Best Motorcycle Carriers – 2021 Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: October 19, 2022

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If you're looking for the best motorcycle carrier, you've come to the right place.

We've put together an extensive guide, so you know what to look for when buying your next motorcycle carrier.

You'll also find our list of the best motorcycle carriers on the market today to help start your search.

Our Top Picks for Motorcycle Carriers

  • Easy loading
  • Anti-tilting lock
  • High maximum load
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  • Resists rust
  • Easy assembly
  • Wide hitch receiver
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  • Best for the Money
  • High maximum load
  • Easy loading
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Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Carriers

  • A loading ramp included for easy loading from two sides
  • Device will prevent tinting with the anti-tilt lock included
  • Will easily hold up to 500 pounds at a time
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  • Frame is powder-coated with epoxy paint to resist rust
  • Very easy to assemble and install
  • Wide hitch receiver for larger storage option
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  • Best for the Money
  • Will easily hold up to 500 pounds at a time
  • Can easily load from both sides with multi-loading ramp
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  • Best RV Motorcycle Carrier
  • Anti-tilting lock included to prevent tilting
  • Strong frame design to last longer
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  • Best Trailer Hitch Motorcycle Carrier
  • Can be used with bikes with wheels of up to 5 inches wide
  • Maximum load capacity of up to 500 pounds
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  • Best Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier
  • Easily holds up to 600 pounds motorcycle
  • Made with quite a heavy-duty construction to last longer
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  • Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier 1000 Lbs
  • Comes with a cargo basket included to hold extra things
  • Aftermarket adapter to fit class 5
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  • Best Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier
  • Easy storage for easy rolling on or off on both sides
  • High-quality aluminum frame for durability
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  • Best Double Motorcycle Carrier
  • Anti-rattle device included for quiet hitching
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum construction
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  • Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier 600 Lb
  • Ramp included for easy on and off-loading
  • Adjustable wheel chock included for stable hitching
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What Should I Look for When Buying a Motorcycle Carrier?

When buying a new motorcycle carrier, there are three features you want to look for:

Hitch Mount

The primary function of a hitch mount is to distribute weight evenly between your vehicle and the carrier. Using a series of springs and chains, the hitch mount prevents your carrier from swaying or hopping. Finding a carrier with a high-quality hitch mount is crucial if you want to ensure your bike is safe while you tow. 


Fortunately, there are only two primary materials available for motorcycle carriers: aluminum and steel. With that in mind, it's still vital you choose the right material for your bike. Both materials work just fine, so make sure to select your individual preference. Steel carriers tend to be slightly more durable, where aluminum is more lightweight. 

Your Budget

Of course, you want to find an affordable motorcycle carrier, but you'll need to set a realistic budget. Choosing the cheapest option could put your bike at risk of damages if your carrier breaks easily. Try to set a decent budget for your carrier so that you can have peace of mind knowing your motorcycle is in good hands. 

Most of the carriers listed below are relatively affordable and extremely reliable. 

Quick Take - Best Motorcycle Carriers

Hoping to cut to the chase? Below are the three best motorcycle carriers:

  1. EGO BIKE Steel Motorcycle Carrier
  2. Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Carrier
  3. ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier

Review of the Best Motorcycle Carriers

Below are the best motorcycle carriers available on the market. We've compiled our list based on several aspects, including price, quality, and what customers have to say. We'll also cover what makes each product unique and which kind of customer they suit best. 

EGO BIKE 500LBS Steel Motorcycle Scooter Dirtbike Carrier Hauler Hitch Mount Rack Ramp Anti Tilt


  • Easy to take off the car when it's time to store it away
  • Flawless powder coat with maximum durability and style
  • Incredibly strong and can easily carry bikes up to 500 pounds
  • Extremely easy to assemble with minimal technical experience
  • Easily mounts on most vehicles, including jeeps with spares in the back


  • Instructions are a bit unclear 
  • Carrier can be shaky, but the hitch is reliable

What Recent Buyers Report

Several buyers love this carrier by EGO Bike because it's easy to assemble and take down. The steel material provides enough durability to give you peace of mind knowing your bike and your carrier are safe on the road. Some customers report the carrier can be a bit unstable on rough terrains but works just fine on normal roads.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One thing that makes this product stand out and possibly the best available option is that its loading ramp is solid. The average motorcycle ways around 350 pounds and this beast can load bikes upwards of 500 pounds. The anti-tilt locking device does a great job of stabilizing your motorcycle while on both town roads and highways.  

The carrier itself only weighs about 50 pounds, so loading and unloading is a breeze, which is a huge bonus when you're tired after a long road trip and want to park your car in the garage. It's also suitable for most vehicles. 

Bottom Line

Anybody looking for an affordable, easy-to-use carrier should consider checking out this one by EGO Bike. It's essentially everything you need to transport your bike long distances safely. If you're also not great with tools, assembling the EGO Bike Steel Bike Carrier is incredibly simple once you master the instructions.

Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Carrier 500 LB Scooter Dirt Bike Hauler Hitch Mount Rack Ramp Anti Tilt Anti Wobble


  • Comes with a firm loading ramp
  • Epoxy powder coating to prevent scratches
  • Easy to assemble with minimal tools needed
  • Includes all necessary hardware for assembly
  • Made from reliable, durable steel to prevent wobbling


  • Anti-tilt device isn't adjustable
  • Doesn't come with a hitch pin included

What Recent Buyers Report

Reviews of the Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Carrier are mostly positive. Several buyers report that they could successfully transport heavy bikes (400 pounds) long distances without any trouble. Most people say that the bike is easy to assemble since it comes with all the parts. However, the anti-tilt mechanism is tricky to put together. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We think the Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle is an excellent and affordable option for anybody looking to haul their bikes with ease. Since the carrier can hold bikes up to 500 pounds, you shouldn't have any issues loading your motorcycle.

One noteworthy thing about Direct Aftermarket is its helpful customer service team. If along the way you notice that some of the parts are damaged, they'll sort you out without any hassle. Since this thing's made out of steel, you shouldn't have to worry about it breaking along the way. It's also tranquil, which is tough to find with other motorcycle carriers. 

Bottom Line

Although the Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Carrier might not be the best option for everyone, it has some useful features and is quite affordable. As a result, those looking for a hassle-free solution for hauling bikes should consider checking it out.

Best for the Money:
ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier

500LBS Motorcycle Trailer Hitch Carrier, Scooter Dirt Bike Hauler Hitch Mount Rack with Loading Ramp Anti-Tilt Locking Device, Heavy Duty Steel Motorcycle Rack for Hitch


  • Versatile hitch receiver suitable for most vehicles
  • On-ramp is easy to fold and unfold when loading your bike
  • Long carrier (76-inches) that can hold any standard motorcycle
  • Durable steel frame that's resistant to rust and water permeation
  • Anti-tilt mechanism prevents the bike from wobbling on the road


  • Carrier hitch pin is sold separately
  • Assembly instructions can be confusing

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent customers love their ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier for its simplicity and reliable steel frame. People with small to mid-size bikes have no trouble loading them into the carrier and don't experience any wobbling, even at high speeds or rough terrains. However, some customers claim the assembly instructions aren't self-explanatory.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier is nothing less than a heavy-duty carrier made from strong steel with a smooth black powder coat. With a whopping 76-inch length, you can load your favorite bike with ease. Since it can hold motorcycles up to 500 pounds, the ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier is perfect for both standard and heavy off-road bikes. 

The loading ramp is user-friendly, making it easy to load and unload your bikes from each side. The built-in anti-tilt mechanism keeps your bike stable, even when traveling through rough terrains and highways. We enjoy the intricate design, and ECOTRIC is a reputable company with excellent customer service. 

Bottom Line

Not everyone needs a heavy-duty carrier, but if you do, the ECOTRIC is an excellent choice. You'll never need to worry about the steel frame bending or your motorcycle getting scratched. It's also effortless to assemble, considering how strong it is. 

Best RV Motorcycle Carrier:

TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Carrier Hitch Rack Hauler Trailer with Loading Ramp and Anti-Tilt Locking Device


  • Reliable anti-tilt mechanism
  • Suitable for scooters, dirtbikes, and off-road bikes
  • Budget-friendly considering its impressive durability
  • Comes with tie-down sites on both sides of the carrier
  • Heavy-duty steel frame that's resistant to chipping, scratches, and wearing


  • Metal is quite thin
  • Vague instructions that might be confusing for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers who bought the TMS T-NS-MRC001 seem quite happy with their purchase. It's everything you would need with a carrier in terms of size, strength, and functionality. The carrier only weighs about 50 pounds, making it easy to lug in and out of the garage when it's time to travel. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Choosing a reliable motorcycle carrier can be challenging. However, this carrier by TMS is one you can count on to get your bikes to your destination safely. We especially like how it's lightweight and easy to transport. Other carriers are way too heavy and make it a daunting task to attach to your vehicle.   

Another noteworthy feature of the TMS T-NS-MRC001 is that it's resistant to scratches, chipping, and wearing, which is crucial for longevity. While other carriers claim to be incredibly durable, TMS puts their money where their mouth is with their T-NS-MRC001 model.

Bottom Line

If you have an RV and want to bring your bikes with you on your next road trip, then you have to check out the TMS T-NS-MRC001 carrier. It fits perfectly with most standard RVs and is exceptionally easy to manage. 

Best Trailer Hitch Motorcycle Carrier:
Black Widow MCC-500

Black Widow MCC-500 Steel Motorcycle Carrier


  • Folding design that makes for easier storage
  • Stylish black polish finish to eliminate corrosions
  • The durable solid steel frame that will last for years
  • Can carry motorcycles that weigh up to 500 pounds
  • Anti-locking mechanism helps balance your bike during your ride


  • Bolt slots can break easily
  • Rust can build up depending on your climate

What Recent Buyers Report

Black Widow is a well-known brand for motorcycle carriers, and they have quite a large customer base. Several people who purchased the Black Widow MCC-500 steel motorcycle carrier claim that it's strong enough to lug their bike with minimal wobble and noise. Only a small percentage of customers complained about the quality of the parts.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One thing we truly enjoy about this carrier is that it comes with both a class III and class IV hitch receiver. The assembly instructions are also extremely straightforward, so it should take you less than half an hour to put it together. Since the carrier is foldable, storing it when you're finished is a breeze. 

The Black Widow MCC-500 is mostly designed for motocross bikes, but it's strong enough to carry any motorcycle less than 500 pounds. The rack is large enough to fit 7-inch wide tires comfortably, and you can load the ramp on either side of the hitch carrier.

Bottom Line

If you're looking to haul your bikes without the need for large trailers, then the Black Widow MC-500 steel carrier is an excellent choice. Since Black Widow is such a reputable brand, their products are easy to work with, and their customer service is outstanding if you run into problems.  

Best Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier:
Black Widow MCC-600

Black Widow MCC-600 Heavy Duty Steel Motorcycle Carrier


  • Impressive 71-inch loading ramp 
  • Can fit wheels up to 8-inches wide
  • Built from strong steel that's long-lasting
  • Suitable for class III and class IV hitch receivers
  • Whopping load capacity of up to 600 pounds
  • Comes with a hitch pin included and adjustable wheel chock


  • Track can be a bit slippery
  • Heavier than other carriers (99 pounds)

What Recent Buyers Report

Since the Black Widow MC-600 is built to carry bikes up to 600 pounds, the majority of customers are pleased with their purchase. The steel body resembles both the MCC-400 and MCC-500. However, it's a bit stronger than its predecessors. Customers also love that it has all the necessary tie-down anchor points to haul larger bikes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Once again, Black Widow doesn't fail to impress with its high-quality motorcycle carriers. The most apparent feature of the Black Widow MCC-600 is its impressive load capacity. While most carriers can hold up to 500 pounds, you get an extra 100, so you can haul larger bikes with ease. 

We also love this carrier for its incredible 71-inch loading ramp, something many other carriers lack. When it comes to loading a bike, having a longer ramp makes the job a lot easier. It's also lovely that Black Widow decided to throw in a hitch pin, so you don't need to spend time getting your own. 

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the MCC-600 is the best carrier from Black Widow. Even if you don't have a heavy-duty bike, you'll feel much better knowing that you can rely on your carrier to get your motorcycle from point A to point B without any damages.

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier 1000 Lbs:
WMA Tow Hitch Carrier Rack

1000 lb Dirt Bike E-Bike Scooter Motorcycle Tow Hitch Carrier Rack with Cargo Baskets


  • Ideal for class III and class IV hitch receivers
  • Comes with a 2-inch auxiliary hitch receiver
  • Made from 100% solid steel optimized for strength
  • An impressive 800-pound weight capacity suitable for all bikes
  • Comes with two useful cargo baskets to store gas cans, tools, etc.


  • Can only haul 400-pound motorcycles
  • Name is deceiving since it can't carry 1000 pounds

What Recent Buyers Report

Although many buyers are disappointed that the WMA Tow Hitch Carrier Rack cannot carry up to 1000 pounds, most of them are satisfied. Some buyers claim that this is the most reliable rack they've ever owned. Some customers complained about assembly instructions. However, it all depends on your technical experience with carriers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We are also a bit disappointed that this carrier can't carry a 1000 pound bike (not that bikes way that much anyway), but it's still a reliable motorcycle carrier that comes with a few useful features. The two deep cargo baskets are handy when hauling your bike, gas cans, tools, luggage, or whatever you need to bring with you.

The steel body is built to last, and for that reason, we think this is a reliable motorcycle carrier within a reasonable price range. WMA also offers a lifetime warranty on this carrier, which is a huge bonus.

Bottom Line

If you need to haul 1000 pounds, this might not be the carrier for you even though it's in the name. However, it's still a heavy-duty beast that can safely transport your bikes without hassle or risk of damages. 

Best Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier:
Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier

Black Widow AMC-400 Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier


  • Can fit motorbikes with 5-inch wide wheels 
  • Built from high-quality and lightweight aluminum
  • Suitable for both class III and class IV hitch receivers
  • Ramp installs on each side that makes for easier storage
  • Anti-rattle device that reduces noise when on rough terrain


  • Bolts aren't the best quality and can break easily
  • Carrier has sharp edges which can cause injuries

What Recent Buyers Report

Several customers report that the rack itself is high-quality and suitable for hauling small to mid-sized bikes. However, you might need to upgrade the hardware as the stock parts tend to be quite weak. The assembly process itself is easy and should take less than an hour. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Being an aluminum carrier, the Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier is powerful. The benefit of having an aluminum carrier is that they are much more lightweight than steel. This carrier only weighs 36 pounds, making it more portable than others. Don't let its weight fool you; you can still haul up to 400 pounds with this carrier.

Although the rack can only fit 5-inch wide tires, it's still reliable if you don't own a heavy-duty bike. We also like that it comes with a spacer bar adapter so you can fit smaller youth bikes. 

Bottom Line

Many people think aluminum carriers are inferior to steel since they don't weigh as much. However, the Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier is strong enough to get your bike to your destination safely. Therefore, we think it's worth checking out. 

Best Double Motorcycle Carrier:
Rage Powersports Black Widow AMC-600-2

Rage Powersports Black Widow AMC-600-2 Aluminum Double Motorcycle Carrier


  • Durable, lightweight aluminum body 
  • Maximum weight capacity of up to 600 pounds
  • Ramp can install on either side for easy loading
  • Self-storing on-ramp which makes for easier storage
  • Durable hitch receiver suitable for carrying two motorcycles 


  • Hardware quality can be flaky
  • Ramp isn't stable on rough terrains

What Recent Buyers Report

Several customers report that their Rage Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier is durable and has been working great since they bought it. Like other Black Widow carriers, some customers say that the hardware is a bit unreliable, so you might need to upgrade. However, once you have the right hardware, the carrier works wonders.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The most noticeable thing about this carrier from others on the list is that it can hold two bikes at once. We also really enjoy the self-storing ramp that fits nicely in the carrier while traveling. The aluminum construction makes this motorcycle carrier a nice and lightweight vessel to transport your bikes while maintaining strength and durability. 

We also love the fact that the ramp is bi-lateral, so for seamless rolling on and off. The anti-rattling device is a great feature to reduce noise while on the road.

Bottom Line

If you need to transport two bikes at once, this is the carrier for you. With the Rage Powersports Black Widow Motorcycle Carrier, hauling your bikes for trips has never been easier. 

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier 600 Lb:
Black Widow SMC-600R Deluxe

Black Widow SMC-600R Deluxe Steel Motorcycle Carrier


  • Long 72-inch loading ramp
  • Can carry up to 600 pounds
  • Comes with hitch pin included
  • Comes with an adjustable wheel chock 
  • Made from 100% premium durable aluminum


  • No grip on the rack 
  • Anti-rattle device doesn't work as well as promised

What Recent Buyers Report

The reviews for the Black Widow SMC600R Deluxe Motorcycle Carrier are almost all positive, with a few minor complaints. Customers report that they've been using this carrier for several months without any issues, although some claim that the hardware isn't as reliable as other carriers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Black Widow is one of the best motorcycle carrier manufacturers out there, and they are consistent when it comes to releasing high-quality products. The TheSMC-600R Deluxe model is another perfect example of why the company is an industry leader.  

We especially enjoy that it comes with a hitch pin, which isn't familiar with other carrier companies. The 72-inch long loading ramp is also a huge plus, considering most people will be loading bikes 300 pounds+. 

Bottom Line

Whether you're hauling motocross bikes, dirtbikes, or a Kawasaki Ninja, the Black Widow SMC600R Deluxe Motorcycle Carrier is an excellent option. Not only is it extremely durable, but it's also affordable and easy to assemble. 

What Size of a Motorcycle Carrier Do I Need?

When it comes to choosing the right motorcycle hitch, finding the right size is extremely important. The three essential measurements you need are your vehicle's height, tire width, and ground clearance. Individual carriers are specifically designed for smaller motorcycles, where others are more suitable for large bikes. 

You want to make sure you have your measurements before you start shopping. Otherwise, you could end up getting a carrier that won't fit your bike, and that's never good. You can use a simple tape measurer to get all three measurements; just make sure they are as accurate as possible.

Safety Considerations for Motorcycle Carriers

There are plenty of safety considerations you want to consider with motorcycle carriers. 

Use Proper Ties

As long as your bike doesn't exceed the load capacity, you shouldn't have any issues with your carrier. However, If you don't tie your bike down properly, problems may occur. Some carriers come with ties, so make sure to use them accordingly whenever loading your bike. 

Use Light Kits

You don't want to block your tail lights while on the road. Not only can this get you a hefty ticket, but it could also cause an accident. Fortunately, many carriers come with tail lights, but if yours doesn't, make sure to pick up a light kit.  

Use Vertical Stabilization

Using a vertical bar to mount your bike to your carrier will ensure that your motorcycle is stable throughout your ride. Vertical stabilization is ideal for bikes that have a high center of gravity. This method keeps your bike closer to your vehicle, so it's much easier on the axle and shocks.

Dos and Don'ts of Using Motorcycle Carriers

There are plenty of do's and don'ts that come along with motorcycle carriers, and we've listed them for you below. 


  1. Always make sure you choose a carrier that's suitable for your bike. Make sure you check your bike's weight, height, and tire width before making a purchase. Using the wrong sized carrier can damage both your bike and your vehicle. 

  2. When purchasing a motorcycle carrier, make sure you’re getting it from a reputable manufacturer with a long warranty.

  3. Always make sure the receiver hitch is compatible for your vehicle. Receivers come in four different classes: I, II, III, IV.

ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier


  1. When using a motorcycle carrier, don't neglect all of the instructions or take any shortcuts. Hauling heavy motorcycles can be dangerous for you and other drivers if everything isn't taken into consideration.

  2. Don't buy a carrier only based on price. Instead, look at all the specs and features to make sure they match up with your bike. Going for the cheaper option may end up costing you more in damages further down the line.


Transporting your motorcycle can be a daunting task. However, with the right carrier, you can haul your bike with minimal effort. Remember, always measure your bike before making a decision and finding a suitable material for your motorcycle. We hope this list of the best motorcycle carriers was helpful when it's time to make your next purchase.

People Also Ask

Questions that people frequently have about motorcycle carriers include: 

Are Motorcycle Carriers Safe?

In short, motorcycle carriers are a safe option for transporting your bike. However, you need to be vigilant during the assembly process to ensure all of your parts are in order. 

How Much is a Motorcycle Carrier?

Depending on the brand and material, a reliable motorcycle carrier can cost you anywhere from $150-$1000. 

How Much Can a Motorcycle Carrier Store?

Most high-quality motorcycle carriers can carry at least 400-600 pounds. Like the WMA Tow Hitch Carrier Rack, some more heavy-duty carriers can hold up to 800 pounds.

How Much Weight Can a Motorcycle Carry?

Most standard bikes weigh between 300-400 pounds. However, some bikes can weigh around 700 pounds. Fortunately, all the above can haul all traditional bikes, including dirt bikes and motocross bikes.  

Are Motorcycle Carriers Hard to Ride With?

Although riding with a motorcycle carrier might seem awkward at first, you'll eventually get used to it. Just make sure you're following all of the safety procedures while hauling your bike.

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