Best Motorcycle Alarms – 2021 Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 16, 2022

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Traditional chain locks don’t offer adequate security for motorcycles, at least not in today’s world. It is easy to tamper with these locks, making them ineffective.

A better option is to safeguard your bike with an anti-theft alarm system, and this article shows you some of the best models available.

Comparison of the Best Motorcycle Alarms

  • Will quickly and easily install in only a few minutes
  • No special wiring needed with installation
  • Emits a very hard 130dB alarm when tampered with
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  • Made from special hardened steel for durability
  • Different sounds for different status indicators
  • A protective bag included for protection
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  • Best for the Money
  • Compatible with Scorpio security system
  • Motion detection anywhere around the bike
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  • Best Motorcycle Alarm System With GPS
  • Can be used for a wide variety of vehicles
  • Small and lightweight to easily hide from thieves
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  • comes with a 5-tone siren included
  • Compatible with up to 3 remote controls
  • A 2 years manufacturer's warranty included
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What Makes a Great Motorcycle Alarm? 

Here are some essential features to look for when choosing a motorcycle alarm.


The topmost consideration is the construction material for the unit. An alarm that doesn’t last is almost useless regardless of its many fanciful features.

Make sure that any motorcycle anti-theft system you choose has a solid build quality with stainless steel material or durable plastic construction.

Remember that bikes will naturally spend more time outside, so look for a product that can withstand dust, rain, and other adverse weather conditions.

Sensor Type

Tilt, motion, proximity, current, and shock sensors are the different sensor types that come with motorcycle alarms, with the shock sensor being the most common.

While one or more of these sensors in an alarm is great, you want to choose a product with a reasonable sensor reaction level or one with adjustable sensitivity to minimize false alerts.

Decibel Rating

The unit’s decibel rating (dBA) tells you how loud the alarm can get. As a general rule, it is better to avoid units with ratings below 100 dBA as these are too low and will be difficult to hear, especially if you will leave your bike a large distance from where you will be.

Review of the Best Motorcycle Alarms

Choosing a good-quality motorcycle alarm can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time buying one or if the previous model you used didn’t work as expected. Here, you’ll find some of the best options available, including their pluses and minuses, to help you choose one that fulfills almost everything you want.

Best Overall:
Dowco Weatherall Plus Cover Alarm


  • Small, portable, and easy to conceal
  • Highly affordable yet excellent alarm system
  • Easiest installation, does not require special tools or knowledge
  • Very loud alarm with 130-decibel rating, easy to hear from afar off
  • Not prone to raising false alarms since it doesn’t have motion sensing


  • Requires manual intervention
  • Can wail all day and drain batteries

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers all agree that this is one of the loudest motorcycle alarms on the market. Many users think it provides a high level of security, as it can alert an entire block of potential theft. However, the only downside many buyers point out is the manual process of stopping the alarm.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our best overall product is Dowco’s cover alarm. The device does its only job excellently, and that is to wail very loudly if anyone tampers with your motorcycle cover.

It is easy to conceal the device due to its small size, and it can work with just about any motorbike cover, especially options with pockets.

You don’t need special tools to install this alarm, and wires are not necessary. You only have to remember where you place it on your motorcycle, or else it will trip off when you try to lift the covers. Simply put, the device is well made.

Bottom Line

For a small and cheap device, this alarm can scare away thieves. You’ll have to manually shove back the pin to stop its ear-splitting sounds each time it goes off. It’s a small investment but with a lot of security.

Abus Detecto 7000 RS 1 Alarm Disc Lock


  • Durable construction with special hardened steel
  • Powered by easily replaceable Double-A batteries
  • Available in a variety of colors to match riders’ preferences
  • Quality storage pouch to safely store and transport the disc lock
  • Compact and lightweight disc lock to conveniently lock and unlock the device


  • Alarm level not very loud
  • Not suitable for some scooters

What Recent Buyers Report

This nifty little device works great, according to buyers. Customers find it very easy to use and to change the batteries.

The only complaint about this device is its sound level. Although buyers seem to like its various acoustic signals, they are not very impressed with the comparatively low decibel level.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This brake disc lock provides a practical solution in terms of preventing motorbikes from being rolled away.

The lock is fitted with a 3 x 5 mm square steel bolt that works for many motorcycles. It also includes an alarm function capable of detecting every movement, thanks to the brand’s 3D detection technology.

With the “Snap’n Go” system, it is easy and convenient to operate the lock with one hand. A flashing LED light provides additional deterrent effects when the lock is activated.

The detection system warns you if you move the motorcycle into an upright position with the lock on.

Bottom Line

Abus Detecto lock does a decent job. We recommend it for riders looking for a simple way to prevent criminals from pushing away their bikes. The alarm is not particularly loud, but it can attract the attention of anyone close by.

Best for the Money:
Scorpio Multi-Stage Perimeter Sensor


  • Budget-friendly motorcycle perimeter sensor
  • Three-stage warning beeps to warn away potential thieves
  • Adjustable sensitivity level allows for flexible bike’s perimeter setting
  • Easy arm and disarm function, simply press and hold for three beeps
  • Programmable perimeter sensor deters movements around bike and protects luggage and accessories


  • Requires additional system
  • Unsuitable for high foot traffic areas

What Recent Buyers Report

Scorpio’s perimeter sensor has a significantly low price tag, but that’s not the only reason buyers like it. Users say the device can pick up the slightest movements around their bikes, depending on the adjustable sensitivity level. There are overwhelming positive customer reviews, with many people saying it works great.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Multi-Stage Perimeter Sensor from Scorpio is an excellent deterrent for thieves and mischief-makers because it doesn’t allow crooks anywhere near your motorcycle, let alone tampering with it.

The adjustable sensitivity function lets you control how close you want it to detect movement around your motorcycle to prevent it from going off too often.

Installing, arming, and disarming the device is a cinch. Simply plug and play. It will chirp to warn anyone trying to mess with your bike.

Keep in mind that this is not a standalone unit. It needs to plug into a compatible control unit to work.

Bottom Line

This is a no-frills, downright simple perimeter sensor, suitable for protecting your bike and valuables on it. It is a highly affordable option, making it the ideal choice if you’re on a budget or prefer a cheaper model that works.

Best Motorcycle Alarm System With GPS:
MoniMoto Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm

MoniMoto - Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracker and Alarm - Suitable for Scooters, Quad Bike ATVs, Snowmobiles - DIY Installation, No Wiring Required (MM6 - Global)


  • Automatically arms and disarms
  • Sends motorcycle’s location using GPS if alarm goes off
  • Mobile app set up in ten minutes or less, easy-to-install device
  • Self-contained device with no wiring, can work with different bikes
  • Smart alarm with configurable settings, compatible with Android and iOS mobile app


  • Comparatively pricey model
  • Not compatible with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers appreciate the device’s solid build quality. Judging from customer’s reviews, the GPS tracker works pretty well, and the GSM is available when GPS is not. Plus, it doesn’t drain the motorcycle’s battery.

However, some buyers with issues complain about the slow customer service, especially when dealing with firmware updates.

Why it Stands Out to Us

While there are several smart alarm systems out there, MoniMoto’s option stands out from the rest with its excellent lineup of features.

The device is almost ready to use right out of the box, needing only a quick ten-minute setup process. It is a bit difficult for thieves to find the device because there are no visible wires to reveal its position on the bike.

You get phone call alerts and GPS coordinates within one minute of unauthorized motorcycle movement.

The batteries included can last for an entire year, meaning you won’t spend too much money on battery replacement.

Bottom Line

Consider this option if you want a smart motorcycle alarm with lots of perks. Your purchase gives you 60 days of free GSM service plus SIM and batteries. However, your phone needs to be always on if you choose this device.

Editor's Pick:
Gorilla 9100 Motorcycle Alarm


  • Multiple alarm tones with adjustable sensitivity levels
  • High decibel level lets you hear the alarm from afar off
  • Two-way pager offers continuous tracking of bike’s security
  • Industry-leading two-year warranty on manufacturer’s defect and labor
  • Compact design for hassle-free setup and installation on all motorcycle models


  • More expensive than others
  • Remote signals not very strong

What Recent Buyers Report

Many customers say this option offers everything they want in a motorcycle alarm, including a very loud alarm with different siren tones. Buyers appreciate the device’s durability and all-weather construction. Many users find it easy to install, especially as it requires no special tools to set it up and use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Gorilla provides users with an ultra-loud 120-decile alarm that features three powerful sensors. You can hear it blaring from far away.

It comes with a built-in tilt-sensor that activates the security device once your bike moves out of its resting position.

This model's main attraction is its two-way pager that keeps you connected to your motorcycle at all times. Even when you are half a mile away from your bike, the pager alerts you if the alarm goes off and shows you what sensor was triggered on the LCD screen.

The installation is straightforward and requires no special tools.

Bottom Line

We recommend this option for enthusiasts who want to invest in higher-end alarms. You’ll find the two-way pager very handy, especially as it allows you to control your prized possession from afar. Gorilla has your back with its solid two-year warranty.

Are All Motorcycle Alarms The Same? 

Motorcycle alarms have one thing in common; they deter thieves or at least notify owners and passersby when a potential theft is happening. But that’s about all the sameness these devices share.

Different models come with different features and modes of operation. Some systems, such as the GPS tracker, use complex technology and smart connectivity, while others operate using a simple siren or other acoustics that blares at high decibel levels when the alarm is triggered.

Some alarms attach to the motorcycle through wires that connect to the battery. Others, such as the brake disc lock, latch on to the wheels.

Types of Motorcycle Alarms 

Bike alarms are available in different categories, including:

Simple Alarms

The most common motorcycle alarm (and usually more affordable) is the simple alarm system. A typical example is our best overall, the Dowco cover alarm.

These types do not have fancy features but make very loud sounds when triggered by potential thieves or even accidentally.

Motion Sensor Alarms

These types use sensors of varying intensity levels to detect motion around the motorbike and make shrill sounds. Some models come with tilt-sensing mechanisms that trigger an alarm if the bike is moved from its resting position.

Many of these types attach to the bike’s battery through wires and can connect lights for additional deterrent effects.

Disc Lock and Alarm

The brake disc lock and alarm system attaches to the bike’s wheels and prevents it from moving. Think of them like chain locks with an alert system.

Some of these types feature LED lights that flash in addition to emitting loud alerts.

GPS Tracker

Typically, the GPS tracker doesn’t prevent theft. Instead, it sends the motorcycle’s coordinates to a device in the owner’s possession, making it easy to track the stolen bike. However, some models feature a siren.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Motorcycle Alarm 

A motorcycle alarm is a practical device with a few great benefits, such as:

Investment Protection

It is common to finance a new motorcycle with monthly payments over a few years. While financing is convenient, it doesn’t change the fact that you will still have to pay for the bike even if it is stolen before you finish the payment.

For this reason, it is crucial to add an extra security measure to safeguard your investment. But whether you finance your purchase or not, a good-quality motorcycle alarm will discourage most opportunist thieves.

Peace of Mind

Of course, you don’t have to worry about theft attempts or possible damages to your bike if you install an alarm.

Some models come with a two-way remote that notifies you if something happens to your motorcycles. Other excellent quality options can even send you warnings on your smartphone. The ability to contact you round the clock provides exceptional peace of mind.

Possible Discount on Insurance

You are likely to get a discount on your insurance premium if you inform your insurance company of the additional aftermarket anti-theft security system to protect your motorcycle. In other words, the alarm system will pay for itself over time.

How to Install an Alarm on Your Motorcycle

Some alarm systems need to connect to your bike’s battery. Here’s how to do that.

1. First, study the wiring diagram that comes with the alarm side-by-side with your motorcycle’s wiring system. Get familiar with the color-coding of the cables before you begin.

2. Next, make sure you have the installation manual and wiring diagram handy throughout the process.

3. Attach the power and ground wires to your bike’s battery. The red and black wires of the alarm system should connect to the corresponding terminals on the battery.

4. Connect the rest of the components of the security system together (alarm, remote starter, and motion sensor).

5. Arm the alarm and test it. If everything goes well, the motion sensor should give a warning beep when you touch it once. A second touch will cause the alarm to go off.

6. For additional deterrent effects, you can connect the alarm system to any of your motorcycle’s lights, including the headlight, tail lights, or turn signals. Again, follow the wiring diagrams to correctly link the lights and the alarm.

Don’t worry if all of these seem a bit confusing. Here’s a video that shows a full demonstration of the installation steps.


Motorcycles are not particularly cheap, regardless of the model. Unfortunately, theft of these expensive machines is rampant in nearly all parts of the world. You can protect your investment using a simple anti-theft device like the ones on this list. Hopefully, this guide will nudge you in the right direction.

People Also Ask

This section provides answers to a few of the common questions that usually come up when people are scouting for the best motorcycle alarms. Although this guide already covers pretty much everything you need to know about these clever devices, we’ll like to shed light on a few more details.

Are Motorcycle Alarms Worth it?

Yes, a motorcycle alarm is worth it. These devices are a lot cheaper in comparison to the bike they protect, so it doesn’t hurt to invest in one to safeguard your prized possession. It is best to invest in one if you suspect that your motorbike is vulnerable to theft.

Does a Motorcycle Alarm Drain the Battery?

Most modern anti-theft systems consume minimal energy because they are very efficient. The buzzer is the component that draws the most power, but it doesn’t function most of the time since theft attempts on your bike don’t happen daily. Your motorcycle battery should be okay if you install a good-quality alarm.

How Much is a Motorcycle Alarm?

The price of a motorcycle alarm varies widely between brands and models. It also depends on the type and features of the anti-theft device. You can find basic options that are as cheap as $25 or less, while others with more sophistication can cost as much as $270 or more.

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