straps a little bit to get some more room for storage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bag can fit on a variety of handlebar styles, which means you can get a lot of use out of it. The velcro straps make it easy to attach and detach from your bikes. In addition to the two adjustable straps, there are loops at each end that you can add a strap to so you can carry your bag around with you.

The Giant Loop Handlebar Bag is lightweight and streamline so that it won’t throw off your ride. It’s the right size to carry basics like your phone, wallet, important papers, and a few other necessities. It closes with a strong zipper, so you know your belongings will be safe.

Bottom Line

This bag is a great investment and gives you more than meets the eye. The bag is deep enough to hold all your essentials securely as you ride, and the interior zipper pocket is great for keeping important items tucked out of the way.

Best for the Money:
Thrashin Supply Handlebar Bag


  • Additional D ring to hold keys
  • Water-resistant fabric and zippers
  • Compact design while holding a lot
  • Four interior and two exterior pockets
  • Attachment points in different orientations


  • Looks more practical than attractive
  • Zippers hard to grab without zipper pulls

What Recent Buyers Report

Reviewers rave about how sturdy and sleek this bag is. It looks small, but it can hold a lot, including a regular-sized water bottle. It’s easy to install, with four velcro straps and an additional D ring you could zip tie to your handlebars for added security.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Thrashin Supply Handlebar Bag stores everything you need to take with you on a ride, and you can divide everything up into separate pockets for easy access. The zippers have a waterproof coating that keeps the inside dry.

There are four sturdy straps on this bag, so you can attach it to a variety of handlebars or in different places on your bike. You can use the side D ring to attach keys, or you can use zip ties to better secure the bag into place.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to say anything bad about a handlebar bag that gets consistently high reviews and seems to last for a long time. The Thrashin bag is the best value you’ll get for the money.

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Waterproof:
Goldfire Motorbike Handlebar Bag

Goldfire Waterproof Motorbike Handlebar Bag PU Leather Saddlebag Front Rear Storage Tool Pouch with 2 Straps for Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati Harley Sportster (V2 Updated) (Black)


  • Sturdy enough to hold tools
  • Body is reinforced to keep its shape
  • Large enough to hold a water bottle
  • Weatherproof, resistant to water and heat
  • Straps have three layers of fabric for extra durability


  • Needs longer straps to attach better
  • Fabric might develop holes with the use

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are impressed with how much this bag can hold. It can be mounted front- or rear-facing and looks stylish on their motorcycles. Since the material isn’t genuine leather, some reviewers mention that holes form in the fabric after rough rides.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Goldfire Waterproof Handlebar Bag looks sleek and stylish. It’s made of synthetic leather, which means it’s affordable, but it looks like a classic genuine leather motorcycle bag.

You might think a plastic buckle doesn’t seem sturdy, but Goldfire hit the jackpot with their black buckles. The plastic material means these closures are waterproof and won’t rust, which will leave your bag looking better for longer.

Bottom Line

The Goldfire Waterproof Handlebar Bag hits all the points you’d want from a basic bag: stylish, durable, waterproof, and affordable. If you want a small bag that carries everything you’ll need, this is the bag in which you want to invest.

Best Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Bag:
Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Secure latch to keep the flap closed
  • Stylish, classic-looking motorcycle bag
  • Has an inner flap with velcro for extra security
  • Holds everything you’d usually keep in your pockets


  • Not waterproof
  • Attaches to handlebars using zip ties

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers mention that this bag attaches to the bike’s handlebars using only zip ties in every review. It seems like the bag wouldn’t be very secure while you’re riding, but reviewers say the zip ties do keep it in place. Recent buyers all said the Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag held more than what they expected.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you want a bag that looks like a typical biker bag, this is your best bet. The bag is compact and fits your motorcycle without looking bulky or out of place, but it has a spacious interior that can hold all you need to carry. 

The Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag is made of high-quality synthetic leather that looks classic when paired with the shiny chrome latch. The latch makes the bag easy to open and get into even when you mount it on your bike.

Bottom Line

The Willie & Max Revolution Handlebar Bag is spacious and can hold everything you need on your rides. Though it has mixed reviews, if you like its look, you’ll want to give it a try. It’s an affordable option, and with a lifetime warranty, there’s no risk to trying it.

What is a Motorcycle Handlebar Bag?

Motorcycle handlebar bags are small pouches that can hold your items while you drive your motorcycle. These bags securely attach to your handlebars, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting in your way, negatively impacting your riding comfort, or compromising your control over your bike.

Are All Motorcycle Handlebar Bags the Same?

All motorcycle handlebar bags aren’t the same—some are reinforced to hold tools, some are more compact, and some are large enough to carry work documents. Some are plain bags, and some are decorative, but you’re sure to find the exact right one for you with such variety.

Why Get a Handlebar Bag?

You know what to look for in a quality handlebar bag, but why should you get one?

Extra Storage

Since there’s so much variety for handlebar bags, you can pick what you need to have extra storage on your bike. If your needs change, you can size up or down by buying different bags.

Goldfire Motorbike Handlebar Bag

Ride in Comfort

You can carry your stuff in a backpack or messenger bag, but doing so won’t give you the most comfortable ride. Stowing your belongings in a handlebar bag and attaching it to your handlebars will keep your items safe without putting the burden on your body, leaving you free to enjoy the journey.

Make a Statement

You don’t have to get the most stylish motorcycle handlebar bag out there, but whatever you get is going to make a statement about you. People can see your bag and get an idea of what type of person you are: practical, hardcore biker, low-key, and more.

Pros and Cons of Handlebar Bags

No matter which handlebar bag you end up choosing, they will all have assorted pros and cons.


  • Extra storage. Instead of wearing a backpack, a handlebar bag is an ideal solution.

  • Security. Stuff in your pockets can fall out as you ride, so a bag with closure will help.

  • Handiness. Mounting a bag on your handlebars means you’ll be able to access it easily.

  • Safety. Having a bag attached to your bike is safer than wearing one.


  • Wear and tear. Even the most sturdy bag will wear out over time.

  • Not universal. Not all handlebar bags fit universally, so you have to read the specs carefully before you buy.


Before purchasing a motorcycle handlebar bag, make sure you know what you want. Think about what size you’ll need in relation to what you carry. Consider how much protection your items will need, which will also help you pick the best material for your bag.

People Also Ask

You know which motorcycle handlebar bags are best for specific reasons, but you might have further questions. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What Size Handlebar Bag Should I Get For Touring?

Think about everything you want to take with you for longer distances of touring and how long you’ll be gone. For day trips, you might want one big enough to hold your camera, a water bottle, snacks, and maps. You’ll probably want one of the more spacious bags listed above. 

You’ll also want to consider if you want to access your items while the bag is on the bike or not. That will influence what types of closure you need on your handlebar bag.

How to Keep Handlebar Bag From Slipping

Pulling the attachment straps as tightly as possible will keep your handlebar bag from slipping. Several of the handlebar bags reviewed on this list have additional loops, so you can use zip ties to reinforce the attachment.

How Much Weight to Put in a Handlebar Bag?

You’ll want to double-check the specifications for your specific bag before loading it up. Some reviews warn that the bag’s material may rip if it’s overloaded, so you’ll want to play it safe. Do a test run by packing your bag before attaching it to your motorcycle and seeing how the fabric handles the weight. Also, consider that the heavier the bag, the more you’ll be hauling on your bike.

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