Best Bar End Mirrors – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: January 17, 2022

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It’s okay to dislike the stock mirrors on your motorcycle. Many riders do! These mirrors aren’t particularly fanciful and are often too big. Thankfully, you can install bar end mirrors.

This guide will point you in the right direction, so you can choose the best bar end mirrors for your gorgeous bike.

Comparison of the Best Bar End Mirrors

  • Large 3 inches diameter mirror for better viewing
  • Fits on most handlebars of 7/8 inches
  • Made from strong metals to last much longer
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  • All parts are made from durable stainless steel materials
  • Black anodized finish for better durability
  • Very easy to install on handlebar end
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  • Best for the Money
  • Available in black or silver finish
  • Comes with an easy clip-on installation option
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  • Best Folding Bar End Mirrors
  • Mirrors are foldable to be out of the way for protection
  • Long stem of around 2.5 inches installed
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  • Best 1 Inch Bar End Mirrors
  • Left and right mirror included in package
  • Easy to install on both handlebar ends
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  • Best Arrow Bar End Mirrors
  • Large 4 x 2 inches mirror size
  • Designed to display much better on bike
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  • Best 7/8 Bar End Mirrors
  • Easily fits on standard bike handlebar ends
  • Comes with a long 2 years warranty included
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Are Bar End Mirrors Universal?

Most bar end mirrors have a universal fit since they are designed to mount on a vast range of handlebar sizes through a plug. Some units come with one or more adapters, making them fit even on slightly larger handlebars.

However, it is best to make sure that a product will fit your motorcycle before purchasing. This will prevent possible modifications to your existing motorcycle frames or getting stuck with bar end mirrors that are not useful for your bike.

Bar end mirrors are widely popular as 7/8-inch fitment, which works for most motorcycle types.

How to Choose Bar End Mirrors 

Bar end mirrors are not created equal. For the best experience, consider the following essential features when shopping for one.


It can be tempting to opt for smaller-sized bar end mirrors because they are trendier. While that may be true, you don't want to ignore safety.

Smaller mirrors do not provide a wide field of view, while larger ones might not look good on your bike. Try to aim for a balance between appreciable size and functionality.

Resistance to Vibration

All bar end mirrors vibrate to some degree because of the bike's engine and the road. However, good-quality models can resist a lot of the tremors while providing excellent views. 

Besides vibrating excessively, a mirror can easily break if it can't handle the shock. Choose one with high-shock resistance, so you won't have to squint to see what's in the mirror.


Most bar end mirrors are flexible, letting you adjust them from left to right, as well as up and down. 

Mirrors that are adjustable up to 360o are your best choice, as they allow for maximum flexibility. If someone else uses your bike, both of you can easily adjust the mirror according to your individual preferences.

Review of the Best Bar End Mirrors

We have reviewed some of the best bar end mirrors in the market and presented them below. Be sure to check out their pros and cons to find out what options best suits your purpose.

Best Overall:
CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter Bar End Mirror


  • Convex mirrors provide an excellent field of view
  • High-quality rubber mounts to minimize vibration
  • Folds nicely to allow easy movement between traffic
  • 3-inches diameter convex mirrors with automotive tints for glare reduction
  • Excellent build quality, available in a silver finish or black anodized, very easy to install


  • Does not include adapters
  • More expensive than other mirrors

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers describe the design of the CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter mirrors as functional, hailing the solid construction and wide field of view. Many users find it easy to install. Nevertheless, some customers say that while the product is excellent and has high quality, the price is rather on the high side.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product is our best overall pick for a few reasons. First, it folds on impact, making it an ideal choice for riding in tight traffic situations. Plus, the design reduces the bike’s width for storage.

But the most outstanding feature is the 3-inches diameter custom convex glass that offers a wide field of view and image magnification. You can see nearly everything behind you with this bar end mirror.

There’s little to no vibration because of the rubber mounting, even at high speeds on rough roads. In addition, the mirrors are fitted with quality automotive tinting to reduce glare.

Bottom Line

If you ever need a mirror to help you keep an eye on traffic in tight riding conditions, this option is perhaps your best bet. The product gives you maximum clearance, and it is engineered to resist vibrations, even at high speeds.

CRG Blindsight Bar End Mirror


  • Excellent choice for minimalist riders
  • Wide field of view, eliminates blind spots in rear and side views
  • Great styling with black anodized aluminum finish or silver finish
  • Compact design, 2-inches diameter mirror with zero image distortion
  • Durable aluminum CNC machine billet construction for long-lasting performance


  • Mirror is too small
  • Doesn’t hold up against the wind

What Recent Buyers Report

These smallish bar end mirrors are highly rated among many users. But some buyers observe that no matter how tight they install the mirrors, they still tend to blow downwards, especially at high speeds. While they provide excellent views, it can be tiring to constantly push them back into position.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There’s hardly anything not to love about these mirrors. They are smallish and cute, making them the excellent aftermarket choice if you dislike the stock options that come with your bike.

CRG made sure these items last for a long time by engineering them with durable 6061-T6 aluminum material. They are both shock and vibration resistant, so you can have a clearer view without image distortions.

But the main highlight of this mirror is the capability to eliminate (or minimize) blind spots. Although it is only 2-inches in diameter, it covers a wide area both at the sides and rear.

Bottom Line

We suggest you go for these mirrors if you want something clean, simple, and effective. They are a tad too small, though, so you’ll need to always head check your lane change. Overall, these compact CRG mirrors have top-notch quality.

Best for the Money:
CRG Hindsight Bar End Mirror


  • Quick and simple to install
  • Fits most handlebars and clip-ons with 7/8-inch diameter
  • 3-inches diameter mirror provides maximum viewing angles
  • Can mount on virtually any motorcycle with optional billet internal adaptor
  • Lightweight mirror, but sturdy construction prevents tremors, even on high speeds and rough roads


  • Adapter sold separately
  • Expensive mirror, not sold in pairs

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers don’t have any serious complaints about this product regarding performance. It works great and does more than what most people expect. The only major gripe is the price. The mirror doesn’t come in pairs, and adapters are not included in the purchase despite the item's high price.

Why it Stands Out to Us

CRG is a big name when it comes to bar end mirrors, and they don’t disappoint with this Hindsight option, too.

It comes with everything you would expect from a CRG mirror, including a wide field of view to help you see traffic behind you. The mirror is 3-inches in diameter, so it covers quite a lot of grounds.

Like other good-quality bar ends mirrors, this one, too, is highly resistant to vibration. It’s not likely to move a bit, even on rough roads.

Even if you’re new to bar end mirrors, you’ll find it easy to fit this one on your motorbike.

Bottom Line

If you don’t like the factory-fitted bunny ears on your bike, perhaps you might want to consider this hindsight bar end mirror. Heads up; you might need to order an additional CRG billet internal adapter to successfully install the mirror.

Best CRG Bar End Mirrors:
CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror


  • Multi-position mounting system offers flexibility
  • Durable construction with stainless steel material
  • Aerodynamic design reduces the impact of wind on the mirror
  • Arrow styling provides an unobstructed view of the traffic in the rear and sides
  • Detent hinging reduces width for bike storage and improves clearance in tight traffic situations


  • Not sold in pairs
  • Most expensive mirror on this list

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers rate this mirror very high in terms of build quality and anti-vibration, and field of view. Some riders say the detent hinging is not very effective in tight traffic conditions. Besides, many people find it rather too expensive, considering it doesn’t come in pairs and doesn’t include an adapter.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This mirror's arrow styling makes it one of the best options for providing an unhindered view of what’s coming behind you. Its minimalistic design means it takes up less space on your handlebar.

Many bar end mirrors are often less effective in high-speed situations because of the impact of strong wind. But that’s not the case with the CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror, thanks to its aerodynamic design.

You can adjust the mirror from all angles and mount it in just about any position you want. It has a 7/8-inch universal fit for nearly all bikes.

Bottom Line

This is the ideal bar end mirror for naked sportbikes as well as modern performance sportbikes. The aerodynamic design means you won’t get too many vibrations on the mirror. Consider this option if you want to splurge on bar end mirrors.

Best Folding Bar End Mirrors:
BikeMaster FHM005F-K


  • Nylon swivel for easy adjustment
  • Decent vibration resistance at speeds of up to 55 mph
  • Excellent fit for handlebars measuring 7/8-inch diameters
  • Gorgeous backing plate with arm adds to overall bike’s aesthetics
  • High-quality patented folding bar end mirrors, sold in pairs and comes with adapters


  • Can fold at high speeds
  • Might require some modification

What Recent Buyers Report

There is overwhelming praise for this product from buyers, especially as it comes in pairs and includes bar end adapters. These mirrors work well and provide a good field of view, judging from customer reviews. Installation might require slight modifications for some handlebars, though. Buyers are generally happy with the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Many of the high-end bar end mirrors are sold singly. But BikeMaster folding bar end mirrors come in pairs, and they are not cheaply made.

You can easily reduce the width of your bike and make it less conspicuous with the folding mirrors. They are fitted with nylon swivels that provide the correct amount of tension needed for ease of adjustment.

BikeMaster designed these mirrors to have the backing plate and arm as one beautiful piece to eliminate issues of loose screws due to excessive vibration.

You will get lots of visibility with these mirrors and enjoy the lane-splitting capabilities.

Bottom Line

Consider these if you’re looking for good-quality bar end mirrors with virtually everything you need. However, you may want to choose another model if you enjoy riding at high speeds above 55 mph. These will vibrate excessively at such speeds.

Best 1 Inch Bar End Mirrors:

New 1 Inch Bar End Round Mirrors For Kawasaki Suzuki Ducati Black


  • Very affordable mirrors
  • Does not require additional parts to install
  • Excellent vibration resistance, whether at slow or high speeds
  • 3-inches diameter glass covers a wide-angle at the rear and side
  • Fits virtually all standard 1-inch (25 mm) hollow diameter handlebars with an internal clamping system


  • Not as durable as others
  • Installation might be a bit tricky

What Recent Buyers Report

The overall feel from buyers regarding these mirrors is generally positive. They are affordable and do not vibrate, according to users. However, some buyers had to make modifications to make them fit their handlebars, even though the bars are 1-inch in diameter. There are also some complaints about the build quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Cheap or highly affordable bar end mirrors are usually not worth buying. However, there are a few exceptions, and HTTMT’s option is a typical example.

The 3-inches glass size is wide enough to provide clear views of the left and right sides and traffic from behind.

The mirrors are covered in aluminum material and are available in black, chrome, and carbon fiber finishes. They are built to effectively resist shake.

We like that you don’t have to make additional purchases to install these mirrors. They might require slight modifications, but they typically fit standard hollow motorcycle handlebars with a 1-inch diameter.

Bottom Line

You may as well choose this item if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend too much money on bar end mirrors. It doesn’t give you a stellar performance, but it is decent enough considering its anti-vibration quality.

Best 7/8 Bar End Mirrors:
KaTur AMMP-1401-Black

KATUR 7/8Inch 22mm Motorcycle Handlebar End Mirrors Oval CNC Billet Aluminum Bluish Anti-Glare Motorbike Side Rearview Mirrors Compatible with Harley Davidson Honda Yamaha Suzuki Kawasaki Black


  • Solid two-year warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Hard-anodized finish for long-lasting performance
  • HD mirrors with anti-glare lenses provide extra protection for the eyes
  • Fits nearly all motorcycles with 7/8-inches or 1-inch standard handlebars
  • Two adapters of different sizes included in package for quick and easy installation


  • Not very resistant to vibration
  • Not suitable for nighttime use

What Recent Buyers Report

Customer reviews indicate that customers are happy with the build quality and great looks of these mirrors. Users say they are easy to install. However, the anti-glare film on the glass makes these nearly unusable at night. Another common complaint is that they are not very shock-resistant, so they tend to vibrate.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our last entry is a stylish mirror constructed with corrosion-resistant CNC billet aluminum housing for extra durability in all weather conditions.

This option is highly versatile and can fit nearly all types of motorcycles, including street, dirt, cruiser, and sports bikes with 7/8-inch handlebars.

It is fitted with four-inch anti-flare glass to provide riders with a wide field of view. You’re not likely to experience blind spots with these mirrors because they pivot up to 180o and are 360o adjustable.

Fitting these bar end mirrors on your bike is pretty straightforward and usually does not require any modification to your handlebars.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for the best anti-flare bar end mirror, KaTur’s mirrors might fit the bill. They are designed to shield your eyes while providing the widest possible field of view. Just don’t depend on them at night.

How to Install Bar End Mirrors 

Installing your new bar end mirrors is not a difficult process, provided you have the right tools and you know how to do it.

You’ll need the following tools:

  • A wrench or spanner to remove your stock mirrors

  • An Allen key to tighten the new set of mirrors

  • Sharp knife

  • Pliers

1. Ensure that your bike is securely in a resting position. Use a suitable wrench or spanner to loosen the old mirrors on the handlebar. Remove them and store them somewhere safe.

 2. Next, access the plug inside the handlebar. To do this, remove the bar ends of the motorcycle if yours have it. If the ends are covered with grips, cut them with a sharp knife and pull out the plug with pliers.

3. Choose the correct expansion sleeve (based on what you have) and tighten the nut to hold it securely inside the handlebar.

4. Fit in the mirror into the bar end and tighten it with the Allen wrench.

5. Repeat the same with the second side.

Note that not all bar end mirrors install the same way. You may need to consult your product’s instruction manual for specific procedures. Here’s a video demonstration of the steps above:


Hopefully, you’ve set your sights on one of the mirrors in this review. But be sure to consider the pros and cons, as well as the essential features for choosing bar end mirrors before you make a purchase. While aesthetics are great, don’t ignore bar end mirrors that enhance your visibility.

People Also Ask

The following are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about bar end mirrors. We suggest that you read and understand them, as they offer some useful information that may have been left out in the previous sections. You may also find answers to some of your burning questions.

Are Bar End Mirrors Any Good?

Bar end mirrors are aesthetically more pleasing and also safe to use. They make motorcycles look less wide and provide a wider field of view because they stick out a lot further than stock mirrors. These are factors that make bar end mirrors worth it, provided they are good-quality options.


Are Bar End Mirrors Safe? 

Yes, bar end mirrors are safe and won’t cause any issues as long as they meet certain standards. First, make sure they are not too small. You must be able to see objects behind you. Secondly, they must be adjustable, and lastly, they should be sturdy enough to resist vibration.

Can I Use Bar-End Mirrors With Any Type of Bike? 

You can fit bar end mirrors on most motorcycles. However, some bikes are better suited to these mirrors than others. For example, the mirrors suit the overall style of cafe racer motorcycles and give them a distinct old-fashion look. They also make sport bikes more aerodynamic by streamlining their design.

Should I Consider Buying Mirrors With Turn Signals?

Bar end mirrors with turn signals are only useful if they are the right size. Many of these models are usually too small to be considered safe. Besides, they are somewhat trickier to install. While incorporating a turn signal is great, road users on your sides might not see the indicators.

Are Cheap Bar End Mirrors Worth it?

You may save a few dollars with cheap bar end mirrors, but they typically don’t last as much as high-quality options. Also, they don’t perform well. But that’s not to say you can’t find some mirrors that offer decent performance and are reasonably durable, yet come at a very affordable price.

Is Bar Ends Really Necessary?

They may not be necessary for the casual or occasional rider. But if you spend a significant amount of time on your bike, bar end mirrors will offer you a wider field of view than standard mirrors. You will be able to see other road users long before they come any close.

Does Bar End Reduce Vibration?

Any good bar end can significantly reduce the vibrations on your handlebar. As vibrations travel from your vehicle’s motor to the handlebar, the bar end acts as a barrier to lessen the resonance frequency. In a nutshell, the weight of the bar end minimizes tremors to the handlebar and the rider’s hand.

Do Weighted Bar Ends Work?

Yes, they do. Excessive vibration from a bike’s engine can cause discomfort to the rider, numbness, or fatigue to the fingers and make it difficult to see what’s in the mirror. When added to your handlebar, bar-end weights or weighted balancers effectively reduce vibrations from the engine.

How Do You Cut Bar End Mirror Grips?

A simple way to cut bar end mirror grips is to use a grip end cutter for a clean cut. Alternatively, you can use a small hole-cutter. If you don’t have any of these, you can use a sharp knife and a small ball-peen hammer to carefully cut the rubber grips.

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